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Summary: The most successful cruise line in history. Don't be misled, a high-quality cruise experience perfect for families and young couples, Fantastic value. the FUN ships, but not "party boats."


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Regions:Caribbean Eastern, Caribbean Western, Caribbean

Good for: First-time Cruisers. Families. Singles.

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Good for: Families. Singles. Seniors.

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Good for: Teens. First-time Cruisers. Families.

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Regions:Caribbean Eastern, Caribbean Western

Good for: Singles. Teens. Families.

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Regions:Caribbean Eastern, Caribbean Western

Good for: Singles. Families. Group.

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Regions:Bahamas, Caribbean Eastern

Good for: Overall Service. Seniors. Families.

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Good for: Group. Families. Foodies.

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Good for: Families. Children`s Programs. Singles.

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Good for: Overall Service. Value for Money. Families.

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Good for: Singles. First-time Cruisers. Overall Service.

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Regions:Bahamas, Caribbean

Good for: Families. Value for Money. Singles.

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Good for: First-time Cruisers. Families. Group.

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Good for: Families. Group. Singles.

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Good for: Value for Money. Overall Service. Children`s Programs.

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Good for: Families. Singles. Overall Service.

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Regions: Bahamas, Caribbean, Canada/New England, Cruise To Nowhere

Good for: Families. Teens. Children`s Programs.

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Regions:Mexico, Caribbean Eastern, Hawaii

Good for: Families. Overall Service. Value for Money.

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Regions:Bahamas, Caribbean Eastern

Good for: Singles. Group. First-time Cruisers.

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Good for: First-time Cruisers. Families. Seniors.

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Good for: Families. Group. Luxury Travelers.

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Regions:Bahamas, Caribbean

Good for: Group. Singles. First-time Cruisers.

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Regions:Bahamas, Caribbean

Good for: Families. Singles. Value for Money.

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Regions:Bahamas, Caribbean, Mexico, Panama Canal

Good for: Singles. Families. Value for Money.

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Good for: Families. Seniors. Children`s Programs.

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Disappointing Dream
Publication Date: February 11, 2014

Although our overall experience with the Dream in Feb. 2014 was mostly favorable, there were 2 major problems that marred our 7-day cruise of the western Caribbean. One was the captain's decision to bypass Mahogany Bay in Honduras in favor of docking at Port of Roaton further south. This meant a $20 taxi ride to get to the beach. The captain said it was too windy to pull in alongside another Carnival ship already in port. It did not seem particularly windy to us passengers.


The other problem was that my partner, who booked the cruise directly with Carnival, asked specifically for dining room seat with or near 16 other relatives and friends in our group. The others all were clustered together, while we were put into another dining room altogether. The maitre did manage to switch us to a closer table a night later, but it still was a major disappointment.


Some other aspects of the cruise were below the level we experienced on 3 previous Carnival cruises, particularly in dining room food. We also disliked the smoke odor that permeated the casino and nearby areas. Our balcony enjoyment was marred a

couple of times by smoke wafting up from the deck below.


I'm an early-morning walker but one stroll on Deck 5 at 6 a.m. was downright dangerous when I found the prow of the ship plunged in darkness. (The sides and aft areas were well-lit). A fellow walker had a flashlight which helped us fumble our way to safety. Theater shows were mostly excellent, but daytime entertainment seemed a little lame (mostly trivia games).


Nothing in the way of educational activities. My partner became sick the last 3 days with a flu-like illness, and Alex, one of the activities staffer,s was kind enough to summon a wheelchair for us and speed us around the lines. This was in contrast to a young woman who berated us for sitting illegally on a lobby couch when my partner became too weak to stand.

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Love this ship!
Publication Date: February 4, 2014

Just returned yesterday from a 4 night cruise with a port stop at Cozumel. The crew on this ship are awesome! So friendly and efficient in what they are doing and seemed to really appreciate it when we took the time to talk with them about "home". The food was very good and plenty of it! The stage shows were absolutely wonderful! The costumes were beautiful and the performers talent was top-notch! There were plenty of activities going on constantly, especially the Super Bowl party! The ship was extremely clean, crew members were constantly busy doing something to make the ship look nice. A very nice cruise, one of the best we've ever had!

