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45 User Reviews of Fascination Cruise Ship

January 2016 Cruise
Publication Date: January 31, 2016

We cruise every January on this ship out of Jacksonville. I can't believe people giving bad reviews. These guys work so hard to please. Everything always go perfect. They make sure we have everything we need and constantly let us know to they will help us with anything; Room are wonderful, clean, food is great. Shows so good. Something always going on. Can't wait until next year.

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Just say no
Publication Date: November 8, 2015

We have been on several Carnival cruises and this ship is by fare the worst. The food was cold and the service was poor. We pre-ordered bottled water to be delivered the first day. We finally called guest services after midnight to find out where our water was. They said the saw where we ordered it and had to get approval from their manager to deliver it.

There were four in our party so we booked two connecting cabins. One for my son and I and the other for my wife & daughter. We requested the beds to be together for the room My son and I were booked in as my wife and I would actually be staying in there. When we arrived the beds were separate. When we told our steward that the beds were supposed to be together he told us that he didn't put them together because it was booked for a "Mr. & Mr.". I guess gay couples can't sleep in the same bed on this ship.

One cabin still had food crumbs on the table and the other still had dirty dishes sitting in

the window.

We went to breakfast Friday morning in the dining room. We arrived at 8:30. Upon being seated, I noticed something wasn't quite right with our waiter. My wife handed him the bread plate and told him it still had food stuff on it and he said "take a picture". He then took our order. He came back and took it 4 more times. By this time we (along with 4 other tables) had been waiting 1.5 hours for our food. We finally requested the Maitre D. We informed the Maitre D that the waiter was obviously drunk. The waiter even told another passenger that he "partied to much last night". The Maitre D dismissed the waiter and took our orders once again. He informed us the waiter was taken for an alcohol test.

After 2 hours we finally received our food (Eggs Benedict). The eggs were overcooked and the hollandaise sauce was hard. We noticed that the bartenders had no issue with over-serving alcohol to passengers. One in particular couldn't stand up and had no clue where he was. Others on the Lido deck were obnoxiously loud and cursing and no one did anything about it. My wife and I (and several other people) were so disgusted by their drunken behavior we had to leave.

The bathroom on the Lido deck smelled of urine and had no toilet paper in it. It seemed all that Carnival cared about was making money. There was not much to do without Carnival reaching in your wallet for it. This crew (and obviously their leaders) needs to be trained on customer service. A happy customer is a repeat customer.

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Memorable cruise but not in a good way
Publication Date: June 28, 2013

With living in Jacksonville we have taken many cruises on the Fascination, 4 last year alone. Us and our friends were excited on this cruise as I said we were celebration a 67th birthday and 39th wedding anniversary.


We arrived at the terminal, the 6 of us traveled together, and ll of the luggage was taken and marked as priority (we are all platinum members) and we proceeded to priory check-in, We waited a short time and were assigned our cabins and told we could go directly to them as soon as we boarded the ship and that our luggage would be waiting. After about a 20 minute wait we boarded and was shown to our cabins. Two couples did indeed have their luggage but unfortunately we didn't. Not concerned we went to the Lido deck for lunch. We returned to the cabin approximately an hour and half later still no luggage. We went to CS and was told our luggage wasn't on the ship. We left and came back an our later and was told to look in 'lost and found' again no luggage. Told again our luggage was not

on the ship. At 3PM 2 pieces showed up at the cabin. Went back to CS about the 3rd piece and was told again it wasn't on the ship but they had until 6:30 to deliver it to the room! Finally at 6PM it was delivered. Needless to say this didn't set our "special" cruise off to a good start.


After getting on the ship we went to the Lido Deck for lunch. Since there were long lines at the grill and buffet we decided to have salads and sandwiches, both were wonderful. the salad ingredients were fresh and crisp. Among the 6 of us, we tried the corn beef, ruben, pastrami, and turkey, they all were delis!

We didn't utilize the buffet, due to long lines, but was able to eat from the grill and it was ok but would have been better if the food had been hot. We did have lunch in the dining room on the last sea day and it was wonderful. It is sad that it is only open for lunch on sea days!

We utilized room service for breakfast each day and enjoyed it on the cabin balcony. We would recommend it

We had late dining and unfortunately our table was in the middle of 4 tables of 10. These cruisers must have been sailing together because they spent most of the meal going back in forth to each others tables. With this being said we were jostled quite a bit. (we did request another table but were told there were none available) Our service was spotty, it could have been because of the number of diners the wait staff was trying to serve, At times we would have 2 courses set down at one time, items ordered mixed up or forgotten all together, or long waits (up to 20 minutes) between items.


Service is spotty all over the ship. We went to the casino bar and the bartender was so interested in setting up her bar that she ignored new customers. She finally decided that they weren't going to leave and waited on them with attitude!

In the buffet on the Lido deck the gentleman cleaning the tables offered to get more drinks for a table with small children!

Ship Activities

There are many planned activities to do on board besides enjoying the pools, hot tubs and deck chairs. There are many places to quietly read or play a game. Also the casino, we did take advantage of it and saw someone win $1600. unfortunately it wasn't any of our group!


Since we have cruised a lot on the Fascination we didn't attend any of the shows but did try to go to the comedy show but with late dining were unable to get in.


Freeport isn't one of our favorite ports but there are excursions that can be booked and a straw market you can go to right off the ship for things to take home

Nassau is one of our favorite ports. We buy purses and visit Atlantis. Great place just to wander in, just be watchful as you would in any port.


