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2009 Cruise Industry Review
by Paul Motter
2009 was the busiest year in cruising history. A 2009 Cruise Industry Review.   Go>

Oasis of the Seas Gets its Sea-Legs
by Paul Motter
With Oasis of the Seas is on it's regular schedule, it's time to see what the ship is really like.   Go>

Caribbean Family Cruise Guide
The Caribbean offers more family options in ships for a family cruises than any other; but what about the ports of call?   Go>
Silversea's Silver Spirit Ready to Debut
by Paul Motter
Silver Spirit's "The Spa" takes shipboard pampering to levels rarely seen at sea before   Go>

Crime in Cruise Ports
by Paul Motter
Cruise ports have suffered in the recession as much as our own country. True cruise port crime stories.   Go>

Viking River Cruises - Better Than Ever
by Paul Motter
Americans flocking to European river cruises in record numbers? What's the secret behind the success?   Go>

Norwegian Epic: The Next Big Thing
by Paul Motter
We now have but one all-new next generation cruise ship debut to look forward to; Norwegian Epic in June, 2010.   Go>

AquaTheater Not Ready for Prime Time
First cruises often mean unexpected problems. For Oasis of the Seas they happened on the two things I wanted to see the most. 12-9-09

Oasis - The Official Cruisemates Ship Review
by Paul Motter
Cruisemates is the first cruise site to offer a full review of Oasis of the Seas based upon a regular passenger voyage. Get the real Oasis story here.   Go>

"Bon Appétit" Offering Culinary Cruises
by Janice Wald Henderson
Bon Appétit magazine has announced it is now branding cruise vacations. What exactly does this mean for food-loving cruisers?   Go>

Oasis - The Real Story
by Paul Motter
Now we are traveling as regular passengers on the first revenue cruise. Lets see how the food, entertainment and service hold up with no one but paying passengers onboard!   Go>

20 Oasis of the Seas Secrets
by Paul Motter
You already know about Oasis of the Seas, but there are a lot of little things we bet you don't know yet.   Go>

Kuki Blog Update!
Cruising Over The Holidays, Good or Bad?
Christmas sailings can be great family vacations, but are more like an escape from a traditional way to celebrate Christmas. Go>

Oasis - Our First Impressions
by Paul Motter
We finally see Oasis up close, and we are more than surprised, we are in awe. Royal Caribbean delivered the promise. See all the pictures and video from our three-day journey in search of Oasis.   Go>

Carnival Dream Comes True
by Paul Motter
After a clever naming ceremony, Carnival Dream sails its first domestic cruise.   Go>

Buffet Bliss - Pleasure Without Gain
by Janice Wald Henderson
Is it possible to eat in a healthy manner on a cruise ship? Absolutely, if you heed the advice of our cruise culinary expert.   Go>

Princess Cruises Stays the Course
by Paul Motter
Consistent and Intuitive management are the pillars of this popular cruise line's success.   Go>

Oasis Naming Ceremony - November 30, 2009
Oasis of the Seas' naming ceremony is a huge charity event for "Make a Wish." Pre-inaugural cruises include a Thanksgiving "Family Cruise."   Go>
Norwegian Epic Innovative Entertainment
by David Beers
Norwegian Epic already boasted amazing entertainment - but NCL just added two new blockbusters to the lineup.
11-09-09  Go>

Cruiser's Culinary Cheat Sheet
by Janice Wald Henderson
Have you ever been stumped by a word on a cruise ship menu? Here is your cruiser's culinary cheat sheet.   Go>

60's Rock Music Cruise is Real Deal
Not a nerdy tribute cruise, it's the real deal with Bill Medley, Paul Revere and the Raiders, The Association and Drifters   Go>
Cruise Crime Act of 2009
The U.S. House of Representatives just passed the Cruise Crime Bill of 2009 making passage in the Senate the next step.   Go>
Teens on Carnival to New England/Canada
Our resident teen cruise editor, Alex Gaynor, interviews fellow teens on their impressions of a Carnival getaway to New England/Canada.