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Never again will we sail on Carnival
Publication Date: January 28, 2014

Never again will we sail on Carnival.

Sail date, yesterday 1-27-14. After booking a hotel the night before, and traveling to the docks, we learned that Carnival had cancelled our reservations. They said e-mails were sent, but we didn't receive any. Come to find out, they had the wrong e-mail address. Also, in the days leading up to the cruise, the Carnival web site said "welcome, 14 days til cruise", 12 days to cruise, 9 days til cruise, etc.. It was counting down the days til our cruise. It gave no indication to us that our cruise had been cancelled.

The lady at customer relations said that it was "impossible" to not get e-mails, and it was "impossible" for the web site to count down the days if there was a cancellation. But it did happen that way. She basically called me a liar, and offered no compensation, future discounts or anything. Not only that, our deposit, and cancellation insurance was forfeited.

Never again will we sail on Carnival.

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The worst vacation ever
Publication Date: December 29, 2013

Well It all started with the rude service we started as we checked in and recieved our sign and sail card the lady behind the counter was snotty and rude ! We blew it off and was just excited to get on the boat and start our vacation .

We get to our room and we noticed it was warm we just thought it was cause we were in port still. Nope that was not the cause the next day our room was at least 80 deg we notified customer service olny to be met with the most rudest service from a lady from the Ucrain she actually made my wife cry . I waited in our room for 4 1/2 hrs before notifing the room steward that the air tech still had not showed up to fix our a/c .

And we also complained about our whole floor smelling like raw sewage the whole trip and we were only met with more rudeness from customer service. We sat up on the Lido deck and talked to some of the other passengers and they asked how our cruise was

going and we told them and they said which room are you in?

Oh honey they said there was a Murder in that room .

Room number R24 on the Riveria Deck that is really your room and we said yes and actually had to show some of them that customer service never told us about it gave us an option to move and when we informed them of no a/c the rudest service we have ever experienced and now the murder in our room could they please move us and we were only met with a big NO NO NO !!!!!!

Then we went to dinner that night and we had sea food and my wife hade shrimp and shortly after dinner she said honey I dont feel so good and went to the rest room and proceeded to vomit and say I think I have food poisining she was sick for two days from that. The food was so bad on the boad we couldnt wait to get to port so we could eat starving pigs wouldnt eat the swill that was served on this boat we were so disapointed.

What a waist of time and money we will never cruise Carnival after this experience with them ! I have Cruised with Carnival 6 other times and they were all great but this was my new wifes first experience with cruising and she never wants to get on another cruise from the rude servive to the homosexuall DJs and staff pushing it off on you and the lesbiean servers that were hitting on my wife it was whorable.

So we complained on how we were treated and they said here is 15% of on your next Cruise with the Carnival Fun Family …… WE WILL NEVER EVER SEPND ANOTHER VACATION ON A CARNIVAL CRUSE WHAT A WAISTE OF MONEY I SHOULD HAVE STAYED HOME AND THREY THE MONEY OUT THE WINDOW !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Publication Date: December 17, 2013

The Sunshine was a beautiful ship. It seemed brand new and not renovated. All the FunShip 2.0 enhancements are great improvements to older ships.

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Publication Date: February 9, 2014

This is a beautiful ship with lots to do. I am 22 years old and was never bored morning day or night. Theres lots to do its easy to navigate around and the crew is absolutely amazing. I couldn't have asked for more.

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Best Vacation Ever
Publication Date: January 13, 2014

I just went on a 7 day cruise through the Eastern Caribbean with my family as well as 5 others families we know, and I think that we could all agree that it was one of the best vacations ever!


The food on the ship was delicious!! We didn't eat anywhere where you had to pay more for, however. Guy's burgers are definitely worth trying, the burgers were messy but some of the best I have ever tasted!! I never got to try the tacos but other people from our group tried them and loved them! The breakfast buffet was very good and had something for everyone! Eating in the dining room was always a pleasure. They have some very different foods on the menu that you can try, and most of them I would recommend trying! If you try something and don't like it, they will give you a new meal!


We were supposed to go to Grand Caymen, however the weather did not allow us to.

