Teens' Post-Cruise Blues

| January 5, 2005
CruiseMates Teen Editor

The week is over, and I can't even begin to describe the depressing feeling of walking down the gangway at the end of a cruise. Those can be the longest 10 steps of the week!

All the things you did, and the people you met, over the course of your one-week cruise are nothing but memories -- all off to go their own ways, while back on board the crew gets ready for a whole new week and a new load of passengers.

Now you have to go home, cook your own food, drive yourself to your friends' houses, make your own bed, and do everything that you had other people doing for you while you were on the cruise. The feeling is awful...

However, the hardest part for me is saying good-bye to a place that has literally been my home for the past week. You tend not to think about the end of your cruise until the last day of it finally dawns, and by then it's all over.

Most people probably think that this seems weird, but after your cruise nothing seems right. We call this "Post Cruise Depression." But I have come up with a few remedies for this "epidemic" that strikes teens across the world every weekend:

  1. Keep in touch. That's the most important thing. Who knows, maybe that one night hook-up could one day become something more? Many of the people you meet on a cruise become your "best friends" for the week, and if you keep in touch after your return, you have a better chance of eventually meeting up with them again. Make sure you get everyone's screen names, and even make a separate e-mail address list for "cruise people." Like I said before, maybe you will once again meet up with some of these people; I have done this!
  2. I also recommend that you take lots of pictures of everything you do, no matter how random it might have been at the time -- because at some time in the future you will be glad you did. When you are on your way home in the airplane or car, you can check them out and laugh at all the crazy things you did.

After you are done looking at all those pictures, and are sitting at your computer waiting for everyone from your cruise group to sign on, you probably are feeling even worse. Because now its 6:15, and back on the ship, early-seating dinner is just starting. But that's not the worst: Wait until 11 p.m. -- that's when the club opened. But that's all over for you -- now you are going to sleep at 11 p.m. because you have school tomorrow.

I have been there and felt all this, and it's worse then the feeling you get on the last day of summer. The only remedy for this is... well, book another cruise...

Just keep a few things in mind: Booking another cruise after you just experienced an awesome one is a little different. I wouldn't suggest booking the same ship or route again; this will bring up too many memories, like where you all got it down on the dance floor last summer with your "old" friends... well, lets just say it wouldn't feel the same. Being on the same ship again doesn't mean that you are going to have a vacation as good as or better than the last one, because you will spend too much time thinking about what you had done before.

Try out new destinations and different cruise lines. Don't do the eastern Caribbean again; try the west, or Alaska, or Europe. Different destinations have different ports and ships, and that will give you a new and maybe even better cruise experience. Hope to see you all back on the seas again sometime soon!


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