Top 5 Things to Do on a Ship

According to Kuki the Barbarian *

We all know that a cruise ship offers hundreds of things to do. Here I list, in my opinion, the top five. Choosing was not an easy task (actually, it was), and I hope that this list will give you a better understanding about the things available.

5. Lazing One of the greatest things about cruising is that you have all the time you want to do whatever you want. Knowing this puts your mind very at ease, so what could be better than putting your body at ease, as well?

4. Exploring The sizes of some of these new ships is almost ridiculous, and the fact that you're free to roam about it is a very nice feeling, so, to take advantage of that, it is nice to explore it and see all there is to see. Sometimes, I like to take the video camera and make a video tour. I find that very fun.

3. The Shows The evening shows are a great source of entertainment. I especially enjoy the comedians and magicians. The shows are like going to a theater every night, only better because it's live. Even though I may not get all the jokes, it's still a great experience.

2. Swimming Spending a day in the pool has become a constant thing for me. It is a display of the freedom of a cruise ship and knowing that there's nothing better to do than have fun, and that's a wonderful thing.

And, the number one thing to do on a cruise (according to me) is....

1. The Arcade Every kid knows that there's nothing better than spending a constant stream of your parents' money. There is nothing like continually feeding cash into a machine for three laps in an exotic car, or snowboarding down a mountain with all the comforts of home. Truly time-wasting and money-consuming, this is the mother off all activities, and doing it all day just enhances the experience.

* "Kuki The Barbarian" is the alias of Jon Blitt of Calgary, Alberta.

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