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World Cruise Values for 2012
by Paul Motter
Are there any two words in the English language more enticing than "world cruise?" Excellent bargains this season!

Music Cruise Season 2011-2012
by Paul Motter
Rock 'n Roll theme cruises are coming to a cruise ship near you; 2011 and 2012.   Go>

15 Unexpectedly Essential Items for Your Cruise
by Paul Motter
Our own experienced CruiseMates devise a list of essential items to bring on every cruise   Go>

Carnival Magic in Europe for Linda Pearl
Long time CruiseMates contributor Linda Pearl is given the trip of a lifetime by Carnival Cruise Line.   Go>
Windstar Cruises - Back on Top
I interview Hans Birkholz, CEO of Windstar Cruises, about the future of the line under new ownership.   Go>
The Best Cruise Lines for 10 Types of Cruisers - Really?
by Paul Motter
An outside cruise article gets the scrutiny of the CruiseMates' Editor - Why only pros should pick ships!   Go>

I Missed My Ship! What Now?
by Paul Motter
Cruise line air packages only promise to "work with" the airlines to help make changes to your flights, but there is no promise to pay for any additional charges.   Go>

Radiance Upgrade in Pictures
by Paul Motter
CruiseMates was just in Victoria, B.C. to document the new upgrades being made to Radiance of the Seas.   Go>

CruiseMates for Cruisers Seeking Companions
by Paul Motter
The number of people using CruiseMates forums to find cruise companions has grown immensely the last two years.   Go>

Kuki Blog Update!
Don't Allow Your Brain To Go On Vacation
Don't allow fear of what might happen to dictate your activities; to end your sense of adventure and exploration. Just do what you do with your brain turned on. Go>

European Shore Excursions
by Paul Motter
Don't go overboard pre-planning your European cruise shore excursions. You may find better options once you are on the ship.   5-31-11

Disney Fantasy Preview in Pictures
by Paul Motter
A sneak peak at the forthcoming Disney Fantasy with some significant and unique decor aspects.
  Go>   May 27, 2011

2011 Mediterranean Cruise Bargains
by Paul Motter
This is a great year for Mediterranean cruise bargains - but act fast before the best last-minute deals are taken   Go>
May 23, 2011

The Top Cruise Misconception
by Paul Motter
This one bit of knowledge can help you find the best cruise bargain and save money every time. And it's the most misunderstood aspect of cruise pricing   Go>
May 20, 2011

Crystal Cruises Cruise Report
Kuki gives us his final thoughts on his 14 day luxury cruise to Hawaii on Crystal Serenity. Sublime food but dining room service less than perfect.

Cruising in Europe - Do It
by Paul Motter
European destinations are far more fascinating than the usual Caribbean islands.   Go>
May 18, 2011

Cruise Trips: Adventure over Relaxation
Despite the relaxing image, a cruise trip can be as adventurous as any vacation, depending on the ship and itinerary.

How to Organize A Group Cruise
by Paul Motter
Putting together a group cruise may be easier than you think -- with a little bit of organizational skill and lots of help from the right people   Go>

Crystal To Host Golf Academy at Sea
Shannon Kneisler told CruiseMates yesterday that together with Crystal she is working to put a full Golf Academy at Sea on the Crystal ships.   Go>
Common Cruise Ship Courtesy
Cruise ships are some of the best and last representative bastions of the finest in human courtesy and culture. Our readers give us their list of common courtesy suggestions for guests on cruise ships.   Go>
Carnival Magic - Live Reports
CruiseMates' own reporter Linda Pearl is on the brand new Carnival Magic Inaugural Cruises- and her first trip to Europe. Read her first impressions here!   May 1, 2011
Crystal: All-inclusive plus Standby Fares
by Paul Motter
Just before Bill Smith left Crystal Cruises for Virtuoso Travel, we spoke to him about the New Crystal all-inclusive policy and standby fares.   Go>
April 25, 2011

Rock Legends Cruise
by Paul Motter
The Rock Legends Cruise coming next December has ZZ Top, Molly Hatchet, Marshall Tucker, Steppenwolf, Dickie Betts, Edgar Winter, Johnnie Winter.   Go>
April 21, 2011