Crewing Up Oasis of the Seas
The entire Oasis crew, 2165 people, is currently joining the ship in Finland and will sail across the Atlantic long before the first guests arrive.   Go>
Why Brits Don't Tip on Cruise Ships
Much ado came afoot when Royal Caribbean protested on the disinclination of British passengers to offer a gratuity at the end of a cruise.   Go>
Crystal's Culinary Cruises Have Star Power
The 2010 Crystal Culinary Cruises roster has celebrity star power, according to our new culinary editor, Janice Wald Henderson.   Go>
Happy Birthday Queen Mary 2
Today, Oct 20, is the fifth birthday of one of most important passenger vessels currently in service, the Cunard Queen Mary 2.   Go>
Cruises to Cuba Coming 2010
Two British cruises lines have Havana and Santiago, Cuba, on itineraries for cruises coming in 2010 and 2011. 10-19-09  Go>
Disney Cruises 2010 European Cruises
Disney Wonder will wander to Europe in 2010 for the longest season overseas yet for family-friendly Disney Cruise Lines, including Baltic itineraries. 10-18-09  Go>
San Diego: Our Nation's Most Inviting Port
Plenty of local attractions and the most convenient port and airlift facilities in the country make San Diego a fantastic port city to spend extra time before your next cruise. 10-16-09  Go>
2010 Music Cruises Offer Variety
Many music cruises are scheduled for early 2010, starting in January. Music-theme cruises are more successful than ever. 10-19-09  Go>
Tarantulas, Piranhas and Caviar, Oh My!
Braving the wilderness in a luxurious adventure. Silversea's Silver Wind steams up the Amazon from the Atlantic beyond Manaus   Go>
Oasis Brings "Suite Life" Evolution
Cruise ship suite staterooms take a great leap forward with Oasis of the Seas' world's first interior-facing balcony cabins.   Go>
Brazil Ruining Many Cruise Plans
Brazilian immigration authorities refuse entry to anyone not possessing a valid visa, now nearly impossible to get.   Go>
Carnival Triumphant at Family Connections
What are most families ultimately looking for when they cruise? Time apart to enjoy some adult time while children are engaged in the youth program with their peers?   Go>
Cruise Industry is Suing Alaska
The cruise industry is suing the state of Alaska over a $50 "head tax" the state imposed on incoming cruise passengers.   Go>
Oasis of the Seas - a Ship of Firsts
Royal Caribbean's new "World's Largest Cruise Ship" is filled with cruise industry 'firsts,' but is it a game changer?   Go>
The Good and Bad of Cruise Ships!
The cruise industry is suing the state of Alaska over a $50 "head tax" the state imposed on incoming cruise passengers.   Go>
7-Day Cruises from $299!
Cruise prices did hit an all-time low with these three incredible bargains we found for you.   Go>
Carnival Dream Early Cruises
Carnival Dream, the newest and neatest, biggest and brightest Carnival ship ever, has a whole bevy of attractive cruises for the remainder of 2009.   Go>
Cruise Line Cuisine: Is it Really Gourmet?
One of the biggest surprises many first time cruisers face is the outstanding quality of cruise ship cuisine. But is it truly the gourmet quality they claim?   Go>
Megaships to Mexico
Top Ten Reasons to Cruise on Carnival's New Megaship to Mexico - Splendor multiplies guest options on sailings from Los Angeles   Go>
Interview: Chef Matt Sigel of Hell's Kitchen
Our 2010 Cruisemates Culinary Cruise with chef Matt Sigel fresh from Hell's Kitchen will offer insight on cruise ship cuisine and behind the scenes at Hells' Kitchen. Meet Matt here.
9-18-09  Go>
Having a Carnival Dream
Carnival Dream is the largest Carnival cruise ship ever, and it was just delivered to Carnival from Fincantieri shipyard last week.   Go>
Oasis Naming Ceremony - November 30, 2009
Oasis of the Seas' naming ceremony is a huge charity event for "Make a Wish." Pre-inaugural cruises include a Thanksgiving "Family Cruise."   Go>
Buy Low Sail High
Cruise buying is a bit like stock investing, the trick is to buy when prices are low so you can still cruise when prices go higher.   Go>
SpongeBob Brings Families Together at Sea
Nickelodeon launched its first family cruise the summer of 2008. Due to its success, there were two Nick Family Cruises this summer.   Go>
How Will Cruise Ships Handle H1N1?
MSC Cruises has an innovative approach to H1N1 screening during the boarding process. And yes, it matters.   Go>
Fall 2009 Trans-Atlantic Cruises
A roundup of the most interesting and best value transatlantic cruises for Fall 2009. Atlantic ports of call; Azores, Madeira, Canary Islands and Bermuda.   Go>
Don't Lose Your Cruise Cool
People have been denied boarding, put off ships and even banned from ever taking another cruise for a variety of reasons, some of which we have never heard before.   Go>
American Cruise Lines
This sophisticated U.S.-based cruise line offers rare All-American cruises from Maine to the rivers of Florida.   Go>
Oasis Show Reservations Online
Oasis is the first cruise ship where guests can make reservations for onboard shows before they even leave for their cruise.   Go>
Royal Caribbean's Best Price Guarantee
Royal Caribbean and Celebrity still offer price protection on your cruise, but have changed the terms.   Go>
Hot Cruise Buying Tips from a Real Expert
Hot cruise buying tips from Michelle Fee of Cruise Planners. At $100,000,000 is cruise sales annually not many people understand cruise sales better.   Go>
Unique Alaska Cruises from Holland America
Holland America uses other cruise lines' cut backs on 2010 Alaska voyages to offer new and unusual cruise itineraries next year.   Go>
Avalon Waterways: Next-Gen River Boats
21st-century European river boats offer the amenities of modern cruise ships; Internet and balconies included.   Go>
Carnival Goes for the Comedy Jugular
Carnival Dream's Comedy Club will feature four unique comedians and eight sets per week. A Comedy extravaganza!   Go>
Oasis of the Seas - Article Summary
A sequential view of our coverage of Oasis of the Seas from the early days of the Genesis project up through today. Oasis fans - dig in!   Go>

