"Ship Within a Ship" vs. a Luxury Ship (Part 2)

| April 6, 2009

Why limit yourself to exclusive areas when you can sail on an exclusive ship?

I recently completed a cruise on one such ship, Silversea's Silver Shadow. The primary difference between the Silver Shadow and the mainstream lines described above is that the luxury and amenities are not limited to any particular area within the ship. Rather, the exclusive luxury experience is carried throughout the ship.

To begin with, there are no gratuities; from bow to stern the crew serves you with no expectation beyond your satisfaction. Almost anything you want to drink -- champagne, wines, hard liquor, sodas, juices, bottled water -- is included in your cruise fare (except for the most premium brands). In variety, quality, taste and presentation, the food is equal to or better than that of any ship at sea.

Rather than exclusive pool deck areas with restricted access, the entire pool deck exudes luxury. The bar staff routinely knows your name and your favorite drinks; the deck staff asks for your lunch orders from the grill, and delivers it to you hot, freshly prepared, and cooked the way you request it. And the mood for the afternoon social hours is set with teak cocktail tables and slip-covered chairs in small conversation pits.

click on picture below for larger image:

The pool deck exudes luxury

When a deck barbeque is held, it's not just a routine buffet: Tables are set with fine linens, tableware, and stemware, and the buffet includes items like carved whole suckling pig and prawns the size of Toyotas.

click on pictures below for larger images:

All in readiness for deck barbeque   Dessert table laden with goodies

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