Cunard: Unique New Activities
by Paul Motter
Cunard is renowned for excellent food, service and enrichment. Now it offering even newer entertainment ideas.   Go>
April 17, 2011

Crystal: All-inclusive plus Standby Fares
by Paul Motter
Just before Bill Smith just left Crystal Cruises for a job at the prestigious Virtuoso Travel, we spoke to him about the New Crystal all-inclusive policy and standby fares.   Go>
April 23, 2011

SeaDream 2 in The Caribbean
by Judy Cuervo
SeaDream Yacht Club offers a very personalized experience on its 100 passenger luxury yachts - no matter where you cruise. We take SeaDream 2 for a spin in the Caribbean.   Go>

Disney: New U.S. Ports for 2012
by Paul Motter
Disney sails from New York,
Galveston and Seattle next year.   Go>
April 21, 2011

Titanic Still Stirs Emotions
by Paul Motter
Next April 14, 2012, two cruise ships plan to stop right above the site of the Titanic wreckage and perform a memorial service for those who perished.   Go>
April 21, 2011

CruiseMates' Cruise Style
by Janice Wald Henderson, Cruise Style Editor
CruiseMates Style! Our new columns spotlight what's hot this minute in fashion, beauty and travel for discriminating cruisers.   Go>

Planning A Cruise
by Paul Motter
By making the right decisions ahead of time you can free up a lot of spare time to help you get more out of your cruise.   Go>

Get a Room: Hot Hotels in Popular Ports
by Janice Wald Henderson
Sometimes the best place to spend the day is a world class hotel. Here are five of them in popular Mexican and Caribbean ports of call.   03-28-11

Cruise Entertainment - Better All the Time
by Paul Motter
The state of the art of cruise ship entertainment has never been better than it is today.   Go>

Eating Up Celebrity Eclipse
by Janice Wald Henderson
Our culinary editor assesses the cuisine aboard Celebrity Eclipse - a cruise line known for its food.   Go>

Disney Dream Ship Review
by Paul Motter
There is homage to Disney throughout from the ship's horn to the chair fabrics and bannisters with subtle Micky-ears in the patterns.

Sneak Peak at the New Royal Princess
by Paul Motter
The all new Royal Princess; 141,000-tons and 3600 berths, will debut in spring, 2013.   Go>

Carnival Spirit Moving to Australia
by Paul Motter
One of the most popular west coast ships in California, Carnival Spirit, will be moving to Australia permanently in early 2012.   Go>

Holland America Staterooms Open at 11:30
by Paul Motter
How does Holland America manage what no other cruise line has yet accomplished?   Go>

How Not to Solve Cruise Problems
by Paul Motter
Understanding the hierarchy of cruise ship staff and crewmembers helps you solve cruise problems.   Go>

Kuki Blog Update!
Virtual Cruise - Sapphire Princess Feb. 26 - Mar. 12
We're presently onboard the Sapphire Princess, sailing to the Hawaiian Islands. Follow along with our daily reporting and enjoy the cruise with us. Feel free to ask any questions during the sailing, and I'll do my best to get answers. Go>

John Heald - Hero of Splendor
A revealing interview with Carnival's John Heald - cruise director during the Carnival Splendor's Mexican Riviera cruise emergency last November. 
Kuki Blog Update!
Not Even Close to Everything You Need to Know Before You Cruise
The time prior to going on your first cruise can be very intimidating. It can seem like there's so much a person needs to know, and there's seems to be an unlimited number of places to find the information. Go>

American Cruise Lines Positive Outlook
This rare U.S.-based cruise line has a unique approach to U.S. river cruising.   Go>
Kuki Blog Update!
Sapphire Princess & Crystal Symphony- Two Ships, One Itinerary
By happenstance, in ten days I begin a combination of journeys that should make for some interesting experiences and comparisons. Within a short time frame I'll be cruising two different ships; both sailing identical 14 night itineraries from San Pedro, California to the Hawaiian Islands and returning to San Pedro. Go>

