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NCL: Free Tours For Kids 2012
Norwegian is offering free tours on any cruise to kids 12-under, 50% off for 13-17. But book before May 13!
Kuki Blog Update! My Recommended Suggestions When Cruising With Kids
A very significant portion of the cruise industry these days view their target audience to be families. It's rather obvious if you look at their marketing, as ... Go> 04-04-12
New NCL Youth Programs
NCL provides details about the new fleet-wide youth programs including sports, creative arts and family activities.
Children Onboard Cruise Ships
by Jason Leppert Kids belong on cruises, but only when parents can assure fellow passengers their children will maintain proper manners.
Teens on Carnival to New England/Canada
Our resident teen cruise editor, Alex Gaynor, interviews fellow teens on their impressions of a Carnival getaway to New England/Canada.
Epic Potential
Norwegian Epic, the new mega-ship from NCL coming summer 2010, presents epic possibilities for onboard fun.
Ships for Teens: Today and Tomorrow
Teens sound off on how they'd like to see youth facilities changed and enhanced.
What Teens Want on Ships
Our teen editor surveys her peers on the things that matter to them on cruise ships.
Hawaii for Teens: What to Do in Port
Alex gives our teens special tips on whats hot in Hawaii, besides the volcano.
Ships Upgrade Teen Areas
Here's a roundup of the lates and coolest enhancements for teen cruisers. by Alex Gaynor
Disney for Teens
The line's special venues and activities keep teens occupied away from the littler kids.
Teen Cruisers' Q&A
Here are the answers to the questions most often asked by teen travelers.
What's New for Teens
Improved and upcoming vessels add more fun facilities.
Teen Anticipation
Our teen editor answers common concerns from his peers as their cruise approaches.
Top Ships for Teens
Our teen editor polled others on their favorite vessels, line, nightclub at sea, and more.

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