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2009 Philadelphia Cruise guide
Philly has proven itself not only a very capable cruise port, but as an exciting destination unto inself.   Go>
SS United States Needs Rescue
This U.S.-built ocean liner has held the commercial passenger Atlantic crossing speed record since 1952. Now it needs your help to stay afloat.   Go>
Silversea Cruises in Mumbai
Silversea's Silver Whisper provides a welcome zone of comfort in the most foreign of lands: Mumbai, Malaysia and Singapore.   Go>
How to Compare Cruise Ships
There's a common misconception that cruise ships operate like summer camps with Julie the cruise director herding passengers with a bullhorn.   Go>
Costa Cruise Values for Autumn 2009
Costa just released new cruise prices for Autumn 2009 in Europe. We present a compendium on the best Costa values.   Go>
Cruising Through the 2009 Hurricane Season
The 2009 hurricane season is one of the mildest yet, but should it become worse here is what you need to know.   Go>
New York Cruises for 2009 and 2010
Steep Discounts & Great values on large and small vessels to a variety of locations from New York this Fall 2009.   Go>
Celebrity's No Tolerance Policy
One man learned the hard way that it's wise to take a cruise line's "no tolerance" policy seriously.   Go>
Drop the Cuba Travel Embargo
The Cuba trade embargo has become a relic of an era before barack Obama was even born. Arthur Frommer just blogged "It's become clear that the Obama administration isn't enforcing the Cuba travel ban."   Go>
Late 2009 West Coast Mexico Cruises
Affordable to Fanciful - the upcoming California Fall and Winter 2009/10 West Coast cruise season offers bigger and better selections than ever.   Go>
New York Cruises for 2009 and 2010
Steep Discounts & Great values on large and small vessels to a variety of locations from New York this Fall 2009.   Go>
Trading Up to Regent Seven Seas
Regent Seven Seas Cruises makes All-Inclusive so affordable it's time for cruisers to consider trading Up.   Go>
Royal Caribbean's First Nursery at Sea
Royal Caribbean is the second cruise line to institute a nursery at sea for infants and toddlers from the ages of six to 36 months.   Go>
Understanding the European Cruise Market
Pan-European cruise lines Costa and MSC Cruises are bitter rivals for the Euro market in Italy, Spain, France, Germany and U.K.   Go>
Epic Possibilities
Norwegian Epic, the new mega-ship from NCL coming summer 2010, presents epic potential for onboard fun.   Go>
Voyage of the Great Explorers
Expedition Cruise line Cruise West is offering the world's longest World Cruise ever, almost a year-long starting in 2010.   Go>
The Yangtze River -- Rich with History
Viking River Cruises offers an extensive array of Yangtze River cruises with add-on trips to China's top attraction; Beijing, Shanghai and the Terra Cotta Army.   Go>
Cruise Reservations - Basic Requirements
Two budding cruise writers have sent us their recommendations for cruisers; Tips for first-time cruisers, and how to stay fit on a cruise ship.   Go>
Sailing Solo: Is It Boring?
Here's the short answer: Sure, you'll be bored if you want to be, but you certainly don't have to be.
Cruise Blog Update!
Cruise Crime Act 2009 Questions
What you may not know about the Cruise Crime Bill of 2009 - and why you need to follow this issue. Go>

