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Celebrity's Touches of Class
The line proves to our correspondent it's the little things that count.
East or West, Which Med is Best
Exploring the options of diverse cruising regions.
Age Restrictions, Cruise Prices and Embarkation
Our consumer affairs editor addresses your concerns.
Wheelchair Cruising
Modern vessels make it easy for the mobility-impaired to get around.
When You Can Afford the Best...
Here's how four luxury cruise lines compare. 12-15-05
Amazing But True
Some of the most famous legends in the cruise industry.
What's New in Family Cruising

Here's a roundup of the major lines' latest additions for kids and teens.

It Pays to Wait
Our reporter learns the advantages of a late-season Med cruise on Oceania's Insignia.
Christmas in Orlando
Enjoy a pre- or post-cruise visit to central Florida's seasonal attractions.
Which Dining Time is Best?
Kuki explores the various choices of ship dining. 11-29-05
Insurance, Refunds, Tipping and Documentation
Our consumer affairs editor addresses your concerns.
A Halloween Singles Cruise
There was romance for some and fun for most on Carnival Glory.
Smaller Ship Options
Here's a lineup of lesser-known lines offering unique cruise experiences.
Behind the Scenes: The Cruise Staff
CruiseMates' Cruise Director Kuki tries out the real thing on Carnival Liberty.
Packing Tactics: Wear and Recycle
A veteran cruiser shares his strategy for taking no more than you'll need.
Celebrity Summit Revisited
Line begins Los Angeles sailings with Millennium-class vessels.
Thoughts for First-Timers: Part 2
Here are more points to ponder before you book.
Seeing San Diego
Cruisers have plenty of land options in this popular southern California port.
Age Rules, Shore Trips and Weather Forecasts
Our consumer affairs editor addresses your concerns. 10-24-05
A Stop In St. Thomas
From duty-free shopping to snorkeling and exploring an island nature reserve, this port has it all. 10-17-05
Packing Tips For Real Men
Kuki discusses his personal packing tips for a cruise vacation. 10-11-05
Kickin' Back in Key West
Things to see and do in one of America's most offbeat towns. 10-8-05
At Sea with Kids Under Three
A mother of two gives high marks to the line's extensive youth programs. 10-3-05
Considering a First Cruise?
Our consumer affairs editor guides you through the selection process.
Cruise Costs Explained
Understanding port fees, taxes and all other add-on charges to the the basic cruise price. 9-26-05
The Appeal of Aruba
This southern Caribbean island is great for shopping and water sports. 9-23-05
First Look: Norwegian Jewel
Technology on NCL's newest ship should end long lines for Freestyle dining. 9-20-05
The Kid-Friendly Queen
Our reporter scopes out children's activities aboard Cunard's QM2.
RCI's Monarch
Aging, But a Good Value. Our reporter finds an experience well worth the price on short west coast sailings. 9-12-05
Hurricane Katrina
Changes, Charters and Donations. Our consumer affairs editor addresses your concerns. 9-9-05
Enchantment for Families
RCI's lengthened ship has more options for kids. 9-6-05
St. Martin or St. Maarten?
It's one island with two personalities -- and plenty for passengers to see and do. 9-1-05
Two Ways to See Alaska: Part 2
Our correspondent reports on the highlights of an extended land tour. 8-30-05
Solving Problems, Part 3
When all else fails, take things up with the line's headquarters. 8-27-05
Voyager for Teens
Our teen editor recounts his youthful adventures on this Royal Caribbean ship.
Gamble Like a Pro
Kuki offers advice on cruise ship gambling.
Wheelchair Cruising
Modern vessels make it easy for the mobility-impaired to get around. 8-16-05
Missed Ports, Shore Excursions
Our consumer affairs editor addresses your concerns.. 8-10-05
South America's West Coast
South America's West Coast Beauty, remoteness and a bit of danger. 8-8-05
Going Ashore in New England and Canada
Sightseeing recommendations for New York City, Boston, Martha's Vineyard, Halifax and more. 8-1-05
Staying Ahead of Hurricanes
Here's how to hedge your bets on Caribbean cruises in storm season. 7-27-05
Is an All-Gay Cruise for You?
Our correspondent describes Atlantis Events' full-ship gay charters. 7-21-05
The Butler's Tale
Kuki sees what life is like on the other side of the black bow tie. 7-20-05
Cooking for 2600
Learn what it takes to fix dinner for more than eight guests. 7-19-05
A Chat with Bob Dickinson
Carnival's chief keeps fine-tuning the cruise product at the world's biggest line. 7-14-05

