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Year Started: 1854
Ships in Fleet: 11
Category: Mainstream

Summary: A Europe-based mainstream cruise line owned by Carnival. Ships are structurally identical to Carnival. Recommended for European cruisers who do not speak English - good for bargains in the Caribbean.


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Regions:Western Mediterranean, Middle East, Scandinavia/Northern Europe, South America, Transatlantic

Good for: Group. First-time Cruisers. Families.

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Regions:Eastern Caribbean, Mediterranean, Western Mediterranean, Transatlantic

Good for: Children`s Programs. Group. Families.

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Regions:Indian Ocean, Mediterranean, Western Mediterranean, Scandinavia/Northern Europe

Good for: Value for Money. Children`s Programs. First-time Cruisers.

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Regions:Middle East, The Orient

Good for: Group. Singles. First-time Cruisers.

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Regions:Mediterranean, Western Mediterranean, Middle East

Good for: Group. First-time Cruisers. Families.

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Regions:Mediterranean, Western Mediterranean, World

Good for: Group. Singles. First-time Cruisers.

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Regions:Mediterranean, South America, Transatlantic

Good for: Group. First-time Cruisers. Families.

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Regions:Western Mediterranean, South America, Transatlantic

Good for: Group. First-time Cruisers. Families.

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Regions:Eastern Caribbean, Mediterranean, Western Mediterranean, Transatlantic

Good for: Children`s Programs. Singles. Families.

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Regions:Mediterranean, Western Mediterranean, Scandinavia/Northern Europe

Good for: Group. Families.

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Regions:The Orient

Good for: Group. Singles. Families.

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Western Mediterranean
Publication Date: August 21, 2005

Let me first start by telling everyone that is planning this trip =>> Make sure that your connecting flights from US to Savona or any other connecting city is at least a few hours apart. Mine was only 35 min and I missed it because we spent 45 min on the runway in New York's JFK airport due to traffic.

Please take a small carry on with all the necessary toiletries and 2-3 days worth of underwear/clothing change in case they lose your luggage. Mine was lost due the AlItalia's negligence and I did not get it until Barcelona (6 days later). The lost luggage assistance is very poor (no proper tel numbers or contacts on board or on land) and there is nothing to buy on board to help.

Costa Cruises do not offer anything except for a small survival kit (toothpaste, toothbrush and shampoo). Laundry is free, but what do you wear while they are washing it?

The Carnival corp. has purchased Costa Cruises and you can feel it right away. The food is very average and the service is just ok.

The Costa Fortuna ship itself is big and

nice, however the d├ęcor is dizzying. Typical of Carnival's luck of taste and limit.

The cabin #9205 (suites class S) on the 9th deck is very nice, and not expensive if 3 people are sharing it. It is spacious and very clean.

Early sitting dinner starts at 7-7:30PM and does not end till 9PM. Late sitting dinner is too late starts at 9:30PM.

The crowd is mostly middle class Italians, French and Spanish, only a few Americans. Everyone pushes into elevators and there is no consideration for space or people. Very strange behaviors regarding other passengers, children are everywhere, even if it's specified that it be for adults only.

Smoking is allowed everywhere except for the theater. There are non-smoking sections, but the air-conditioning is not working at all and it is very hot and stuffy everywhere.

The cruises excursions are nice and worth the money, not the dinner and show, but the history and the city's sight seeing tours.

The nightly shows are very primitive and uninteresting.

The music in all lounges is very nice and there is lots of dancing going on everywhere.

I do not recommend any Carnival cruises here in USA or Europe, very poor standards even for the money.

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Eastern Mediterranean
Publication Date: July 17, 2005

There were 17 of us going on this cruise as part of a family reunion. Our group included several parties of 2, a single, and 2 families of 4. Overall, I'd say our experience was very good (less so for the 2 families).

