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Top Five Boredom Busters for Teens

by Lauren Johnson

Ok, I'm sure that you probably don't want
at the disco
At the Disco
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to hear the words "bored" and "cruise" in the same sentence, but it has been known to happen. Just in case you've done everything on the ship 5 times and you need a change of pace, here are my own personal top 5 boredom busters!

HIDE & SEEK: Yeah, I know, this is a game for kids! It can be a lot of fun though, no matter how old you are. This is a great game to play, near the end of your trip (when you know the ship inside and out) or the beginning (when you have no clue on where to go or what to do, I think it helps you get familiar with the ship). If you partner up with someone you don't know very well, this is a great way get to know them. Switching partners every time also gives you the opportunity to get to know more and more people.

QUALITY TIME: I'm guessing it's your parents that are taking you on your cruise. When I get really bored and can't think of one single thing to do, sometimes I'll just go and hang out with my parents for a little while. It may not be the coolest thing to be doing, but my parents aren't too bad every once in a while! I think they appreciate it a lot when I spend time with them because I want to and don't have to. (Besides, if you're really nice, they'll probably take you along on the next cruise too!)

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PROM: This can end up being really fun! Instead of putting on our regular
at the prom
At the Prom
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clothes and dancing the night away at the disco, all of the girls put on our fanciest dresses and styled our hair. It might be kinda hard to convince the guys to dress up but it's possible. Just lay the charm on thick girls! If it's not a formal night, people might look at you kinda funny (which is funny!). If you are really into this idea, you can vote for Prom King & Queen. Most DJ's will announce it if you ask them really nicely! I thought this was really fun.

GET INVOLVED!: If you look at the daily programs that most cruise ships give out, there are always tons of activities going on around the ship. Some sound like only old people will be there, or super strange, or just like something you could never do. But who knows? If you try something new, you might actually be good at it and like it! There are always a lot of new opportunities, from tai-bo to the tango, cosmetic clinics to card games.

TRUTH OR DARE: Maybe it's just personal preference, but I LOVE this game!! You can learn some really juicy stuff from people from their Truth's, and Dare's... well, dares are dares!! Be careful though... on my last cruise we almost got security called on us while doing a Ding-Dong-Ditch dare!

These are my top five boredom busters, hopefully you'll try some of them and have fun!!

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