Cozumel- Here we went swimming with the dolphins on a resort! Before swimming we were given a short tour and mini history lesson, which

was fun even for the younger kids! The weather was not wonderful when we were there however the experience was still outstanding! As we got ready to swim with the dolphins we were given a short lesson on the appropriate commands you could use on the dolphin then we were given life jackets and we headed out to the water. The dolphins were very nice an easy to work with!

Belize- Here we made the mistake of taking the wrong tour! It was 3 hours long and cost us $100!!! We were only taken through the crappy part of the island and the guide was very quiet and boring! Most of us actually fell asleep on the tour! If you go to Belize I would recommend signing up for an excursion through carnival!

Roatan- The boys in the family went zip lining and had a blast! They even ended up getting to go to the beach for free when I should have cost another $40 per person! Us girls got off the ship and right down the bridge was an area with a bunch of shops! We spent a couple hours there! It was a nice area and the prices were reasonable! We are already talking about taking a vacation back for a week next year!!!


The cabins are small and we had to have to desperate cabins for a family of 5. It was cheaper to get the two small cabins and we didn't spend much time in there anyway!! The stewards are so nice just like every other worker on the ship! Our room was cleaned twice each day! Once in the morning, where they would clean the bathroom, vacuum, and make the beds, as well as once at night, where they would turn down the beds, leave a towel animal, and reclean anything that needed it. Our cabin was on deck 2(one deck below the lobby). The boys cabin was in the middle of the ship and our cabin was way in the back. It was a long walk all the way back to our cabin but with all of the food we ate it was probably a good thing!


I didn't get to see any of the comedians but from what I heard, I didn't miss out on much!!

I saw every one of the playlist production shows and they were all amazing! I thing my favorite was either motor city or divas, however everyone of the shows had wonderful singing and dancing!!

David Lazarus was a solo act and sang in the lobby as well as on the lido deck! I loved listening to him! I went to everyone of his shows that I could! I also bought his cd at the end of the week! Not only was he an amazing singer, but he was also great to look at and very sweet!!

The kid clubs were fun for all of the kids! Circle C (12-14) was a lot of fun! The kids could just go there to play woo and hang out! Because of the age, they were allowed to come and go as they pleased! The club for the younger kids was also very fun however they are not allowed to leave whenever they want to. They have to have someone sign them out. I wish you could sign something saying that your kid can leave whenever they want!

There were plenty of places for the adults to hang out and grab a drink! I think my favorite hangout place was the piano bar on deck 5! It was fun for the teenagers on the group as well as the adults! There is a guy who sits at a piano singing and playing the piano. Then around him is a bar where you can sit and play instruments (maracas, cowbell, etc.) then there were couches and tables around the room! You could request songs for the guy to play and even go up and sing with him! There was also a small area for dancing!!

This was my favorite vacation so far an I was definitely not ready to leave!!

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Great ship only a few issues to mention
Publication Date: December 13, 2013

Only a few issues to mention.

I am not one to complain and have loved cruising on Carnival since 1977 on the Mardi Gras. 30 plus cruises on Carnival. Diamond cruiser for the last year on Carnival.

We were on the Empress deck on the Carnival Freedom, a Balcony cabintoo close to the back of the ship by the elevators. The room never got cool and the air conditioner just was not able to cool that area of the ship. Our friends across the hall on the inside also had the same issue. Normally my wife is complaining that i like it too cold when we go to bed. we were both sleeping on the bed with no covers and were hot.

Called maintenance and they said there was nothing they could do. Not a good area to book if your going on theFreedom and like it cool. I had to get some budget work done for work and the internet connection was so slow it was unbeliveable they could charge for this service. Carnival you might want to make the white cards with diamond shapes on the card. you might

also want to give your diamond passengers unlimited internet access. You can keep the chocolate covered strawberrys and little gifts and laundry service. Give the passengers what they could really use and need.

just my opinion from Chris Reynolds folio number 7887 freedom sailing 11/16/13. looking forward to the Glory 3/2/2014

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Carnival Splendor Dec 2013
Publication Date: December 12, 2013

We sailed on the Carnival Splendor from Dec 3-11, 2013 (NYC to Port Canaveral, Nassau) - see our ship ratings below

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Carnival Dream ~ November 30, 2013 ~ December 7, 2013
Publication Date: December 10, 2013