Why do Cruise Ships Have Butlers?
by Paul Motter
What is the role of a cruise ship butler, and do we really need one? We ask Leslie Philpott, purveyor of butler services to Azamara Cruises.   Go>

CruiseMates' Cruise Style
by Janice Wald Henderson, Cruise Style Editor
Welcome to CruiseMates Style! Our new column spotlights what's hot this minute in fashion, beauty and travel for discriminating cruisers.   Go>

Marina by Oceania Cruises
We just concluded the new Oceania Marina Inaugural three night cruise. Click in for our first impressions and other stories.   Go>
Kuki Blog Update!
Alternate Restaurants Onboard Are In Demand
Sometimes they are referred to as "specialty restaurants"; some refer to them as "alternate restaurants". On some cruise lines, they are included in the cruise fare; on some there is an extra cost to dine in them; on some lines there are both free, and extra cost choices. Go>

Oceania Marina Inaugural Feb 5
by Paul Motter
Marina, new ship for Oceania is here, and we're off to. The naming ceremony is Saturday.
02-04-11   Go>

Royal Advantage Enhancements
"Royal Enhancements" puts Royal Caribbean on a hot streak, and Senior VP Lisa Bauer spills the latest strategies for singles, new ships, deployments, technology and staffing.   Go> Feb. 02, 2011

Kuki Blog Update!
Minimizing Dress Codes - Is There A "New Formal"?
For some time now life has been on the move to becoming more casual. While it used to somewhat normal to run into the occasional restaurant that required all male customers wear at least a sports jacket and tie, those places have now practically disappeared. Go>

Culinary Sizzle on Seabourn Legend
Good Meals in Small Packages. Our culinary editor gives this small luxury ship the palate test.   Go> Jan. 28, 2011

Kuki Blog Update!
The Changing Winds of Cruising
Not many things in life stay the same. Sometimes the changes delight us, and sometimes we regret the changes. The world of cruising has certainly changed quite dramatically. Should we be delighted or discouraged? Go>

Disney Presents Remy Restaurant
Remy Restaurant on Disney Dream takes fine cruise ship dining to a whole new level.   Go> Jan. 24, 2011

Disney Dream in Pictures
With the inaugural ceremony and the preview cruise - the Disney Dream has finally come true. We give the ship a thorough inspection.   Go> Jan. 24, 2011

Countdown to Disney Dream
Editor Paul Motter just disembarked the Disney Dream Today - pics & comments are here.   Go> Jan. 20, 2011

Kuki Blog Update!
You Know You're a Cruiser When...
With apologies to Jeff Foxworthy; along with some help from members of our CruiseMates message boards, I've created a "foxworthyesque" list of You Know You're a Cruiser When... Go>

Kuki Blog Update!
Complimentary Upgrades - The Good, The Bad, The Confusion
There's been hundreds of industry experts offer their explanations and musings on the topic, as well as thousands of experiences and opinions posted on the cruise information web sites Go>

Azamara Cruises Virtual Cruise
by Paul Motter
I am currently sailing on the Azamara Journey. Check here daily for my Internet reports.   Go> Jan. 10, 2011

Holland America Evening at Le Cirque Dining
by David Yeskel
According to Holland America, I was the first writer to experience "An Evening at Le Cirque" aboard the Oosterdam in mid-November.   Go> Jan. 7, 2011

Kuki Blog Update!
Recognizing A Luxury Cruise
While all cruise line's advertising, at some time, will refer to themselves as a "luxury cruise", it's a simple process to determine, and recognize a true "luxury cruise" from all the other pretenders. Go>

Weird 2010 Cruise Stories
by Paul Motter
Weird passenger tricks lead to odd cruise news for 2010. Strange cruise news and other tales from the past year in cruising.   Go> Jan. 3, 2011


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New Year's Resolutions for Foodie Cruisers
by Janice Wald Henderson
A special 2012 top-ten list for cruise lovers and food lovers.

The Dreaded Cruise Ship Virus
by Paul Motter
Although not unique to cruises, the Norovirus is often associated with ships but is still avoidable onboard.

