Romance at Sea

| February 14, 2007

Why is a Cruise Ship Romantic? The service is impeccable, especially with a room steward who cleans twice a day and gourmet meals served three times daily. What could be more romantic than a husband giving his wife seven days of not having to think about cooking or cleaning? All attention goes to the spouse, with no distractions.

Because room service is included in the fare, he can ask her what she wants for breakfast in bed the next day and never worry about going over budget. He can feel like a true provider, and she can be the pampered woman whose husband adores her.

With languid days at sea, sunsets and endless horizons to inspire you, there is plenty of time for reflecting on memories and personal subjects only the two of you share.

If getting dressed to the nines is romantic, most cruises still allow a woman to dress to the nines, and she gets a chance to see her man look like a different person, decked out in his tuxedo.

Romance does not necessarily equate to sex, so though it may be a by-product of romance, this article is not about sex... well, not all of it anyway.

A Personal Observation Even after 26 years of marriage and numerous cruises, when Mrs. Kuki and I step onboard a ship, romance is in the air. We look at each other differently, we communicate differently, and we touch each other differently. And in that way I think we're just like all the other passengers. I think everyone boarding a ship is looking for some type of romance.

Some people find romance in the adventure of sailing to a new and undiscovered (to them) paradise in the ports of call. Some find it in the spectacular sunrises or sunsets as they stand at the rail watching the magic of the open waters and vistas of clear horizons. Some find it in the rising beats of the ship's disco. It all depends on circumstance.

All of today's cruise ships offer a variety of "romance packages." Champagne and chocolate-covered strawberries, combined with dinner served on your private balcony, can certainly help set romantic tone for couples. But Mrs. Kuki and I find our romance is generally rekindled through humor.

On a ship, problems and distractions from our real life are left in the cruise terminal. We awake each morning with a zest for enjoying the day. And we set out to make the most of every minute onboard. We spend most of our days joking and laughing, even at my bad jokes (I suppose that's why I married her). When I see her let loose with a belly laugh and a broad smile, it rekindles the love I felt for her the moment we met. We look at each and laugh, and the bond we've built over 26 years grows even stronger. Those are our most romantic moments.

For others, what may be thought of as more traditional routes to romance set the stage. It's different for each couple.

Readers' Romantic Moments With Valentine's Day approaching, we asked CruiseMates readers to share their special romantic moments with us, and here's some of what they said.

Mike M wrote: "My wife and I have our own Sail-Away ritual. We pop the cork of a bottle of champagne and a bottle of Asti or other Muscat grape, sparkling wine. My wife enjoys very sweet sparkling wine. Whatever she likes is fine with me. This takes place on our balcony or inside the cabin. This is our romantic ritual and the official start of our cruise. The first drink is always topped off with a kiss."

Field Mouse wrote : "My husband and I like to get up very early in the morning, put on our robes and go out and sit on the veranda together and hold hands. It's so very, very quiet. We especially feel romantic when we are slowly pulling into a port early in the morning and the sun is just coming up...It feels cool and warm all at the same time...It's so exciting to be together getting ready for another adventure. The beginning of a day holds so much promise, and we're going to share it together."

RollerDonna wrote: "I remember once, on a Carnival ship (sorry, can't remember which one), we managed to go out to the hot tubs late in the evening (open until 11), and just the two of us were sitting there in the hot tub, soaking, relaxing, looking up at the stars - magical! This is what cruising is all about!"

ChuckPalm wrote: "David and I have two: One very late evening in St. Petersburg, Russia we were fortunate enough to experience the 'white nights' (It only happens a few days each year). We went for a walk after a late seating dinner on the promenade deck. We then viewed the amazing splendor of a magnificent, pearlescent glow everywhere in the sky. It was an amazing sight neither of us will ever forget. Words do not describe the beauty of the white nights. One might say we 'got lucky' that night.

"Our first time in South America, the captain of the Celebrity Zenith announced that the Southern Cross could be viewed from an open deck on the bow of the ship.The skies were the clearest I have ever seen and this constellation was a most inspiring sight."

Ready2GoNow wrote: "On our cruise on the Rhapsody of the Seas, my DH decided to buy me flowers off the flower cart. He NEVER buys me flowers (the romantic that he is), but he knows that I like them. The problem was, he couldn't find me, so he was walking all around the atrium, looking for me, carrying this beautiful vase of flowers. Finally the singer stopped singing and asked him if he was looking for somebody. He said yes, so she assisted him by paging me through the microphone (I was four decks above). I came down and she played a special song just for us to dance to."

DezertCruizer wrote: "Well...there was the time I met a wonderful man on a cruise ship, and now is he my husband!"

Luanne wrote: "The moon was shining on the water, the ship's lights illuminated the water around us. He told me how much he loved me. We thanked each other for finding the other, and for bringing so much laughter and love to our lives... Then there was the time on our last cruise -- We were again on the balcony, and much of the romance of above went on, but this time he confirmed what I had suspected. He was again going back to Iraq. With our tears were words of love...words of dedication to each other. And as we kissed, the man in the next balcony began to sing, "We've Only Just Begun." It was very light, barely heard, but it was there. As he finished, I thanked him, again very softly, and he said 'God bless you, and your husband.'"

AR wrote: "It was our first cruise, one of the first evenings. We had an outside room, which in those days meant we had a porthole just above the waterline to watch the world pass by. We had just left St. Lucia. My freshly-showered wife had just exited the bathroom with nothing but a towel. She looked particularly attractive, and I began to demonstrate my approval. Suddenly, I felt like we were not alone. I looked up and there outside the porthole was the pilot boat running alongside, with the newly disembarked pilot and another crewman smiling and waving at us. It would be fair to call that a mood-breaker."

Then there's the romance of imagination... BW wrote: "Three years ago, on board the Costa Mediterranea, my wife and I really splurged and got an aft suite with a good-size balcony. We ordered room service, lit some candles and enjoyed a very nice supper of lobster tail with a bit of bubbly, followed with a few chocolate-covered strawberries. We relaxed for a while on the balcony under a sky of a million stars...

"We had a Righteous Brothers' CD which we inserted in the machine. When they sang the song Unchanged Melody....

Oh, my love, my darling, I've hungered for your touch, A long, lonely time And time goes by so slowly And time can do so much Are you still mine? I need your love, I need your love God speed your love

"We decide to slow waltz, belly to belly, on the balcony.

After the Righteous Brothers finished that song, my wife suggested I take a mattress from the bed and put it on the balcony. I didn't have to be asked twice. She said she wanted to slip into something more comfortable and went into the bathroom to change.

I removed the blanket from the bed and dragged the mattress on the balcony.

I then put the lights out and got ready for an evening of heavenly bliss. The only light we had was from the moon. When my wife appeared in a very skimpy red see-thru negligee, she came and laid down by my side.

Then the phone rang and I woke up. My wife called to tell me that the bingo game was over and she was going to the casino. It was three o'clock in the afternoon!

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