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Seabourn Legend
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I always sleep great at sea! Unbelievably, Mrs. Kuki and I slept undisturbed until almost 11 A.M. By the time we were dressed, and ready to go, it was noon, so we decided to have a quick lunch in the Verandah Cafe, before getting off the ship to explore Zihiuatanejo, Mexico, today's port of call. With our late arrival, we hadn't booked any excursions, so we set out to explore a bit on our own. Zihiuatanejo is a fishing village, with a small market area, and a few beach side restaurants and bars. It was a pleasant, and not too vigorous, way to start our cruise vacation. Returning to the ship about 3 P.M., we changed and went to lay in the sun, and enjoy the heat of a gorgeous day along the Mexican Riviera.

It was here that we began to experience some of the pampering Seabourn is known for. I was most impressed when a staff member came by offering ice cold face clothes. With the temperature in the mid 80s, these felt great on the skin. Mrs. Kuki and I were discussing what a nice touch the face clothes were when another staff member came by offering frozen oranges, stuffed with fruit sorbets. I can't begin to say how good these tasted while enjoying the hot sun. A short while later, yet another staff member came by with a large spray bottle, offering some short relief from the heat, with a spray of ice cold water. He also carried a selection of sun blocks and lotions, which were complimentary. About the only thing I had to do for myself this afternoon was lift the straws in my BBCs to my lips. And if I'd asked, I'm sure a staff member would have done that as well!

On the mega-ships many of the cruise lines are now offering butler service in their suite categories. On the Seabourn Legend they operate differently. Here, it seems everyone on the staff is my butler or maid. They're all here to care for my every whim.

CLICK FOR PICMarina Facilities
The Seabourn Legend is equipped with it's own Marina, which when lowered from the stern of the ship, provides a protected swimming area in the ocean, as well as a jumping off point for water sports, such as banana boat rides, or peddle wheelers. As the ship was anchored off of Zihiuatnenjo the facilities of the Marina were open for passenger use in the afternoon. From 3:30 to 4:30 that afternoon the staff was allowed to use the Marina facilities. A nice touch for the hard working staff, I thought.

Tonight was our first dinner in The Restaurant, the ship's elegant dining room. It was also our first experience with totally open seating at dinner. On the Legend one can sit anywhere you like, and with whom you like. You can arrive for dinner anytime the mood strikes, between 7 P.M. and 9:30 P.M. In the spring of 2000 Mrs. Kuki and I were fortunate to have cruised on the Seabourn Sun, and I felt the Sun had the perfect dining room arrangements. There we were assigned a table for dinner, yet we still had the freedom to arrive for dinner anytime during dining hours. Initially, the arrangement on the Legend hasn't struck me as well suited to Mrs. Kuki and I. Since this was our first full day onboard, we really hadn't got to know anyone well enough yet to suggest getting together for dinner. When we arrived for dinner we were seated at a table for two. I looked around and noticed there were many other couples, at tables for two. We didn't know if they wanted to dine privately, or like us, were just seated that way. Mrs. Kuki and I enjoy the company and conversation of other passengers at dinner. After all, after 20 years of marriage we can practically read each other's minds, so conversation between the two of us is redundant. Yet, I felt I might be intruding if I were to ask other people if they'd mind if we joined them. Dinner was delicious, and the service was superb, but we did miss the excitement of meeting our new tablemates for the first time. As dinner went on, it was interesting because we got into conversations with people seated at tables nearby. I'm not sure I wouldn't prefer for the dining room staff to take a more pro-active approach in seating the passengers. Perhaps, as the passengers enter the dining room they could ask if they're meeting someone, would like to dine alone, or if they'd prefer to be seated at a larger table. I know this would suit Mrs. Kuki and I better. There would be the possibility of meeting new people each night at dinner, and avoid the embarrassment of being told to get lost when we asked people if we could join them. That happens all too frequently at home.

Tonight the showroom (King Olav Lounge) was dark. There was no show. Therefore the choice of nightlife was the Midnight Sun Lounge or The Club, with the Club featuring a Name That Tune contest, with a murder mystery twist to it, or a VERY small casino. Mrs. Kuki and I went to the Club after dinner to get a good seat, but there was no rush. The place was empty. We had a drink, and played some blackjack in the casino at 9PM, when it opened. At 10, when Name That Tune began, there were 20-30 people present in the Club.

Having now spent two evenings onboard, we've realized nightlife is not this ship's forte. It's become obvious, compared to our experiences on larger ships; this is not "your typical cruise experience."

Monday, at Sea- Having recovered from our travel fatigue the night before Mrs. Kuki and I awoke at a more reasonable hour and had breakfast on the outside deck of the Verandah Cafe, located at the Stern of the ship, on Deck 6. This is my easily my favorite spot on the ship. I felt like a king breakfasting while looking back over the ship's wake, with "my butlers" standing ready to tend to any need.
CLICK FOR PICOriental Grill
This morning there were three lectures scheduled; One on Bridge, one on the history of Mexico, and another on astronomy. Lectures aren't quite my cup of tea, so we headed to the Sky Deck to enjoy lounging, and working on our tans. Today, for lunch the ship's chef was having an Oriental Grill on deck. We had a choice of lunch in the Verandah Cafe, or The Restaurant as well. The enticing smell of the Grill, and the fact that it was only 20 ft. away made the decision easy. We ate a delightful lunch, while basking in the sun, with the staff once again always at the ready to do something for us.

By mid afternoon I was ready for "my nap". I've never been one to nap on a cruise. I generally need a vacation when I get home. But I guess I'm adapting to the Seabourn difference. This is a going to be a relaxing cruise vacation, and my system is adapting by relaxing.

Tonight is our first formal night. We've been invited to dine with Captain Karlo Beur this evening, after the Captain's Welcome Aboard Reception. I'll let you know in my next report if I napped during dinner.

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