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To Those About to Cruise - Whine Not!
by Paul Motter

Brenda Moran, a chronic complainer, was banned from further Royal Caribbean cruises because the company grew tired of her constant demands for compensation. The cruise line tried to please her several times, even including a $500 refund along with the letter they sent advising her that she was no longer welcome on their ships.

Since her story came out we have received a litany of complaints from people who believe the cruise lines should compensate them as well. In most cases, they claim they sustained a minor injury. I am beginning to feel like the cruise injury clearing house.

I don't enjoy hearing about people getting hurt, but in truth most of the complaints I have received are for minor cuts and some happened on shore. I can't do anything about any of them anyway. All I can do is give my message to those about to cruise:

"You are going on a ship at sea. Please note that there will be many things about the ship that are different from a land-based dwelling. Please continue to assess your environment throughout the cruise and watch out for things that may be potentially dangerous."

In the course of any cruise many things could happen that wouldn't happen in your home. Just walking down steps on a ship in high seas is potentially very dangerous. Door jambs to bathrooms are higher because the ship's angle changes and water on the floor will not always go directly down the drain. Things that would normally be stable can fall over. Heavy doors can slam unexpectedly. Items can roll off of shelves.

A cruise vessel is built to withstand almost anything the mighty ocean can dish out, but as any boat owner will tell you, they require constant maintenance. Things break down more quickly on ships than they do on land, due to the movement, sea air and changing climatic conditions. It takes longer to fix things on ships because of time and availability constraints. The crew can't just run down to Home Depot every time they need a different screw.

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Do not take a cruise if you are not ready to adjust your mind and body to the reality of the shipboard environment. I know the image of cruising is one of being esconced in the lap of luxury, but the truth is there is always the potential for a ship at sea to become a hostile environment. At that point, they are not for the faint-hearted.

The purpose of a cruise is to enjoy being at sea. If all you care about is pampering and attention, go to a land-based spa. If you want over-bearing safety restaints the airlines will strap you in and refuse you access to the restroom everytime things get a little bumpy. But if you take a cruise please try to get into the spirit of being on a ship, and please don't ruin your vacation by only focusing on what is wrong.

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