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69 User Reviews of Destiny Cruise Ship

Eastern Caribbean
Publication Date: August 6, 2012

Let me just say CARNIVAL just wants your money after they get your credit card they could care less about you. We was lied to. We was told we would get rembursment for something that was canceled never have...after many calls the customer service on the ship is long lines only to get no answers...Oh the lady with the cruise line who was booking my trip was nice real sweet as sugar so helpful....after you get back try calling that phone number they have you blocked you go to another team who could care less....the food lines was long sometimes there was no tables to eat at but only outside. It tasted like it came out of a vendig machine to me...if you are going to the half moon island look out pretty place if you can ever get over there...they give out numbers you have to wait until you are called half the day was gone by the time we got over and they took up the food at 2:00 so we got no lunch my daughter is diabetic and here we was on island notthing but beer and

mixed drinks and they had canceled taking people to the ship because of heavy swells. I had to walk for an hour looking for someone who cared and worked for the boat so we got on the island and an hour and a half later we was leaving it no fun no food and they stuff us in the bottom of a boat with windows closed and smell of gas I got sick passed out and they charged me $90 for some my whole day was shot to hell...

This was to be my last vacation with my daughters who was off to college I am a single mom so I was wanting it to be a good memorable trip for all of us and it was as I call it the trip to hell the captain sends out a letter to everyoe to apologize for that day...but the trip only got worst. You could never get into the pools because they was small and was full of little kids jumping there was no enjoyment but at the dining room table at night ordering some food that did not taste like paper...but even waiting to get into the room peope was in the hall way pushing to get in.

I wrote carnival a 12 page letter of my tip there was not many high lights on there I get back a 4 line we try to make everyone have a fun filled trip and memorable one best wishes....HELLO..HELLO I just sent you12 pages of all the paroblems we had and even pictures to back it up paid to have it signed for and thats all I got back from them...

I feel they are laughing all the way to the bank ....they got my money I got the trip from hell and my daughter and I have never told anyone we even went on a vacation this year and if we are ask we start to get upset and well this should tell you stay away....spend your money on a real boat that cares....if you want to got on the worst trip of your life go on a canival boat....but do not say I did not tell you ahead....They will never get another penny or good word from me....Thank you again Carnival for the hell cruise....and this was my first one and will be my last with you people......

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Publication Date: February 2, 2012

I am a Platinum Guest having Sailed more than 10 Carnival Cruises. This was the Worst Cruise of all. The Food has gone down in Quality along with a drop in Selection. We were seated fin the Dining Room at a table for 4 it was 5 of us with an added chair limiting table space for everyone. The Servers appear to have more tables to service and this cut down on quality of service. The Fresh Fruit and Vegetables are of poorer quality. Portions are smaller but you can always order more. The Casino allowed a 7 or 8 year old child to sit at a full Poker Table next to his parent leaning on the table and they spoke Spanish. I had to lean over onto the table to make sure the kid wasn't looking at my Cards, supposed to be English Only with No Kids allowed. Table Dealers were Not Friendly. Casino Management was oblivious of what was transpiring. Room Steward was efficient as was Boarding Agents. Carnival at least this Ship is Not up to it's usual standards. Maybe trying to save money since the Grounding

of the Sister Ship in Italy. They need to get back on track or they will be the Big Losers, everyone on board was saying the same thing. They are going down hill.
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Western Caribbean
Publication Date: January 30, 2010

Fact: Carnival Does Not Care

Fact: We sailed on the 1/30/2010 Destiny that was supposed to go to Grand Cayman and Jamaica. We were rerouted to Cozumel and Costa Maya.

Fact: The Destiny has been having propulsion issues since September, 2009.

Fact: Most recently, the 1/16/2010 sailing was rerouted in mid-cruise.

Fact: Although the two cruises prior to the 1/30 sailing (1/21 and 1/26) also had port changes, Carnival failed to notify us until 1/27/2010. Just TWO days prior to leaving.

Fact: We have been fighting with them ever since our return.

Fact: Destiny is in dry-dock as of today, but they limped along for 5 cruises before canceling a cruise.

