Epic Possibilities

| By Alex Gaynor

Norwegian Epic, the new mega-ship from NCL coming summer 2010, presents epic possibilities for onboard fun.

Setting sail in July of 2010, the Norwegian Epic is truly a revolutionary ship for Norwegian Cruise Lines. Recently there has been a lot of talk about the Epic and all the exciting new features onboard. Here are some frequently asked questions, and answers, to satiate your thirst for Epic news and what to expect as a teenager on the ship.

Q: What sort of entertainment will there be onboard?

A: NCL is "re-inventing" cruise ship entertainment by inviting the popular Blue Man Group onboard the Epic. Blue Man Group (characterized by their blue painted faces) is a theatrical group that uses comedy, music, and multimedia to produce thrilling and unforgettable shows that appeal to all age groups.

Another ground-breaking entertainment venue at sea is the Epic's Spiegel Tent. Believe it or not, the Spiegel Tent houses the first circus at sea. The tent is the ultimate form of dinner theater where diners will watch the acclaimed Cirque Dreams while enjoying a meal. And the coolest part about the Spiegel Tent? It's interactive! Not only do the acrobats fly on trapezes, they also act as waiters and waitresses.

On my most recent NCL cruise, I was fortunate enough to attend one of the shows by the famed improvisational comedy group The Second City. If your parents are looking to "spend some quality time" with you, skip the awkward dinners and head to the comedy club. Seriously, these guys are hilarious! Select shows even involve the audience, so you could easily find yourself in the middle of a comical situation. It's a good thing that taping is not allowed or else you might be the topic of a YouTube video!

Q: Is there really going to be an "Aqua Park" on the ship?

A: Yes, there will be an Aqua Park onboard. Some ships only have a small boring pool. But the Epic will have two pools, as well as three thrilling water slides. Trust me, these aren't your average cruise ship "waterslides". The Epic Plunge is the largest bowl slide at sea and the two other slides zip you out over the ocean before spitting you down into the splash zone.

Q: What about the sports options on the Epic?

A: The Epic will surely have a lot to offer in terms of sports; two levels to be exact. There will be your typical batting cages and basketball court as well more unique venues such as: volleyball courts, soccer "fields", dodge ball courts, and hockey rinks. The newcomer to the group is the Spider Web-which is a 24-foot-high climbing cage. I've never seen anything like this before but I would certainly try it out. Also, there will be a rock-climbing wall, along with the first ever rappelling wall at sea. What a rush!

Q: What about the other activities for teens offered onboard?

A: On some of their newer ships, NCL has included a bowling alley. On the Epic, there will be six bowling lanes in two different locations (that way, as many people as possible can bowl). Another cool feature is the two-story Wii screen. I know my younger brother would be in his glory there.

Last, but not least�.the Teen Room. Entourage is the teen area for 13-17 year olds where, by day, teens can partake in the typical teen room activities. But at night, Entourage transforms into a "hip nightclub" with a light-up dance floor and everything else you'd find in the characteristic teen room.

When I first heard about the Epic and saw the pictures, I wasn't really sure if I liked it or not. But after finding out all of this information about the remarkable new features I can't wait to get on it!

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