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If you have never been on a cruise before you are in for the experience of your life. Cruising is really cool because you don't have to hang out with your parents. They know where you are, you're somewhere on the ship! You get a chance to meet new people and hang out with them for the whole trip, and do really cool stuff like swimming, going to beaches, hanging out in the disco and stuff like that.

The best cruises for teens are on the bigger ships, especially in the Caribbean because they have more people and usually a lot more young people. The Carnival Destiny has an awesome disco, and the Celebrity Galaxy has a separate disco just for us. On Princess cruises the shore excursions are outstanding, and at night they have "coketail" parties. Some ships have separate coffee bars just for teens, and there is stuff for you to do all day long.

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And best of all... CruiseMates makes it possible for you to meet the people you will hanging out with before you get on board. You can use Cruisemate Match to find out who's cruising with you and even post your picture. Check it out! CruiseMates also has message boards for teens, you'll find them right on this page. And there is a teen chatroom in CruiseMates, too.

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