How to Beat Singles Supplements
Single cruisers, don't you just hate single supplements? Well here's a few ideas to help you avoid, or at least minimize them.
Cruising in Style on Crystal Serenity
It's hardly your typical luxury line -- not that there's anything wrong with that.   Go>
Kuki Blog Update!
The Slow Demise of Traditional Cruise Dining
Over the weekend Celebrity became one of the last lines to amend their dining room arrangements to include a version of "unstructured" dining times. Go>

Windjammer Cruising
Since the demise of Windjammer Barefoot Cruises a gap for sailing adventure is slowly being filled by other companies.   Go>
Silversea's Prince Albert II
This small expedition vessel offers all the luxury and charm of Silversea, but in more exotic -- and challenging -- settings.   Go>
Family Fun on New Ships: 2009
The next generation of vessels has plenty of new options for kids and teens.   Go>
Capital Jazz Fest at Sea
This jazz cruise boasts a solid lineup of well-known players from Dave Sanborn to Joe Sample.   Go>
Seabourn Odyssey: New Luxury Standards
The first in a new wave in luxury ships debuts this week in Venice.   Go>
Cruise Insurance Sales Skyrocket
New cruise travel insurance options make it safer to book a cruise no matter how bad our economy.   Go>
Holland America Enhances Onboard Enrichment Program
Lectures, special classes and other novel ideas improve the onboard experience.   Go>
Cruise Ship Cuisine - How Good is it Really?
Here's what you need to know about meal service options before you sail.   Go>
Online Reporting from a Ship at Sea was Not an Easy Task in 1998
It wasn't always easy to "blog" live from a cruise. In fact, at one time there was no such thing as a "blog."   Go>
Paul Gauguin Cruises Offers South Pacific
Excitement always builds when a new cruise line starts up, especially when it promises to offer some unique itinerary options.   Go>
Entertainment of Epic Proportions
Blue Men, jazz and blues legends, acrobats who double as waitresses and all else that glitters can be found on NCL's new Epic!   Go>
Smooth Jazz Cruise 2009
Music cruises are a once-in-a-lifetime experience, and jazz cruises are among the most successful and popular of all.   Go>
Overview of Smoking Policies by Cruise Line
Hardly any single topic in our cruise forums attracts more interest than one entitled "Smoking policies on Cruise Ships."   Go>
Innovative Cruise Programs for Kids
Many cruise lines have recently added new and inventive childrens' activites aboard their ships.   Go>
Teen Cruising FAQ
Questions and answers for first-time teen cruisers.   Go>
Cruise Line Loyalty Reward Programs
Every cruise line has a loyalty rewards program; here we rate and review cruise line repeat passenger benefits.   Go>
Norwegian Epic Dining
NCL's new megaship will offer more restaurants than any other vessel.   Go>
Travel Props for 2009
More of my favorite practical travel accessories to make your adventures more convenient and comfortable.   Go>
Norwegian Epic: "Ships Within a Ship"
The new megaship from NCL pioneers several innovative cabin concepts.   Go>
Silversea Presents Culinary Cruises
Silversea presents 11 culinary cruises featuring world-renowned chefs preparing regionally inspired dishes on special itineraries.   Go>
ShoreTrips -- an Independent Shore Excursion Provider
Now you have other options besides the same old cruise ship shore excursions.   Go>
Family Cruise Discounts
Book now and save on Spring and Summer sailings.   Go>
Cruise and Stay
Combining a cruise with a land vacation can give you the best of both worlds.   Go>
Cruise Search Methods
How to get the most out of an Internet cruise search when shopping for your next cruise vacation.   Go>
Cruise Trips: Adventure over Relaxation
Despite the relaxing image, a cruise trip can be as adventurous as any vacation, depending on the ship and itinerary.   Go>
Cruise Companies:
Mainstream, Premium, Deluxe or Luxury
The cruise industry slots each cruise company into one of four categories. Here are the definition and occupants of each category.   Go>
Becoming a Travel Agent
Think it's a cakewalk to get started in this career? Think again ...   Go>
Seasonal Cruises for Families -- 2009
Here's how a summer adventure sailing can bring your family closer together.

