Silversea to Host World Leader Summit

| February 16, 2010

Join Condoleezza Rice, Mikhail Gorbachev and former Secretary of Defense William Perry on a Black Sea cruise.

Silversea has just announced an astounding lineup of guest speakers on a very special itinerary aboard the ultra-luxury cruise ship Silver Wind. This one-of-a-kind at sea meeting of the minds for great political thinkers will tackle thwe topic of "Global Challenges in a Post-Perestroika World."

Obviously, one hardly has to explain the experience and qualifications of Condoleezza Rice, and as for Mikhail Gorbachev, there are few people more historically renowned still alive in earth today. And what cruising region could be better suited for this event than Gorbachev's own homeland Georgia bordering the Black Sea and the Ukraine.

In fact, it is expected that the immediate region surrounding the Black Sea, all once a part of the great Russian Empire which Gorbachev ruled over as the last Soviet Premier, will be the topic of many of the discussions onboard. In fact, this pivotal and prized part of Russia had much to do with the undoing of the Soviet Union as a Twentieth Century empire.

This cruise sets sail August 30th, 2010, and sails for 10 nights with visits to Russia, Georgia, Azerbaijan, Ukraine, and Turkey. However the actual symposium begins three nights earlier at The Ritz-Carlton in Moscow. While in the Russian capital, guests will begin with a gala dinner attended by Gorbachev. Participants then fly by chartered jet to Istanbul, Turkey, to board the luxurious Silver Wind, which will serve as the primary venue for presentations by Rice and other guests listed below.

The ship will encircle the cost of the Black Sea with stops in

  • Batumi, Georgia;
  • Sochi, Russia;
  • Baku, Azerbaijan
  • Yalta, Sevastopol
  • Odessa, Ukraine

Silver Wind will then return to Istanbul where disembarking guests will move to Istanbul's Ciragan Palace Kempinski Hotel for two nights to enjoy special excursions and lectures during the trip's final days. After that, optional extension excursions to Kiev, Chernobyl, Moscow, Istanbul and Ephesus will be available.

According to the brochure available on the World Leaders Travel web site, this event starts at $23,990 for a single person in the lowest category Vista suite or $39,990 if two people occupy the same suite. In addition to the three speakers already mentioned, other guests include Marvin Kalb, Coit Blacker, James Hadley Billington, John Edwin Mroz, Michael Shara and Vinton G. Cerf.

Sponsors for this symposium include "American Museum of Natural History Expeditions," "Chautauqua Institution," "Foreign Affairs magazine," "Harvard Alumni Association Travels," "Princeton Journeys," "Alumnae Association of Smith College," "Smithsonian Journeys," and "Yale Educational Travel."

More information is available at the World Leaders Travel web site. To book today, please contact your professional travel advisor, sponsoring organization, or World Leaders Travel at (800) 395-3288, or visit

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