The cabins were much larger than I had expected based on my 1 previous cruise. The cabins set up for the families of 4 were much, much larger than those on our previous cruise. Unfortunately, the particular cabins our 2 families had were situated on deck 2 in the middle of the ship, directly under the ship's kitchen. This meant that the families were awoken between 3am and 4am every morning by loud banging and other noises. The noises rarely subsided before 7am. Complaining to ship's services didn't help. By day 3 they were able to sleep through all but the worst of the noise, due to extreme fatigue. There are other 4-person cabins available. Avoid deck 2, center of the ship.

We all enjoyed the dinners in Smerelda. Our American bellies couldn't have handled waiting until 8:45 for dinner. We had the 7:15 seating. The waiters for our

two tables seemed a bit overworked with since they also had 3 other tables to serve. We really liked that we could eat at those exact same tables with the exact same waiters at breakfast and lunch as well.

The picky eaters had some problems finding food they liked. The 2nd day during lunch we asked if fettuchini alfredo (aka fancy macoroni and cheese) could be offered to them. The pickiest eaters ended up having that every lunch and dinner for the rest of the cruise, even though it was never offered on the menu. Just because they don't offer it, doesn't mean they won't make it for you.

I wouldn't suggest ordering anything from the "standard" menu. Order from the "Chef's Recommendations" menu. As our waiter said: "if you don't like it, I'll take it back and get you something else!" There were a few unusual items, but all were good. I did miss chicken by the end of the cruise. The meals were very beef/fish oriented, the fish generally being the better choice. The cream soups were wonderful, but skip the cucumber one.

Desserts were OK. Few chocolate offerings, but the chocolate gelato was heavenly. If offered, always order the fresh fruit (in addition to whatever "naughty" dessert you want). All of the fruit was 'the best fruit I've ever had', excluding the canned pineapple rings at breakfast. Hint: fresh pineapple could be found in the fruit cocktail. Beware of seeds in the grapes!

Entertainment: The "local acts" were good, but the shows put on by the ship's crew were laughable (although several adult members of my family thought all were quite good). The one standout was the show put on the night we left Sicily. Where were these people the rest of the time?! They were good!!

We only took 1 guided tour: in Tunis. I would recommend that. It was rushed, but I think we wouldn't have escaped the souk to see anything else, if we had gone on our own.

The Savona, Barcelona, Malta, and Palermo stops were all about 2 hours too short. We could have used another 4 hours in Palma. Malta was my favorite, with Barcelona and Savona tied for 2nd. In all 3, you could easily walk off the ship and wander the city on your own (you needed a city bus to safely leave the pier in Barcelona).

Be prepared to have people cut in front of you in line, getting on and off the ship. With 17 of us, we could fan out and block the sides of the line from cutters. When there were only a few of us, we learned to use elbows to good measure.

We had 2 days in Rome before our cruise, but spent most of that time recovering from jet lag. So we were glad we still had 3 days in Rome after the cruise.

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Eastern Mediterranean
Publication Date: June 10, 2005

The ship was excellent and the crew on cabin duties,table duties etc. were good. There was only 6 Brits on board the rest were made up of Italian, Spanish, French, German etc.The noise was terrific as they all had large families that took over the 3 pools the jacuzzis, they were in the casino under the legal age. They ran up and down the corridor yelling till 4a.m in the a.m.with their parents shouting after them!

In the complaint we have put in to the travel company we described it as a Blackpool cruise for families. We have been on numerous cruises but this is the first where passengers embarked and disembarked at every stop.

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Eastern Caribbean
Publication Date: March 27, 2005

7 Day/Night Eastern Caribbean

The vacation was great, the cruise was fine. The fact that we departed from La Romana, Dominican Republic, allowed us to stay for a second all-inclusive week there. This was the reason we took Costa in the first place. Cruises departing in the Caribbean are difficult to find.

For our first cruise, we expected a lot. Costa came up a bit short but did manage to turn us on to cruising. The ship was nice but somewhat plain in appearance. We expected what we had seen in all of the cruise ship magazines but it was not like this at all. The modern decor was nice but simple.

