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A Cruisemates group cruise with Chef Matt Sigel of the popular series Hell's Kitchen. Norwegian Epic 10-30-10
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Cruise with us: Norwegian Epic
CruiseMates is pleased to announce the first CruiseMates group cruise with a culinary theme, Chef Matt Sigel's Cruise will sail on Norwegian Epic, October 30, 2010. Chef Matt gained national notoriety as a contestant on season four of the highly rated Fox Network show "Hell's Kitchen."

Join us on Norwegian Epic - Halloween with Chef Matt Sigel of Hell's Kitchen!!

Hailing from Pinehill, NJ, the 35 year old Matt is a charismatic and passionate chef who can claim the best wild mushroom risotto ever served in the history of Gordon Ramsey's popular show Hell's Kitchen. Matt is a master at culinary creation but prefers to preach humility. He says any budding professional chef needs to learn to "eat crow and be passionate, having an ego will kill you."

You could say that this is a lesson Matt learned the hard way while appearing on the show Hell's Kitchen. Matt appeared on Season Four, and during the show he was insulted, prodded and pushed to the brink of not only his professional capabilities but also his personal tolerance for Gordon Ramsey's often vituperate tongue.

There is a reason why the show is called "Hell's Kitchen." The "plot" behind this reality show is to see just how far Chef Gordon Ramsey can push each contestant chef in terms of "performing under pressure." Part of the usual course of events on the show is for Ramsey to substitute ingredients without behind each contestant's back, for example. In Matt's case it was just to get in his face and call him vile names to see if he would quit or start crying.

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Matt Sigel actually has plenty of top-flight training and professional experience as a chef, working under such famous names as Matthew Kenney (Café M) and Robert Irvine, the television chef from yet another Food Network show, "Dinner Impossible."

Perhaps this is the reason Gordon Ramsey decided to take Matt down a few pegs on his very first episode. Ramsey asked Matt to prepare his signature dish, but upon tasting one small bite Ramsey appeared to throw up into a wastebasket. Now, you couldn't actually see what Ramsey was expelling, if anything, but it certainly made great television.

Was it set up? Even though Matt was forced to sign a non-disclosure agreement promising not to give away any of the show's secrets before the episode aired, during our cruise Matt will be discussing what it was really like on the show's set. Still, no matter how much humiliation and other torture (to be revealed on our cruise) Matt had to endure he still says that working with Gordon Ramsey, one of his heroes, was worth every minute of "hell."

We already know from talking to Matt that the show does everything it can to break a contestant down - including taking away their cell phones and not allowing them to read books, watch television, get on the Internet or even speak to their friends or family for the entire time the show is taping. Contestants are not even allowed to speak to one another unless it is on camera. For Matt this isolation lasted 30 days.

Squeeze More Everything into your Vacation
Bring the whole gang on any Carnival Cruise and get ready for some serious fun. Because almost everything is included, like comfy accommodations, jaw-dropping destinations, delicious dining options, live entertainment, and so much more.
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In addition to discussing the reality of Hell's Kitchen, Matt will be sharing his own best culinary secrets as well as his personal philosophy on cooking. According to Matt, while becoming a chef certainly requires education a great deal of natural ability certainly helps. "Some people are born with excellent palates," says Matt, "and they can tell one nuance of flavor from another very easily." Matt is one of those people. He put his team over the top during the palate test on his season of Hell's Kitchen.

Matt also says "you can learn something new about food from anyone, so always be prepared to learn." For the home culinary expert he says, "Know your ingredients; appreciate where they originate and how they arrive at your marketplace." When asked to name his favorite ingredient Matt says he loves to work with fresh Maine lobster. On the cruise he hopes to show us his famous "Caribbean shrimp cocktail served in a martini glass."

Chef Matt Sigel's Cruise with CruiseMates will sail on Norwegian Epic on October 30, 2010 - the first Halloween cruise for this ship. We have some of the best prices you can find for this early in the season for Norwegian Epic - the new flagship for Norwegian Cruise Lines. Epic features excellent entertainment such as Blue Man Group, The Second City comedy troupe from Chicago, Legends at Sea featuring tribute artists for Madonna, Tina Turner and Elvis and for the kids; Nickelodeon characters such as SpongeBob SquarePants.

Our group cruise has excellent rates as well as other perks. Each stateroom will receive a $75 onboard credit, a savings coupon book and there will be a private cocktail party just for the group. We will feature three sessions with Chef Matt Sigel to discuss and make recipes and to hold a palate test to see who has natural ability. Get details on the Matt Sigel Epic Cruise.

For a detailed discussion on this topic go to this forum: Chef Matt Cruise .

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Chef Matt Sigel's Cruise with CruiseMates
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