Paul Gauguin Cruises Offers South Pacific (Part 2)

| June 1, 2009

Excitement always builds when a new cruise line starts up, especially when it promises to offer some unique itinerary options.

The Marquesas The Marquesas include 12 islands -- only six of which are inhabited. They are almost completely untouched by European exploration, and the isolation of these faraway islands has established a fascinating culture among the native people. The wilderness here is essentially untapped, including wild stallions running free on the isle of Ua Haku. Fatu Hiva boasts only one road but beautiful thousand-foot waterfalls and expansive mountains.

There are only four voyages to the Marquesas this year. These 14-night cruises start from only $5,495 per person. Guests will experience the South Pacific natural history and beauty at its best as they enjoy in-depth exploration of four islands in the Marquesas, Fakarava, and the Society Islands, as well as the Motu Mahana private retreat and Bora Bora private beach visit.

New Zealand The last-discovered major landmass and youngest country in the world, New Zealand, offers a perfect balance between relaxation and adventure. Guests will meet the vibrant Maori culture and visit some of the most distinctive natural features in this corner of the world.

The Capital city, Auckland, is aptly nicknamed the "City of Sails," and is surrounded on three sides by water. The Bay of Islands is known for having one of the bluest skies in the world, and Tauranga is famous for its miles of golden-sand beaches.

Paul Gauguin Cruises is especially excited about these voyages, only two exclusive 14-night trips between Tahiti and Auckland. These cruises start from just $6,195 per person and feature both the Motu Mahana private retreat and Bora Bora private beach.

The Cook Islands Comprised of 15 islands, the Cook Islands are characterized by a stark topographical contrast -- from the largely flat landscape of Aitutaki to the dramatic peaks and valleys that make up Rarotonga. Guests will experience the natives' strong traditional culture featuring authentic song, dance, legends and crafts.

Voyages featuring the Cook Islands provide the ultimate combination of island discoveries, and will be featured among just four cruises in 2010, ranging from 11 to 15 nights and starting from only $4,395 per person.

Fiji The exotic islands of Fiji are among the South Pacific's most in-demand destinations. 300 islands feature soaring mountains, lush vegetation, shimmering turquoise waters and an endless set of immaculate white sand beaches. Guests can snorkel in the crystalline water directly off the beach at Malolo Island or discover the lush rain forests just steps away from the towns of Savusavu or Suva, Fiji's capital.

Just two itineraries feature the exquisite beauty of Fiji in 2010 with an option of either a 13- or 15-night cruise, starting from $5,695 and $6,545 per person respectively. The m/s Paul Gauguin will cross the International Dateline at sea.

Tonga Gently nudging the International Dateline, the breathtaking Kingdom of Tonga, also known as the "Friendly Islands" is the first country in the world to greet the new day. Unlike most any other travel destination, the waters are so crystal clear that the ocean floor can be seen at an astonishing depth of 130 feet. Guests can indulge themselves by swimming to the majestic Swallows Cave, or discover these amazingly calm waterways by sea kayak. Onshore, guests can revel in nearly-deserted white sand beaches with only a smattering of tourists.

Cruises highlighting the pristine nature and exquisite beauty of Tonga range from 13 to 15 nights and start from only $5,695 per person.

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