Carnival Dream ~ November 30, 2013 ~ December 7, 2013

Overall I thought the ship was beautiful with lots pleasant spaces. When I passed the Page Turner Library I actually wondered who Page Turner was.....until it dawned on me. I loved the chandeliers in the dining rooms but I thought all those single red light fixtures were a bit of overkill. I found myself singing "Red Solo Cup" all week. Even though they made it bigger I think they added too many people to the larger space. I think a capacity of about 500 less would have made it feel less crowded. Never in all of my cruises have I ever waited in line for meals for so long. I did like the idea that they added a barbeque on deck 5 for lunch time. I imagine it took some of the pressure off the dining rooms and the lido offerings.


I tried the Mongolian Wok and loved it even though the wait time was about 20 minutes because they cook it right there for you. My only regret was that I did not take enough. They had 3 different sauces

and I asked which one was the least hot. I took that and I was sure I had third degree burns in my mouth. Very tasty even though it packed some heat.

Of course I got to the Deli for a Pastrami sandwich. I have not found pastrami here in Florida so I enjoyed that very much.

Pizza was good too as usual and I enjoyed 2 slices one day.

I went through the buffet line on Italian day and the Veal Parmesan was to die for. Every day the offerings on lido looked excellent. I checked them out every day even when I was eating in the dining room.

Desserts, What can I say but Oh MY God they were good. My blood sugar level has finally started to come back to normal.

The Punchliner Brunch fell short of my expectations. I would rather have had the normal breakfast and lunch offerings.

At breakfast I was disappointed in my former favorite, Eggs Benedict. The Hollandaise sauce was not hot and as a result was congealed when it was served. I think some changes in the breakfast menu overall are overdue.

Lobster night was a disappointment to me. First it was the only night the wait staff seemed to be out of step and wait time was longer than usual. When I finally got my long awaited lobster it was rubbery for a girl from New England this was disappointing.

Food over all was mostly very good to excellent.

I was assigned the forward Crimson dining for "Your time Dining" I was dismayed at this because my room was nearly all the way aft. My legs are not as good as they once were. I asked to be changed to the Scarlett Dining Room but it was for fixed seating which I did not want and all that was left was late dining. I like "YTD" because it affords me the chance to meet more people. Imaging my surprise when some people at my table said they were from Bristol NH. A town where I spent a good portion of my life from 1953. How nice to meet someone from home. Jack if you are reading this they owned Mocha Cottages, up near the old Pasquaney inn, Now known as "The Inn On Newfound Lake"

Service was mostly excellent and I liked that they always knew our names and addressed us by name.

My cabin was a bit larger than I remembered and had 2 bathrooms. One with a small vanity and a tub with a shower. The other was a standard vanity, toilet and shower. I had 4 closets and not enough clothes to fill them I also had 5 drawers. The safe was operated with a pin number rather than the old credit card system. I liked the pin system much better.

My cabin steward was outstanding. He came and introduced himself the first day and he addressed me by name all the time. My room was always nice and neat. Hard for anyone to keep up with messy Laura but he managed very well.

I slept so well on this cruise I hated to come home to the terrorists upstairs.

I did not see much of the entertainment. The show lounge was so far from my cabin. I did manage to see the Marriage Game which is always amusing. I always find it a bit sad too as I keep remembering the times I watched Ray and Helen in the game.

I only got off the ship at St Thomas and went walking in Havensight. I saw many things I wanted to buy but I restrained myself. It was showery off and on all day so I started my walk back earlier than I planned. I was glad I did as later the heavens opened up and poured. I got on an elevator full of soaked people that had just come in. St Thomas had grown quite a bit in the last 20 years. I am not so sure progress is always good.

One thing that took me by surprise was seeing the Kon Tiki tour. I took that tour on my first cruise in 1983. I was surprised it was still operating. I managed to be on deck when it returned and docked on the main pier right near our ship. As I listened to the people coming off that boat I realized they still served the infamous rum punch. Everyone seemed happy :roll:

Except for the size of the ship being more than I can handle physically I really enjoyed this cruise and can't wait to go again. I did not even mind that my efforts in the casino did not make me "rich" I spent the money to have fun and that is exactly what I did.

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