The food was very good; however, it got a a bit repetative on the buffet by mid week. These Italians certainly knew how to make great pasta and seafood dishes. All meals were truly enjoyed. The sevice was good with the exception of our seating request not being followed. Instead of the requested table for four, we received a table for 12 without any English speaking guests at it. This made it difficult (rather impossible) to have dinner conversation. Within a

couple of days, we were reseated as requested. Second seating was very late. We expected 8:00 pm and it was 9:15 pm. This meant we usually had food in front of us by 10:00 pm or later and were not finished until 11:00 pm or later. Lesson learned...Try to get flexible dining option on the next cruise. After all who wants to go to a midnight buffet (and it was beautiful) after you just finished dinner?

The shows were good although we didn't attend many due to the late dinners. Bingo was fun, but at 20 euros for one card it seemed a little silly. I think they could come up with more than one game. The service on the ship was excellent and our room steward looked after everything we needed. He even dropped off a bottle of champagne when he knew one of our party was celebrating a birthday that day. The casino was nice and not very busy. (We did well there and covered our week long bar bill entirely.)

All in all, it was a great vacation and we look forward to our next cruise. We're booked on the Coral Princess heading for the Panama Canal in April 2007

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Eastern Caribbean
Publication Date: March 5, 2005

Costa Cruises Costa Magica by Mario sebastiani Eastern Caribbean March 5, 2005

Arrival. We arrived at about 12 noon and were a little suprised to see a line up about 1000 feet long, slightly longer than the ship itself. Later found out it was because The Magica was at full sailing, 2900 passengers. We decided to make the best of it and took our place in line. We were on the ship with our luggage in front of our cabin door in about an hour. Talk about magic!

The Ship. As soon as we boarded I was impressed with the color selection as well as the general layout of the ship. The first colour that hits the eye is gold. Let me tell you it make for some good eye candy. The main floor on the ship is deck 5. The entire deck is a just one big promenade running from front to back with the Atrium in the middle reaching all the way to the top allowing the sun to shine in. The only confusion about the deck plans was that in order to get to the Costa Smerelda

dinning room one had to go all the way to the back of deck 5 and then go down to deck 3 in order to enter the dinning room. Why not have an entrance on deck 5 is beyond me!

The Buffet and Dining Room. Like so many other passengers as soon as we arrived we headed for the buffet and were pleasantly suprised. The 2 pool grills had the always available hamburgers, hotdogs, fries, salades and grilled veggies. The inside buffet had salades, steamed veggies, seafood salades, lasagna, filet of sole, beef stew,pizzas, breads,icecreams, salmon,chicken roastand countless other selections. Everything that was supposed to be hot was hot and everything that was supposed to be cold was cold. Dinning room fare we tried......filet mignion 10/10...beef wellington 9/10.....roast beef 10/10 it was so tender the butter knife was enough to cut right thru.....lobster tail 10/10 it was fresh cooked just right not rubbery at all.......seafood rice first time was 4/10 but second time was 8/10.....gniocchi 8/10....double duck consume......9/10 I liked it so much i had 2.

Entertainment. 2nd cruise with Max "CIAO" the cruise director and his wife Manuela. 2 great show with C'EST MAGIQUE being awesome. Manuela really kept evryone on their feet with the countless contests, dance lessons and never ending things to do.

Room. Nice and roomy comfortable and well thought out. Typical Carnival Legend, Valor, Liberty, The Med and Atlantica. ONly drawback was that the shower was very small.

In general very nice cruise, not to many chair hogs, not to many kids in the whirlpools. The thing that suprised me was that although this was a full ship I did not see to many line ups in the buffets or crowded pool areas. Toga night about 40% of the passengers were dressed in togas with many trying to have a wardrobe malfunction a la Janet Jackson. Saw many sexy body parts. This year the biggest difference was that the age difference was really big. Many young families with young children and many people with walkers wheelchairs and canes.The only thing that I wish they would change is that they should alot more space for the pools. Although the ship had 3 pools there really wasn't any one big pool. Can't wait till next year for another cruise.