Kuki Blog Update!
Recommended New Year's Resolutions
In a few days we'll all be saying goodbye to 2011 and in an evening full of revelry, nostalgia, and excitement, we'll be welcoming in the ... Go>

Paul Motter Blog Update!
Cruise Line Ad Campaigns
New marketing data shows that price is the number one concern of potential cruise buyers. The New York Times is reporting that Carnival Cruise Line has a ... Go>

Crystal Symphony's Pacific Sunsets Cruise
by Judy Cuervo
It's Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas

Hollywood Cruising
by Jason Leppert
How accurately is the cruise industry portrayed in feature films?

Tipping Guidelines for Cruisers
by Paul Motter
While some cruise lines are all-inclusive, most others expect passengers to reward gratuities according to proper cruise etiquette.

Kuki Blog Update!
What Your Cruise Is Really Going To Cost
When it comes to money matters, it's not cruise pricing that settles the equation of how much your cruise is going to cost you. One might have ... Go>

Cruising Through the Holidays
by Paul Motter
A little perspective on Christmas cruises if you are going on or considered one.

Top 10 Reasons Why You Need to Take a Cruise
by Janice Wald Henderson
When this list actively becomes part of your routine, it's time to call your travel agent.

Curious, Chic Key West
by Barbara Ferguson and Elizabeth S. Brownell
It's so exotic many people forget it's part of the United States.

Carnival Steps Up "FunShip" Fun
by Paul Motter
The new "Funship 2.0" entertainment upgrades are already in place aboard Carnival Legend.

Kuki Blog Update!
OCCUPY Cruises - Bailouts for the 99%
Through my unscientific research, and very questionable systemic anaylsis, we learn that only the top 1% of the population has the means, or contacts necessary, to sail in ... Go>

Holland America Cruise Sale
by Paul Motter
"Private Fares" to Europe for 2012 Holland America cruises have airfare as low as $399 per person.

The Sea is Calling
by Paul Motter
Royal Caribbean will be rolling out a new national ad campaign starting December 19 and fully engaged by January 9.

Countdown to Disney Fantasy
by Jason Leppert
The new show Wishes rounds out the exclusive features onboard and anticipates the ship's inaugural sailing.

We Rocked the Boat
by Paul Motter
The Rock Legends Cruise proved that cruise ships offer a perfect set of venues and facilities to mount extensive theme events.

Kuki Blog Update!
Rules - Which Are Enforced and Which Ignored
Beginning with new rules, established to come into practice in the new year, most of the major cruise lines, have severely restricted or banned smoking in ... Go>

Falmouth: Jamaica's New Cruise Port
by Jason Leppert
Centrally located between Ocho Rios and Montego Bay, Falmouth places the bulk of the island's shore excursions within reach.

New Orleans Meets Voyager of the Seas
by Jason Leppert
With the introduction of Voyager of the Seas to New Orleans, Royal Caribbean heralds its return to the Mississippi port city.

A Foodie's Guide to Cruise-Lover Gifts
by Janice Wald Henderson
Holiday gift options abound for connoisseurs of cruising and culinary pairings.

A Cruise for Everyone
by Paul Motter
No matter your background nor your interests, there is surely a cruise vacation that will suit you.

Kuki Blog Update!
Why Cruising Is Best For a First Time Visitor To Europe
As we in North America are just coming into the winter season, one might not be thinking of a trip to Europe. However, if Europe is ... Go>

American Queen Will Entertain
by Paul Motter
The Great American Steamboat will feature "Name" acts like Lovin' Spoonful, the Platters, B.J. Thomas and Bill Haley's Comets.

iPads in Royal Caribbean Staterooms
by Paul Motter
Royal Caribbean will be placing Apple iPads in every stateroom - starting with the "currently under renovation" Splendour of the Seas.

Kuki Blog Update!
Holiday Cruises – The Reasons To Go & The Reasons Not To Go
This week is Thanksgiving in the United States; the first major holiday of the season. In my view it's also the best U.S. holiday in that it's all about ... Go>

Virtual Cruise: Voyager of the Seas - Finale
by Jason Leppert
Royal Caribbean returns to the Big Easy in a big way with sailings aboard the sizable Voyager of the Seas from New Orleans.