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Two Ways to See Alaska: Part 1
Our correspondent reports on the highlights of an extended land tour. 7-10-05
Away from Home for the Holidays
Cruise lines offer special amenities for December/New Year's festivities. 7-7-05
Cabin Service, Port Safety and Alcohol
Our consumer affairs editor addresses readers' latest concerns. 7-5-05
Mounting Up in Mazatlan
Our intrepid reporter tries a horseback riding shore excursion. 6-30-05
Century Gets a Makeover
Celebrity's 10-year-old ship will add new cabins, features. 6-16-05
Pride of Aloha Coming of Age
NCL's U.S.-flagged ship in Hawaii has improved after its first year. 6-13-05
Exploring Camp Carnival
A mother of two gives high marks to the line's extensive youth programs. 6-6-05
A Stretch in Time...
Anne Campbell watches RCI's Enchantment of the Seas get sliced in half. 5-26-05
What is a "Guaranteed Cabin?"
Does it simply mean you won't be sleeping outside on the deck? 5-25-05
Consumer Issues: Art Auctions, IDs, Smoking
Our consumer affairs editor answers your questions. 5-23-05
The Lindblad Experience
A Galapagos cruise demonstrates one company's devotion to expedition sailings.
Cruise Ship Coffee
Which line serves the best? The Worst?
The 2006 Luxury Lineup
The six high-end cruise lines have a wealth of new ports and itineraries next year.
New Facilities for Kids
Major lines are adding family-friendly amenities on board and on land. 5-11-05
Know Before You Go
It's your responsibility to get the right visas, shots, etc. for a foreign cruise. 5-9-05
Freedom of the Seas
Royal Caribbean introduces a new ship.
Sightseeing in Seattle
This historic US city has beauty and distinction. What to see and do. 5-4-05
Solving Problems, Part 2: On Board
Kuki continues his advice on coping with cruise difficulties. 5-2-05
Singles Cruises Go Global
More organizers are adding overseas itineraries for solo travelers. 4-29-05
Q & A: Insurance, Seasickness, Money and Hurricanes
Read our advice on insurance, seasickness, on-board cash and hurricanes. 4-20-05
The Short Cruise Advantage
Here's why you shouldn't overlook the three or four-night option.
Summer Youth Programs 2005
Small-ship and specialty lines have seasonal activities for kids. 4-6-05
Avoiding Pre-Cruise Problems
Kuki gives some advice on booking procedures, documents and flights.
Cruise Trends and News
Here are the latest developments from the industry's big annual conference in Miami. 3-28-05
Teen Anticipation
Our teen editor answers common concerns from his peers as their cruise approaches. 3-25-05
MSC Goes American
The Italian line makes changes to draw U.S. cruisers to the Caribbean. 3-21-05
The Italian Caribbean
Costa's Atlantica brings a Mediterranean flavor to the islands. 3-18-05
Inside the Cabana
Kuki tries out Holland America's newest beachside amenity on Half Moon Cay.
Shore Trips Get Wild
Lines are luring more active cruisers with a growing selection of adventurous excursions. 3-9-05
Family Cruising Favorites
An informal poll finds readers' picks for best lines in various categories. 3-7-05
Carnival Grows Up
The new Valor has a more sophisticated ambience, but still with plenty of "fun."
Holland America's Westerdam
HAL's newest ship. Our ship review gets an update after a visit from our staff. 2-28-05
Q & A: Extra Charges, Itinerary Changes...
Art Sbarsky, CruiseMates Consumer Affairs Editor, answers letters and comments on key issues as requested by you. 2-21-05
Why You Should Book Early
Our consumer affairs editor says heavy reservations volume for -05 could make deals scarce later. 2-16-05
Pre- or Post-Cruise: L.A.'s Death Tour
Here's an unusual way to "kill" some time in Los Angeles... 2-14-05
Celebrity Expands Exotic Options
The line is making new kinds of special adventures available to passengers worldwide. 2-9-05
Family Cruising Issues
Here are the hottest questions (and answers) this year from our Family message boards. 2-2-05
All-Gay Charters
Here's a roundup of full-ship charters coming up in -05 for gay and lesbian cruisers. 1-17-05
Alaska Overview for 2005
28 ships will sail to Alaska from the West Coast this year. 1-17-05
Cookie-Cutter Cruising? Hardly
A Wall Street report wrongly concludes that most lines' products are all basically the same. 1-13-05
Seeing Stockholm
The Jewel of the Baltic is a great venue for pre- or post-cruise touring. 1-10-05
Teens' Post-Cruise Blues
Our teen editor offers some advice for getting over the youthful depression of disembarking. 1-5-05
Consumer Issues: Airfare, Europe
Our Consumer Affairs Editor comments on some of your recent concerns. 1-3-05

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