Aboard the Seabourn Legend -Day 5

Seabourn Legend
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Interestingly, I'm learning why the Legend doesn't schedule too much evening entertainment. Simply put; not many people attend the shows when they are held. Seemingly the passenger's number one source of entertainment on this ship is reading. If these people haven't read a dozen books each by the end of this cruise, they must be hiding comic books inside the book covers.

Today was the beginning of two sea days, back to back, as the Legend made its way to San Diego. We awoke to clear blue skies, but with a bit of chill in the air to remind us we were heading north. All of the "aliens" onboard received instructions to report to U.S. Immigration in the Club at 10 AM. This was by far the most civilized means of completing this exercise that I've ever encountered. I didn't have to wake up at an ungodly hour to do it, and the remaining guests on the ship didn't have to hear me being paged ad nauseam all morning while waiting to disembark.

I don't know if a U.S. Immigration officer came onboard the ship in "Cabo" to accomplish this, or if it's a cruel joke by the staff having someone dress up like an immigration officer, and I still have to face the procedure upon arrival in San Diego.

I was on the Sky Deck today for a late lunch from the grill when we spotted a group of dolphins off the port side. There appeared to be 30 or 40 them, and it was a delight watching them jumping out of the water as they moved along.

We're in 8-13 ft. seas today, and experiencing a fairly steady roll. Today's "motion in the ocean" bore out some of my pre-cruise thoughts about sailing on a smaller ship. You could definitely feel the ride, and this led to fairly sparse attendance in the dining room this evening. Some had sent instructions to the chef to throw their food overboard, eliminating their need to chew it first, but Mrs. Kuki and I have pretty good sea legs, and didn't experience any difficulties.

This afternoon, with a bit of a chill in the wind on deck, we also discovered a wonderful benefit of the French Balcony. Because there is no overhang, the sun was streaming into our cabin. I was able to pull up an armchair, sit in the cabin, protected from the wind, and work on my tan, while gazing out at the sea. What a pleasant treat!

On this ship I experienced a real oddity. The small casino is a glassed in area at the entrance to the Club Lounge. I was playing Blackjack when the Gala Tea was held in the Club. During tea Ms. Hughes was performing, and the Cruise Director, Shirley Dettmar sang some operatic tunes accompanied by the Harp. I can honestly say I can't think of anywhere else in the world one would be listening to opera and harp music while gambling.

The last two nights we've been invited to dine with various people. One night we were hosted at dinner by the feature Harpist, Victoria Hughes and song stylist Bonnie Kilroe. Both are charming young ladies, who made us, and the other invited passengers quite comfortable. The next night Hotel Manager, Guenter Steinbrunner, was our gracious and interesting host at dinner.

These dinner invitations are not unusual, and were not offered because I'm a cruise writer getting special VIP treatment. On the Seabourn Legend, during the course of a cruise, all guests are invited to dine with the Captain, Hotel Manager, Cruise Director, Officers, or entertainers at various times.

On the Seabourn Legend everyone is a VIP.

This ship, as well as her sister ships, Spirit and Pride, are not for everyone. Those cruisers looking for a "typical cruise experience" would most likely be disappointed by the lack of "cruise activities", big time entertainment, and even the subdued energy level of fellow passengers.

However, in my view, sailing these ships on some of their more exotic, port intensive itineraries could be ideal. On that type of cruise, combining the excitement and entertainment of the ports of call with the pampered life of luxury I've experienced these past 8 days would surely be heavenly!

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