Fact: Carnival provided a severe injustice to all passengers on those 5 cruises, yet feels no remorse or responsibility.

Fact: This was our first cruise ever. It will most definitely be our last on Carnival.

BUYER BEWARE, Carnival does only what is in 'their' best interest...they care nothing about the hard working passengers that spend thousands of dollars on their 'rip-off' cruises!

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Southern Caribbean
Publication Date: January 30, 2010

I would advise canceling and going with a different company. I have cruised with Carnival 5 times and the last two times were horrible. I just got off Destiny on Thursday and I have decided to never sail with Carnival again. The boat was suppose to go to Jamaica and instead because of mechanical problems (that have been going on for over a year according to a google search) we went to Cozumel. The cruise then went from the $500/person I paid to $199/person a week before the cruise. We were then given a measly $50 onboard credit. There was a group of 30 of us going for a wedding. When I went to complain to the information desk on the boat about the price difference for a Jamaican cruise to a Mexican cruise, they said "if you don't like it, get off the boat".

I was just amazed at the disrespect from there customer service and management. This is not the first time I have had problems with the customer service, I could go on and on. Just today I looked at my bank account and they charged me

for my onboard purchases and then charged me an additional $490. Of course customer service gave me another number to call who in turn gave me another number to call and now I'm waiting on a call back. Every time there was an issue with one of my cruises, I was left with disappointment and no answers. The staff on the ship is amazing but if you have any issues with your cruise, you mine as well be talking to a brick wall. I am very easy to please and I am not exaggerating. Please take this into consideration when planning your vacation. Read more reviews of people who have had problems come up.
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Eastern Caribbean
Publication Date: January 25, 2010

I have decided that this will be my last cruise on Carnival. We were suppose to be going to Turks and Caicos. Two days before the cruise we received a call letting us know that this port had been cancelled due to propulsion problems. We were going to Freeport instead. That was upsetting to me since the only reason I booked the cruise was Turks was the one place I really wanted to go. And I also found out before we got on the boat that this problem had been going on for a few months and they could have told us in plenty of time so that we could have canceled until the port became available. We had bought the insurance.

I can't really complain about the ports because surprising enough they were good. And I guess they figure that the 50 dollar ship credit would be enough to satisfy us. Now I can't lie I was ok with it. But the food wasn't that great, the service on the ship was alright. It wasn't a memorable trip.

When I contacted Carnival about the fact that they knew back

in October the port was canceled and how I was dissapointed in the way it was handled,they really didn't seam to care how anyone felt. Basically all I got was that there would be no more reembursment. What bothered me about this is I wasn't asking for any money. I just wanted and explanation why they didn't let us know sooner.

My friend who traveled with me also wrote a letter to them basically got the same kind of result. I will no longer travel with them due to the fact Customer Service doesn't really care about their passengers. I will stick with Royal Carribean.

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Western Caribbean
Publication Date: April 16, 2009

Just got back this week from a most disappointing cruise on the Destiny. The ship was in very good shape, it was the service that was lacking.

Our trip was Thursday to Monday. We are a family of 4, parents with 2 children. We arrived on Thursday about 1pm. We had rented a car from Hertz and used the free shuttle over to the port. Embarkation went very quickly, no lines, very smooth. Got on board, had lunch, explored, and went to the life jacket drill. Nothing too out of the ordinary that night. We didn't get to go the dining room for dinner because we attended the Camp Carnival welcome aboard party.

Friday we arrived in Key West about 7:30am. Not a lot to do with children, so we just walked down to the southern most point of the US -- about a mile walk. Had to wait in line to get our picture with the buoy. At our children's request, we took the pedicab back to the main street. Back on the boat by 12Noon, had lunch and played in the pool. Deck chairs very hard to come by.


the kids to Camp Carnival, and had a nice dinner in the Galaxy. This was what they called "Elegant Night." This night was good, service was quick. The menu wasn't that exciting, although it did have lobster tail. One of the children didn't want to stay at Camp Carnival, so I stayed back with him while my husband attended the show, which he said was OK.