Cruise Entertainment Hits New Heights
by Paul Motter
Entertainment is in the spotlight of cruising these days as the major cruise lines compete for headlines.

Royal Caribbean and the Environment
by Jason Leppert
Royal Caribbean and its sister brands seek to do their part and set a good example for environmental conservation.

Music Cruise Season 2012
by Paul Motter
For music lovers, there is a wealth of cruise options to see your favorite acts onboard.

Kuki Blog Update!
The Changing Face of Cruise Ship Dining
During the last half decade the nature of cruise ship dining has changed. With the introduction of ship's offering a variety of alternate dining venues the ... Go>

Carnival Magic Moves to Galveston
by Paul Motter
The popular Texas port will serve Carnival as well as Disney, Princess and Royal Caribbean.

Virtual Cruise: Voyager of the Seas
by Jason Leppert
Royal Caribbean returns to the Big Easy in a big way with sailings aboard the sizable Voyager of the Seas from New Orleans.

Cell Phone Tricks for Cruise Lines
by Paul Motter
Watch out for this unexpected data charge by cell-phone providers even if you have data-roaming turned off.

Holland America Bargains
Too Good to Miss
by Paul Motter
Holland America is holding a one week cruise sale until November 12

Kuki Blog Update!
Things You Don't Want To Say On A Ship
Converstion is probably one of the most popular activities on a ship. Everyone is on vacation, and the atmosphere is always very social. But, there are ... Go>

Paul Motter Blog Update!
Key West Says No to Bigger Cruise Ships
Key West has decided it has all of the cruise traffic it needs through 2020 - the conchs and the Cith Council have had enough. Some Caribbean ... Go>

Think You Know Cruising?
by Paul Motter
Cruise travel may be the most generally misunderstood vacation experience – especially by those who have never taken a cruise.

Seabourn Sojourn First Cruise
by Paul Motter
My first time on The Yachts of Seabourn, long known as one of the best cruise lines in the world, and my first New England – Canada journey.

Can You Travel by Cruise Ship?
by Paul Motter
Rick Steves has just written a book called "Rick Steves' Mediterranean Cruise Ports" - a guide to seeing Europe by cruise ship.

Kuki Blog Update!
Smart Phone Shore Excursions
I recently received a press release (posted below) that describes a very innovative way for people to tour a city they are visiting in what I ... Go>

Cruiser's Culinary Cheat Sheet
by Janice Wald Henderson
Have you ever been stumped by a word on a cruise ship menu? Here is your cruiser's culinary cheat sheet.

First-time Seabourn Cruiser
by Paul Motter
My first sailing experience with Seabourn Cruises finally fills a gap in my cruise experience that has haunted me for the last five years. So, how did it go?

Royal Caribbean in the News
by Paul Motter
Splendour gets the "Royal" treatment, and Independence comes home to America.

Kuki Blog Update!
Cruising's Multiple Personalities
To the uninitiated, with assistance from cruise line marketing campaigns and word of mouth from their friends and neighbors ... Go>

The Return of American River Cruising
by Nori Muster
With the American Queen's return to service, historic Mississippi River cruising is reborn in America.

Comparing Cruise Cost: Luxury to Mainstream
by Paul Motter
You can actually choose either cruising experience for the exact same price.

The Best European Cruise
by Paul Motter
Viking River Cruises offers an in-depth exploration of Soviet history via luxury river cruise.

Kuki Blog Update!
When Cruise Memories Hurt
Three years ago next month, as I was enjoying my last sleep on a Norwegian Cruise Line's ship my in-cabin phone rang ... Go>

Onboard Photography: Good, Bad, and Ugly
by Jason Leppert
An op-ed discussion on the merits and pitfalls of shipboard photo services.

Celebrity iLounge: Steve Jobs at Sea
by Jason Leppert
The Apple experience is showcased and sold onboard in this all Mac internet cafe.

Seabourn Adventure Begins
by Paul Motter
From the food to the venues, preliminary impressions onboard Seabourn Sojourn delight.

