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| Friday, 01 Nov 2013

Welcome to CruiseMates' Teem Area

CruiseMates.com is here for all types of cruisers, to meet online and onboard. We are dedicated to offering detailed information about your cruise experience before you actually take it, and want you to share your experience afterwards. 

One benefit of our user-friendly website is to meet people in advance who will be sailing on your cruise. Getting to know someone before you leave is good for teens who may be nervous about meeting people on board; it guarantees you "know" someone on the ship already! You can talk online beforehand and set up a meeting place once onboard.

Probably the most popular section for teens is our teen message boards - especially the discussion of past cruises. Although cruises leave every weekend, with thousands of guests, every cruise experience is different. Lots of teens really enjoy their vacation and do crazy and entertaining things, and this is the site to share them. According to recent posts on the teen boards, the average top 10 things teens look forwards to on a cruise are:

  1. Meeting new people
  2. The food
  3. Elevators
  4. The islands
  5. Teen nightclubs
  6. Late nights
  7. Shows
  8. Service
  9. The ocean
  10. Free ice cream

Other things teens want to know about the ports of call, formal nights, the crew and parties. The message boards are a good way to get acquainted with other teens and share past cruise experience.

Not only are our boards cruiser friendly, but CruiseMates.com is a good place to chat about everyday teen activities. These topics, cruise related or not, make this teen message board a good place to visit. You can share interests such as music, sports and jobs all in one place.

Also - below are many articles written by our resident teens in the past, some are new and some are older, but all are fun and interesting. CruiseMates.com is your one-stop website for cruising and teen discussion. We want you to leave for your cruise experience excited and prepared. Hope to see you around the boards sometime soon.

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