Of all the Costa Cruises we took so far, in order of preference 1.Costa Atlantic 2.Costa Victoria 3.Costa Magica 4. Costa Med

A cruise is what you make of it and just go with the flow. TOGA! TOGA! TOGA!

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Eastern Caribbean
Publication Date: February 20, 2005

Cruising Italian Style is a unique and interesting one.

This is my third time on Costa so I feel real confident sailing with them.

Embarkation was organized for the most part; the set up is similar to an airport except everyone is getting on the same ship. Once I arrived on the ship the interior decoration immediately stood out, there is Italian art work and furniture everywhere, beautiful to the eye. The crew are very nice people that are always eager to help you. I stayed in a category 10 which is an ocean view with a balcony; it was very nice and spacious. The dining was exceptionally good; I enjoyed the different types of foods they had to offer.

I know when you think Italian Cruise Line you think of Italian food, but they did have other choices that cater to your American taste. I don't gamble too much but if I was a high roller the casino would be more than adequate for me, they had almost every game you could imagine. The ports of calls were your usual Eastern Caribbean ports. However, I did make the very best of

it by taking shore excursions and having a good time with my wife (we were celebrating our 15th wedding anniversary). To sum it up, our trip with Costa was exciting as always and I cannot wait until our next cruise this summer when we go to the Greek Islands on the Costa Victoria. I would recommend this cruise line any day; they provide you with a European style of cruising which is a wonderful way to get away from your typical American lifestyle.
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Eastern Mediterranean
Publication Date: July 24, 2005

My family and I recently went on a cruise for my parents' 40th anniversary. We chose Costa cruise lines as we were assured by our travel agent that they were very high end and also we chose them for the itinerary. Overall we rated the experience as being poor to awful for several reasons. The first reason being the food quality and preperation were terrible. For an Italian cruise line we assumed the pasta at least would be good but our Gnocchi appeared to be a frozen and not properly reheated version, all sauces were bland and watery, and the menu showed little imagination. Also, the service of the food was atrocious. The servers appeared to know little to nothing about proper table service or wine service. The butler was hard to locate most of the time and failed to bring several of the items we had ordered when dining in the room. We had purchased three of the grande suites aboard the ship which did not apparently entitle us to any special considerations or attentions. We weren't even afforded priority embarkations.

The accomodations were hardly impressive for suites. The size appeared

to be the only thing grande about them. The beds were little more than metal cots with thin matresses on them. I ended up taking many towels from the deck and padding my bed with them to attempt a good nights rest. I am a relatively young person who shouldn't have back problems from sleeping on a different bed than I am used to. The excursion descriptions were misleading and promised sights that were no longer in existance or not accesible. The service throughout the ship was as bad as the dining room service. There were times when I would stand at a bar watching three bartenders chit chat amongst themselves for many minutes before I finally had to reqest attention for a drink. At those times I was the only person at the bar. Not a particularly busy time where one could be overlooked. Also, the adult only pool had children in it at all times with no enforcement. When several people finally complained, the deck steward merely shrugged his shouleders and wondered off. Finally, one of the passengers rounded up a particularly loud group of teenagers and physically ushered them out of the area. Overall the lack of attention to detail is what ruined the excitement of the cruise for us. The tips are automatically included for all personell that work on board which led me to beleive that it was not necessary for any to go above and beyond mediocre service. There were only two servers on the ship that impressed us in any way and that was due to them taking the time to give us personal attention and remembering the little things like what our favorite drink was or making sure to read the room card and thank us by our names. Overall I would not recommend this cruise line to anyone who expects more than Denny's quality of food and service.
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Western Mediterranean
Publication Date: July 24, 2005

We traveled the beautiful Mediterranean on the Costa Fortuna in July, 2005.

Embarkation was like other cruise lines. Hurry up and wait but manageable. Our suitcases were already in our cabin when we got on the ship! That was great!