Virtual Cruise: Seabourn Sojourn
by Paul Motter
Paul Motter is currently sailing onboard Seabourn Sojourn in Canada/New England.

Modern Cruise Misconceptions
by Paul Motter
It's inaccurate fear mongering that misinforms opinions about the cruise industry.

David Beers Blog Update!
Norwegian Cruise Line Announces "Cruise Like A Norwegian" Advertising Campaign
Norwegian Cruise Line announced today that it is unveiling a new brand platform and integrated national advertising campaign - "Cruise Like a Norwegian" - that embraces ... Go>

Fixing Charleston's Cruise Problems
by Paul Motter
Charleston, South Carolina is a vital American historic site - where cruise ships just don't belong

Norwegian Breakaway, New York, Peter Max
by Paul Motter
Norwegian Cruise Line announced two new details for its newest project vessel set to debut in April of 2013.

Carnival "Funship 2.0" Details
by Paul Motter
Carnival announced a $500-million investment in entertainment upgrades to its entire fleet

Paul Motter Blog Update!
Cruise Entertainment Heats Up
Cruise line competition for the best in onboard entertainment is heating up, and we are the winners... Go>

Doug Ward's 2012 Berlitz Guide Debuts
There are plenty of cruise "contests" in various publications, but Ward's Berlitz Guise is the most influentual Cruise Guide anywhere

Virtual Cruise: Celebrity Solstice
by Jason Leppert
Currently, Jason Leppert is sailing onboard Celebrity Solstice in the Mediterranean.

Music Cruise Season 2011-2012
by Paul Motter
Rock 'n Roll theme cruises are coming to a cruise ship near you; 2011 and 2012.   Go>

Celebrity Solsticization Upgrades Ready
by Paul Motter
The process of upgrading all Celebrity Cruises Millennium-class ships with Solstice features is on schedule.

Paul Motter Blog Update!
Cruising 101
Cruise vacations consistently rank at the top of vacation value and satisfaction polls. Most people who take a first cruise end up taking another one -- ... Go>

Paul Gauguin Tahiti Cruise Bargain
by Paul Motter
Paul Gauguin Cruises includes airfare, drinks, gratuities and South Pacific luxury from $3650 pp

The Best Cruise Ship for Your Demographic
by Paul Motter
While passé cruise stereotypes no longer apply, choosing the appropriate line and ship for you is still paramount.

Free Cruise Scams Return
by Paul Motter
Slick language and flashy images attempt to lure postcard recipients with false promises.

Last Minute Caribbean Cruise Bargains
by Paul Motter
Right now there are last-
minute Caribbean bargains on November
and December cruises available
at very low prices

Paul Motter Blog Update!
Things You Should Not Discuss on a Cruise
I have a theory – two of the main reasons why cruise lines have replaced traditional dining with open seating are... Go>

Symphonic Voyages' Music Festival at Sea
Cruise the Caribbean with a full symphony orchestra, four Grammy-winning soloists, and a beloved radio host.

Children Onboard Cruise Ships
by Jason Leppert
Kids belong on cruises, but only when parents can assure fellow passengers their children will maintain proper manners.

Paul Motter Blog Update!
Cruise Ship Engine Explosions
With the Nordlys incident in Norway this week the number of cruise ship engine incidents is beyond coincidental.
Update: the ship has now been rescued and ...

Stress-Free Cruises from Southampton
A message from the United Kingdom about the convenience of "home-port" cruising, especially from Southampton.

Cruise Sales Happening NOW
by Paul Motter
Special offers for fantastic cruise sailings are aplenty, and what's more, the deadlines are being extended.

Paul Motter Blog Update!
The Cruise Industry Right Now
An industry newsletter says the cruise business is reeling from the recent bad economic news ... Go>

Royal Caribbean Cruises from Xiamen
by Paul Motter
Where in the World is Xiamen? Royal Caribbean's new Chinese port city is an open economic zone with considerable affluence.

River Cruising to Return to the Mississippi
by Paul Motter
The Mississippi has not had regular cruises since 2008, but a remade American Queen a brand new steamship will launch in 2012. 9-12-11

September 11 and Cruising
by Paul Motter
How the cruise lines and ships responded to the 9/11 tragedy as it was happening.

