Freestyle Cruising Aboard the Norwegian Dawn

| November 3, 2008

Freestyle cruising offers a lot of amenities for cruisers of all ages, and choices especially abound on the Dawn.

Entertainment and Activities As a part of Freestyle Cruising, NCL offers a lot of activities called "NCL U". Some of these activities include: spa treatments and classes, food and drink tasting, art seminars, digital photography classes that I personally enjoyed, plus more. There were also two big nights on board: White Hot Night Party night and Monte Carlo night. White Hot Night Party is a dance party where everything is white and "heavenly" looking. Monte Carlo night is casino night even out on deck.

Most of the nights, the shows were pretty typical of most cruise lines. But, one night passengers get to experience something new for a change. NCL has onboard the cast from The Second City improvisational comedy group. They do three shows: a staged show, a scriptless show, and an adult scriptless show. I got to see two out of the three and they were hilarious! If you get the chance, go! (But make sure to get there early because it's the most popular show of the cruise.)

Teen Club What would cruising be like if there weren't other teens to hang out with? The teen club is available for anybody between the ages of 13 and 17. There are activities every day and dance parties every night. Some of the activities include: Prom Night, movie nights, scavenger hunts, games, Toga Night, White Hot Night disco, dinners together, pajama party, and much more. Some amenities in the disco were: the Wii, foosball tables, a mocktail bar, and the dance floor area.

Bermuda Bermuda is one of my favorite places to cruise. The brightly-colored houses and pink sand make it so postcard and picture perfect. Most ships call in Bermuda for a couple of days, because the journey is somewhat long to get there. But don't worry; there is plenty to do besides just going to the beach.

If you're into the historical aspect of the island a good place is St. George, which was established in the 17th century. The small town still manages to keep its old-world charm. You can tour the old forts or just walk around the cobblestone streets.

If you're into nature, you have to check out the Crystal Caves. If you think you've seen caves, you've never seen them like this. The cave contains an underground lake which you can walk on via the floating walkway. All around you stalagmites and stalactites are shooting out everywhere, making some interesting formations. Right next door to this cave is Fantasy cave, which is cool but not as impressive as Crystal cave.

The Dawn docked at the Naval Dockyard at the West End of Bermuda. Since the West End is far from everything else, you'd think this would be a problem, but it's not. The public transportation system in Bermuda is excellent. There are frequent buses (to many stops), as well as ferries to the main port towns of Hamilton (capital) and St. George.

Overall, Bermuda is an awesome place to visit and the Norwegian Dawn is a great way to see it by. When you or your parents are planning your next cruise, remember NCL's slogan "You're free to do whatever!"

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