On Saturday, woke up and attended breakfast in the Galaxy for a sit down. Our server did not want to be there that morning -- he was very annoyed at any request, and came back with coffee only once. Terrible attitude from start to finish. They seat you wherever, so this was not our normal server. We arrived in Cozumel by 1pm and my husband took the Mexican cooking exursion, while the boys and I found some people to head to Playa Mia (a beach) with. The cooking excursion wasn't that great, according to my husband. The Playa Mia beach that we went to was nice. The ship offered a shore excursion to it for $75/person for 5 hours, including a buffet, but we found Alberto in a big white van (sorry, don't remember the company name) where the taxis run. He took a group of us to that beach for $25/person, which included transport both ways, and use of the non motorized beach toys (kayak, water trampoline, etc.) Our group decided on 2 hours, which was the right amount of time for the kids, but he would have let us stay for as long as we wanted. Back on the boat, we sent the boys to Camp Carnival, and we headed to dinner. This night, service was bad -- our server didn't have his assistant for whatever reason, never brought more bread, water, and again, the menu was rather bland. Didn't attend the show, which was a Las Vegas headliner, although my husband caught the comedian Percy Crews 2, and really enjoyed him. There was a slot tournament this day, and the usual trivia and pool games. Again, chairs hard to come by. There was a great Lido Deck party that night that was well attended and lots of fun.

Sunday was our fun day at sea. Another slot tournament, more pool games, and this was by far the hardest day to get a chair by the pool. Again, dinner was disappointing, very uneven service, although this night offered the best menu, with plenty of options to choose from. Attended the comedian Percy Crews 2 show that night. It was completely packed, couldn't even fit everyone in the lounge. He did have a later show, which looked to be pretty full as well. However, he did mention he was leaving this ship to go to another.

Debarkation was easy, and we were off the boat by 9:30am.

Our room steward, Asri, was the best part of the cruise. He was very good with the kids, and kept up on the room. My children loved Camp Carnival and the activities, but I found the staff very non-friendly, with only one that showed any type of personality -- Abby, who was the director. Dinner service was slow and uneven, our server was very kind, but inept. The Cruise director, Noonan, was very fun to watch. We even interacted with him at a show and he was a riot. Enjoyed the morning show with him and his assistant Gaeve (AKA Spartacus). From the servers on the Lido deck, to the dancers working the Bingo games, no one seemed to want to be there. As I said before, the ship was in very good shape. But there were always lines for breakfast, lunch and dinner at the Lido deck. We did enjoy the large screen movies that they showed in the evenings -- some of them were: Hancock, Wall E, House Bunny. I suppose on a ship of this size with 3000 people, that is what you get. This was my 6th cruise, all with Carnival, and probably my least favorite.

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Eastern Caribbean
Publication Date: January 12, 2009

I wanted to take a few days to reflect on our completed five night cruise on the Destiny. Kelli and I flew down to Miami from Minneaplis on 2/11/09.

We traveled with another couple (Jim and Julie) who have cruised with us before. We picked this cruise because we like Grand Turk and HalfMoon Cay and have done this cruise on the smaller Imagination last year.

We booked balcony guarantees and all of us ended up on Deck 8 about ten cabins apart.

The Destiny is the only large ship doing this cruise where you can get a blacony without booking a suite.

The boarding went good, and we boarded with the VIP boarding and were on the ship within minutes. We like to stay the night prior to any cruise at the Embassy Suites in Miami and we took a cab to the port at 1PM the day of the cruise. Our friends boarded and went through the normal check-in and we met them as we walked onto the ship. Our cabins were on deck 8. The cabins were very roomy and the balcony was a nice option that we all

enjoyed while on our cruise. Our room steward Sharif did an excellent job.

We had early dining at 6:15 and the service and food were excellent, no complaints at all!

All four of us like beaches and on this five night cruise you stop at two ports with nice beaches -- Grand Turk and Halfmoon Cay. We spent the days lounging on the beaches and swimming. The last port of call is Nassau and we did some shopping and spent the afternoon at Senor Frogs! This whole cruise was a much needed break from the Wisconsin winter.

