Ship Fun!

FUN!There's like one in a million chances of the ship sinking. So don't think about it. What you should think about is that on a ship, breakfast, lunch and dinner are free. You can order a whole menu if you want to. And there's a lot of other neat stuff to do too. Remember this, cruises are fun!

Best Ships... The cruise that I found was the best for kids has to be the Disney Magic. There are Disney-related games and shows and Disney has a really great private island where you can go snorkeling or sit on a floating Lazy Boy lounge chair.

But if you like games and winning prizes, or just sitting back and doing nothing, then I recommend the Carnival Fantasy.

If you want to meet sports stars, then you should try Norwegian Cruise Line. I did one of their basketball cruises and it was really cool. I got to meet a bunch of stars and get their autographs and even got a few pointers on the court.

If you like to learn about history, I recommend the QE2. It's an old ship and lots of famous people have sailed on it. It's got an indoor pool, and there's shuffleboard on the top deck. Remember, cruises are fun!

What to Do... One thing I really like to do is sit on the deck, enjoy the scene, and pig out on the free food. But most people like watching the TVs in the cabins, going to the movie theaters (sometimes there's even free popcorn) or the live shows. You can also play some games like basketball or go swimming. You can do what ever you like on cruises. Remember this, cruises are fun!

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