Cabins are like other cruise lines. We had two balcony cabins (6330 and 6334). Good sized rooms with nice sized balcony. Two deck chairs and table. The only problem was it was located over the grand bar room which had loud events on every night until 2:30 a.m. Very annoying and disturbing. Glad I had my ear plugs. Room steward was good. Didn't see him much but rooms were well taken care of. Royal Caribbean line has room stewards that make animals out of towels and we even got chocolates on our beds! Much better service with Royal Caribbean. Those extra touches are nice!

If you are a smoker, than this cruise will suit you fine. Smoking apparently was restricted to certain areas on the ship, however we saw many people smoking in elevators, hallways, outside the dining rooms and bathrooms. By the end of the week, my throat was sore and my

eyes were burning due to all the smoke. Sorry to offend any smokers, but it was difficult and unpleasant to endure.

Announcements were heard in four or five different languages which was annoying in the end. It took a long time to get through all the languages.

Food on the Fortuna was mediocre at best. I did not have a truly hot meal the whole week. Entrees arrived sporatically with half the table almost finished their meal and half the table having not received their meal yet. Waiters seemed to be on automatic pilot with no personality or desire to get to know our likes and dislikes over the week. Language barriers were a problem with a lot of the staff not speaking the basic english. The chef cannot cook beef properly. It was always overdone and the prawns were like mush. BUT...the desserts were wonderful!

We called room service TWICE one evening with a staff member answering and not understanding what we were saying. On the third call, we said, "COULD YOU PUT US THROUGH TO SOMEONE WHO CAN UNDERSTAND US???".

Entertainment was like other lines. Kind of hokey and high school'ish. Although the caribbean drummers were good!

Kids arcade is located in the casino yet, the ship doesn't allow kids in the casino. It made it hard to control that. Plus the smoking in the casino was dreadful and the kids were all exposed to that.

We were the minority on this ship. Being canadians we were amongst a small group with the majority of passengers being of european descent. I am european born and was shocked to witness the behavior of some of the children on this ship! In the dining room, many children ran around unsupervised, jumping and sliding off window sills, throwing napkins around and just being very annoying and disrespectful. I had heard that there were even children found sleeping on the booths in the buffet at 6:00 a.m. in the morning!! I have two children and I was proud that my kids didn't behave like a lot of these children did. My kids had a few problems with kids in the arcade begging for game tokens and butting in trying to play games they were on.

The buffet area was not clean. Waiters would come and clear a table of dishes and cutlery, but not wipe down and sanitize the table. I saw a child sneeze all over the table and it was not wiped down.

The buffet needs an omelette bar. The omelette chef is located in the main buffet area so if you want an omelette you have to wait in the long line up with all the others that are getting other items of breakfast food.

So, to summarize, this trip was all about the ports as we rode this glorified ferry called the Fortuna to each destination. The ports of Sicily, Majorca, Barcelona, Tunis, Marseille and Naples were stunning and amazing! Truly worth seeing and a trip of a lifetime, but it would have been way better on another cruise line.

We will be sticking to the American cruise lines, as we find the service on the Royal Caribbean to be more personalized, more professional and just better overall.

Happy cruising!

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Eastern Mediterranean
Publication Date: July 3, 2005

We took this cruise primarily for the benefit of enjoying tour stops in some exotic places. We did expect the traditional "great food", "fun entertainment" and social experience that we so often hear people talk about. The FOOD: two days prior to departure I learned about CruiseMates and thus read the one and only review of the Costa Magica and it was very negative regarding food. This cruise was six months later and I believe they have improved their act . but only a little. Here are my tips and avoids. The chilled soups are amazing, in fact, the appetizers and soups are excellent. The two GALA dinners are very satisfying in total. The ice creams (gelatos) receive raves, but . the entrees are ordinary and the steaks poor (except beef filet at galas). Buy the internet offered wine packages - a wonderful bargain of excellent wines for about $120 USD (6 wines). Three of us bought two packages and were delighted. Save money and enjoy extra drinks by ordering their "drink special of the day" for about $5.50 USD. The wait staff was above average and, given late tour returns,

the first seating is preferred (7:15) over the late. There were no fancy midnight buffet dinners and we found breakfast and lunch were best in your assigned dining room instead of going to the buffet. We preferred Smeralda dining room over Portofino and request a 10-top at the very rear by the massive windows.