Kelli has her own travel business and January is a busy time, so her laptop came along. We find the five night cruises work good for us as we are gone only a week with travel time. We enjoyed this cruise and are already booked again on the same cruise for next January! We got a good rate for the one we just finished and an even better rate for our 2010 cruise. We just feel you need to have a cruise booked.

We would rate this overall cruise experience as a 9 or 10. The Destiny is a older ship but well kept and we suggest you look at booking a cruise on her! If anyone has any questions please feel free to contact us at our email:

Thanks for reading our review!

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Western Caribbean
Publication Date: June 10, 2010

Let me start by saying, if you are looking for luxury, book a Silverseas Cruise.

If you are looking for a great vacation at an even better price, this is the cruise to book! Our room was neat and clean and we LOVED the balcony. The food was good and there was always plenty. The shows were what you would expect, but the comedians were FABULOUSLY funny. We booked the cruises' expedition to Tulum - the price was reasonable, and it was so much easier than trying to arrange all of the travel legs yourself. The tour guide was extremely knowledgeable. The customer service was also wonderful throughout the ship. I am glad I booked this cruise, even after I read the horrible reviews of others. We had a great time, and I can't wait to book another. =)

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Western Caribbean
Publication Date: December 24, 2009

I booked a cruise (Carnival Destiny), West Caribbean, between 12/24 and 12/28. One of two cabins was a suite, second largest cabin on the boat. When I booked online, there was a photo to show how this cabin looks like. I called the customer support from Carnival, I was told this cabin can sleep max 5 people.

When I boarded the ship, I found out the cabin was not like what I saw in the online photo. It is much smaller. I immediately reported to the information desk on the boat, and also talked to the manager. He told me that the photo on the website was made by cooperate; he did not know why it showed differently. He said he could not do anything since it has been debarked. He asked to call cooperate after the trip.

After trip, I contacted the guest care department regarding to the issue over the phone and website. They told me that the photographs shown in our brochures are a basic idea of the type of cabin a guest might expect to receive, and refused to give me any compensation.

I understand the photo may

not show exactly what the cabin is. But from the photos between the cabin we got (I have a photo of the cabin to prove) and the one advertized on the Internet it shows the obvious size difference. The big difference is the desk and chair is missing in the cabin I got from the online cabin photo. With this desk and chair, it would have blocked the entrance path in the cabin. This clearly indicates the cabin I got is much smaller. Furthermore, there is no way to sleep 5 people at all as I was told.

They admitted the difference I mentioned, and refused to pay any compensation. I think it is very bad way to do business by misleading people with unrealistic photos of cabins. The Carnival should not be allowed to do this.

It has made us unhappiness through the whole trip, and caused a huge inconvenience to our group because we could not perform the activities we have carefully planned in this cabin with the limitation of the size, and we have to send a member to another cabin to share with another couple.

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Publication Date: October 19, 2009

This was our return to Carnival after several years on other cruise lines. Previously we were on Carnival 4 times and loved every cruise. The price for a 5 day was great so 4 other family members joined us. The ship was ok but the food was very bland and every menu seemed another repeat of the last with just the title names of the dishes changed. Chicken or fish every night. One highlight of every meal in the dining room was the chocolate melting cake. It really was rich decadent chocolate cake. It was everyone's favorite. We missed the anytime dining and alternative restaurants of NCL and Princess.

The ship itself was clean and well kept except for the pool level where tables were left used and floors were always wet. Long lines for the buffets were annoying too. Wait times in the dining room were excessive, especially with a 2 year old waiting over a half hour for anything to eat.

Another disappointment was the camp Carnival for kids. Our granddaughter (2 1/2) joined it and while we watched from the window to their room we noticed none of the

workers were doing anything with the kids. All the kids were just wandering around alone or playing with some old outdated toys by themselves. We asked the front desk person if they planed to do anything organized and she said they would later. We checked back several times and the same kids were still doing nothing of interest hours into the day. After that we never went back.

I know the economy is forcing lines to cut back but I would rather pay a bit more and enjoy the cruise more. Overall based on this trip we will stay with NCL and Princess.

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