Breakaway Staterooms Return to Tradition
by Paul Motter
Project Breakaway has fewer studio staterooms, 149 outside "oceanview" staterooms and hundreds of inside cabins

NCL's Project Breakaway - Toddlin' Along
by Paul Motter
NCL has remained coy and reserved with its latest ship announcements when some pizazz would go a long way to excite.

Royal Caribbean Sends Voyager to Far East
by Paul Motter
A mainstream cruise line now offers affordable cruises to the Far East - and I am thinking seriously about going.

Paul Motter Blog Update!
Cruise Ship Names 2011
Coming up with cruise ship names must be harder than it seems, because so many cruise lines do such a horrible job of it. It is always ... Go>

MSC Divina is Floated Out at STX Shipyards
MSC Cruises newest and largest cruise ship yet, the MSC Divina, is floated out in St. Nazaire, France

Air Service Worse Than Ever
The hassles of air travel have gotten worse in recent years; here's how to minimize them on the way to your next cruise.

A Celebration of Cruise Staff
by Jason Leppert
It's the fantastic crew onboard cruise ships that define and accentuate our favorite cruising experiences.

Ten Tips for Better Cruises
by Paul Motter
An invaluable list of suggestions on how to make your cruise the best it can possibly be.

Culinary Impressions on Silversea's Silver Whisper
by Janice Wald Henderson
The delicious Relais and Chateaux culinary experience onboard Silversea in the Baltic  

Kuki Blog Update!
Carnival 1 - Royal Caribbean 0
As millions of people spent the past weekend preparing and then dealing with Hurricane Irene up and down the east coast of the United States, the ... Go>

First-time Cruise Advice for 2011
by Paul Motter
Cruising has changed! Updated advice for the modern world of cruises for today's first-time cruiser.

2011 Viking River Danube Cruise Report
by Paul Motter
After sailing the Mediterranean and Baltic on large cruise ships, river boats offer intimacy and convenience.

The Disney Fantasy - Detailed Preview
by Jason Leppert
The upcoming Disney Fantasy offers an abundance of unique features with something to please nearly everyone.

Anchor Dropper Agrees to Guilty Plea
by Paul Motter
Rick Ehlert was aboard the Holland America Ryndam when he decided to let the anchor go - just for fun. Now he faces a possible 20 years in prison

Kuki Blog Update!
First Time Cruiser Mistakes
You would be amazed by the crazy questions I get about cruising � from people who are already booked on a cruise! ... Go>

Does Obama Understand the Travel Business?
by Paul Motter
The President doesn't seem to know that tourism is more than just booking airline tickets online.

Carnival Breeze - First Look
The Carnival Breeze sports a surprisingly subdued interior not based on a Joe Farcus design. Do you like the new look? Or is it "Just not Carnival?" 8-22-11
Cruising Through the 2011 Hurricane Season
The NOAA predicted the 2011 hurricane season as "active". How does this affect cruise planning?
Viking River Cruising in Europe
by Paul Motter
European riverboat cruises, such as those offered by Viking River Cruises, provide exceptional onboard experiences plus fascinating historical insights.

Kuki Blog Update!
How Cruise Ship Dining Has Changed
As early as a decade ago, when boarding a cruise ship, your choices for dining were early (main) seating in the dining room, or late seating ... Go>

The Value of Ship Within a Ship Voyages
by Jason Leppert
The "ship within a ship" cruising option, with exclusive access to solitude, is beneficial to some and controversial to others.

Virtual Cruise: Viking Prestige
by Paul Motter
This week Paul Motter is sailing on this beautiful new riverboat - Viking Prestige - in the Danube.

Rock Legends Cruise
by Paul Motter
The Rock Legends Cruise coming this December has ZZ Top, Molly Hatchet, Marshall Tucker, Steppenwolf, Dickie Betts, Edgar Winter, Johnnie Winter.  

Cruise Interest is Alive and Well
by Paul Motter
Our economy has put a damper on the vacation plans of many, but it doesn't mean a loss of enthusiasm for cruises.