The shows were fair to poor but the Urbino Theater was wonderful. The teens seemed to have a well orchestrated evening but kids 12 years old were returning to cabins at 2 am. There is plenty of deck space and chairs for sunning. I must admit, an outside balcony is almost a must and a center of the ship location a great benefit - even though more money. The ship is new so the fixtures gleam. Expect few amenities however - like video replay - but every room has a bar/refrigerator and that is the best amenity I can imagine. I brought mini bottles of liquors and Baileys along plus crackers and cheese spreads for cocktail time.

The stops briefly: Savonna tours are great. Portofino was disappointing but we loved Santa Margarita (where we took a boat from to Portofino). Barcelona city, caves and such are great, preferred over Sitges. Myorca was wonderful. Tunisia was . well I would suggest a taxi orchestrated tour vs. having the Souks aggressively sell 50 people at a time (not a pleasant experience). Malta was a highlight for everyone - great exposure to a unique culture. Palermo caves and such were a treat. We went to Monreale and the cathederal and trip were fascinating. The only thing I might buy in advance would be Barcelona and Malta.

I suggest adding two days to end of trip for Rome and the Vatican. Memorable.

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Eastern Caribbean
Publication Date: February 20, 2005

This was my 14th cruise. It was the most disapointing cruise yet. In my opinion a cruise is the way to go on vacation. We take at least one cruise a year. This year we decided to try Costa Cruise Line. The travel agent said it was normally a European line for the majority of the year, In my opinion it could have stayed in Europe. We boarded and went to our cabin which was very nice. A large window and pleasent motif a nice size bathroom it looked like we were in for a wonderful week. When I used the bathroom the toilet would not flush. When we spoke to the front desk a person there told us "that happens but all would be fine after we were away from the dock". I questioned this and was told not to worry that it was normal. I have never had this happen before but took their word for it. After dinner when we returned to our cabin to check and see if we had received our luggage the bathroom was still not working. I mentioned this to a passing

cabin steward and he told me to call in . I called and a very unconcerned person told me that they would get to it in a few hours. Now I was getting upset. I did not want to spend the evening in the cabin waiting for it to be fixed. It was finally fixed.

The next night was our first formal night. This is normally a dinner that is wonderful and sort of sets the standard for the week. Well I should have known when the escargot was served cold that we were in for trouble. I sent it back and then the second one was served not much warmer I gave up on that. The pasta was also not hot and the meat was over cooked. I ordered medium rare and got a well done piece of shoe leather. Desert was wonderful.

Our table of 7 asked if we could have cheese on the table when we arrived for dinner each night. Well it was never there despite our repeated requests. I gave up on the pasta after the 3rd night. I also requested iced tea be on the table each night it was never there when we arrived for dinner. On my past cruises the waiter and busboy made a point to learn our name, This also never happened on this cruise. Maybe the fact that they add the tip on the bill is the reason that the service was so bad, Sort of a why bother attitude.

The onboard entertainment was a suprise. The cruise director was a joke. Normally the after dinner shows are on a par with vegas shows. there was only one show that not perocial. I have seen more professional work done at the high school level.

The service in the lounges was poor. If you were not sitting at the bar you should go to the bar and get your own drink because the wait for a waiter was much to long.

We took a tour on each island and we were suprised to see that european passangers were given preferential treatment. Seperate locations to meet Special buses They were boarded first and from a seperate gang plank.

The ship itself is beautiful. The lounges are gorgeous. Too bad the service is not comparable. Needless to say I will never cruise Costa again.

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