Norwegian Sky -- Best in Budget Cruises
NCL's Norwegian Sky is one of the newest ships now offering three and four-day cruises to the Bahamas from Miami.   Go>
Book that European Cruise Now
2009 Airfare to Europe is predicted to be below 2008 levels. Cruise bargain fares and a strong dollar mean Europe is the best value in years.   Go>
Flying for Cruises
The hassles of air travel have gotten worse in recent years; here's how to minimize them on the way to your next cruise.   Go>
A "Day on the Job" as a Shipboard Comedian
Kuki, CruiseMates Cruise Director, takes on the challenge of becoming a professional standup comedian for one night.   Go>
Family Cruise Message Board FAQ's
Here in one concise sampling are the highlights of recently posed message board questions, and their answers, for your reference before your next family cruise.   Go>
Running a Small-Ship Alaska Charter Business
We get a first-person account of what it is like to live in Alaska and operate a small charter boat for tourists to explore the wildlife.   Go>
First-Time Teen Cruiser 101
Never been on a ship before? Here's what teens need to know and can expect.   Go>
The Inauguration: One Cruiser's Unique Vantage Point
Not everyone who watched Obama take the oath of office was shivering on the National Mall.   Go>
Caribbean Cruise Lines
Various cruise lines excel in certain cruising regions; a look at the better Caribbean cruise lines.   Go>
The Cheapest Cruises
What are the lowest-priced cruises out there? And is a "cheap" cruise really worth the savings?   Go>
Cruise Reservations - Basic Requirements
For beginning cruisers, here's a primer on the essentials: passports, transfers, cruise tickets and what's included in a cruise reservation.   Go>
3-Day Cruises
3-day cruises offer quick relief for people who need to get away. Need a quick getaway maybe for valentine's day?   Go> 1-13-09
Organizing a Group Cruise
Organizing a group cruise means price cuts and other perks, including a free cruise for the group leader.

Family Cruise Savings Tips
Third and forth passengers in the same cabin cruise free or at a discount. Family cruise savings tips.

Local Cruises
Local cruises, ship departures from U.S. cities like Seattle and Boston, are back due to the economic slowdown. Here is a guide to finding the perfect local cruise for you.

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