Kuki Blog Update!
Things Cruise Experts Eventually Come To Realize
Those new to cruising, and even those with a few other cruises under their belts, often look to the Internet, searching through and sifting through cruise ... Go>

Norwegian Cruise Line Twitter Cruise
by Paul Motter
Norwegian Cruise Line tests the tumultuous waters of a Twitter social media cruise.

Trujillo, Honduras' Banana Coast
by Paul Motter
The latest historic Caribbean port to receive an extensive cruise line upgrade is Trujillo, Honduras.

How to Get the Best Cruise Value
by Paul Motter
The trick to finding cruise values is to think like a "contrarian" so you can "buy low and sail high."  

The Only Way to See Hawaii
by Paul Motter
Cruise ships offer the best way to see all of Hawaii's most important sites in one vacation.  

Kuki Blog Update!
Security Concerns Disappear When Passengers Are Willing to Pay A Fee?
Veteran, or even recent past cruisers, will remember when requests from guests for a tour of the ship's Bridge were met with a grimaced face reply ... Go>

Free Cruise Scams Return
by Paul Motter
Slick language and flashy images attempt to lure postcard recipients with false promises.

Celebrity Silhouette Reviewed
by Paul Motter
The offical ship review of the brand new Celebrity Silhouette - just brought into service for 2011 Med cruises.

On Seabourn with Newt Gingrich
by Paul Motter
The Gingriches enjoy a well-deserved cruise vacation despite some silly media rhetoric. One couple got to know them onboard.

Med Bargains Get Even Better
by Paul Motter
This fall brings a 12-Day Celebrity Holy Land cruise starting at just $799 per person.

Kuki Blog Update!
Thinking Of a Hawaii Island Cruise - Read This
Beginning in the mid 1970's through to 1983 I spent anywhere from 2 weeks to 2 months spending my winter vacation time in the Hawaiian Islands... Go>

Cruise Ships Invade Australia
By Paul Motter
During an Interview with Richard Fain I asked about the tide of Cruise Ships about to relocate to Australia.

Out To Sea... With My Brother
By Douglas MacKinnon
I thought it would be fun to replicate the movie "Out To Sea," with Jack Lemmon and Walter Mathau, by taking my brother on a cruise.

Virtual Cruise: Celebrity Silhouette
by Paul Motter
Paul Motter is aboard Celebrity Silhouette in Hamburg - getting the best pictures of all the new features just for you..

Celebrity Silhouette Debuts
by Paul Motter
Celebrity Silhouette is the fifth iteration of the planned five-ship class of Solstice from Celebrity.

Norwegian to Feature "The Haven"
by Judy Cuervo
Norwegian's new ships will introduce "The Haven," a complex of extravagant suites with private pools, restaurants and concierge.

Norwegian Cruise Line's Going Public
by Paul Motter
When a company files to sell stock they must be willing to disclose a lot more information than any private company

Real Russia River Cruising
by Paul Motter
It is important to draw the distinction between a boat like the Bulgaria and river cruise operators like Viking River Cruises, Uniworld and AMA Waterways.

Kuki Blog Update!
One Simple Step Would Have Saved This Group $67,000
In this story (linked below), a group of 20 friends booked a group cruise to the Mediterranean, sailing from Barcelona, Spain. Go>

Royal Caribbean Plans $300 Million Upgrade
by Paul Motter
At least four more ships are now scheduled to receive Royal Advantage upgrades.

Behind the Scenes Ship Tours
by Paul Motter
Now you can see "behind the scenes" on tours offered by Norwegian, Princess, Carnival and - announced just yesterday - Royal Caribbean.

Kuki Blog Update!
An American Girl Chased Me To Europe
Years ago, when I was in college, I got dumped by an American girl. Until recently that was my only reference to the term. Go>

World Cruises on Luxury Lines for 2012
by Paul Motter
You can pay roughly $20,000 or $262,000 to take a world cruise depending on which cruise line you choose.

London Like the Locals
by Janice Wald Henderson
A look at the best of London for pre- or post-cruise authentic sightseeing in Britain   Go>

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