We had a balcony cabin,E237. Since this is a smaller ship the cabins tend to be smaller. There is no refrigerator, so it is difficult to keep anything cold. There is an ice bucket that is filled twice a day and you can as your cabin steward for more. Our steward was very attending but didn't speak english very well so my husband was always asking after he left 'what did he say'


As platinum members we do have priority disembarkation. This went very smoothly and the luggage was very easy to find. We were off the ship and on our way home by 9:15

I hope this helps all cruisers. Just remember you are on vacation, not at work, so have fun!

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First Time Cruiser
Publication Date: May 4, 2013

This was my very first cruise. It certainly will not be my last. I was swept off my feet with pampering.

I got off to a rocky start when I started to Jacksonville, Florida, got 5 hours away and realized that I had left my birth certificate in a red folder in my car at my friends house. We called Carnival and they helped us make arrangements to satisfy this catastrophe. I had planned to catch a plane back home but fortunately they enabled me to go.

Love the water especially hot tubs.

The shows could have been targeted to a more general audience.

The food was good and available all the time. I enjoyed our waiter very much Santiago. He made our dining experience one to always be remembered. He knew all our cruisers by name. He always went out of his way to make sure we got our food and all that we needed timely.

I enjoyed going to the Stir Up Cay Island. Nasau was OK my daughter enjoyed Senyor Frogs. Overall it was a great affordable vacation. The 8-10 hour car ride to get to Jacksonville Florida was long and

tiring. Next time I think I will sail out of Charleston, SC on 6 hours away.
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Publication Date: August 17, 2012

hello. We are recently back from a 5 day cruise to Nassau and Half Moon Cay on the Fascination. We had a wonderful time. This was our third cruise (me-mid 50s; my husband-same; my son-19). We have always sailed this class (Paradise & Inspiration). Because the ships are similar, we are comfortable as soon as our foot hits the ship.

We had an ocean view cabin on the Riviera Deck (R20?). I was worried because we were so far back, but it was wonderful. We think we might have heard the anchor one morning, but it wasn't terribly loud; if I hadn't been up already, I might not have heard it. The room was clean and well maintained by Harvey. He slipped in and out and each time we returned the room was picture perfect. It seems like there is more space for storage than our last cruise in 08. My only complaint with the room is that my son's bed had to be "folded" up each day and, being a teenager he kind of likes his own space to lay around. Of course, we really weren't in the cabin

all that much so it was not a major problem.

We really enjoyed the entertainment on the ship. There was a song and dance team that did a fantastic job. I wish they had been on more!! We also enjoyed the comedians (Cowboy, the Comedian and John ..... Foyt? Ford?). I thought that on past cruises the entertainment had been more varied...maybe a hypnotist or magician, but it was either the song/dance troupe or the comedians. In any case, we ended up enjoying them very much. We did not attend the talent show, but when I saw some of it on the room tv I was sorry I hadn't gone. They used one of the professional singers to "back up" the talent and they really gave it some pizzazz. We also enjoyed the many trivia contests and the game show type specials.

Now, for the food. It wasn't awful, but it wasn't awfully good, either. There was always a variety, and I never went to bed hungry, but it just wasn't all that great. We ate in the main dining room 4 of the 5 nights and the food there was slightly better. My son had been looking forward to enjoying a steak but on the first night the head waiter told us that steak would not be a good idea this trip. The lobster was good and so was the salmon and the shrimp. The rolls were always good and the chocolate melting cake was quite good. I liked that they offered the didja ever? items as well as a traditional menu each night (always the same) as well as entrees du jour. The lido deck wasn't bad, either. They had lots of fresh fruit and salad and some interesting things to try like baked fish or stuffed baked tomatoes and there were always hot dogs and hamburgers by the pool! The Mexican Fiesta food was very tasty and we enjoyed the whole thing! The pizza was blah, not enough sauce or cheese and no matter how many times my son asked for calzone and the pizza guy said okay, my son never actually received the calzone! That being said, we don't cruise to eat and it all worked out fine. We'd sail Fascination again.

Ports: I had never been to Half Moon Cay and that was a big factor in choosing this particular cruise. It was all it was reported to be!! It was a perfect beach day. There were plenty of chairs with soft soft sand and the water was absolutely perfect. I had a delicious drink and the jerk chicken and variety of salads at the luncheon barbque were very tasty. You could just sit and sun yourself, or play in the water or take an excursion. We enjoyed the beach and relaxed so we could get busy back on the ship! I was pleased that they had clean bathrooms and plenty of pic nic tables at lunch. Carnival did a great job adding to the enjoyment of the day.

Nassau: We had been to Nassau about 30 years ago and were disappointed by it this time (no fault of Carnival's, though). It was run down with lots of empty buildings. And boy, was it HOT!! It was so HOT that we actually went into Senior Frogs about 10:45 or 11 o'clock and had a refreshing drink. It was a blast. The place was loud and fun and my 19 year old really enjoyed it. He had an opportunity to order a LEGAL drink there and soak up the atmosphere. Afterwards, we returned to the pier for our excursion to tour the Dig & the Aquarium at Atlantis. The tour was very interesting and Atlantis is just beautiful. We had a nice afternoon, finishing our tour in time to grab a slice of pizza at the marina before catching the bus to return to the ship. I appreciated that while we waited for our chartered through Carnival bus to fill up the air conditioner was on!! The bus itself was very clean and comfortable.

We just loved our cruise. We enjoyed sitting outside (in the shade) and being able to people watch. We enjoyed the entertainment. Either the beds were super comfortable or we were so busy during the day that we slept quite soundly and peacefully at night!! One morning we woke up to find some water on the bathroom floor. We told our steward and after he apologized for the inconvenience, he got someone in to take care of it right away. When we returned to the cabin 3 hours later you'd never know there had been any problem at all.

We were pleased with how friendly everyone was. While walking through the hallways to get to our cabin each and every steward made sure they said hello AND SMILED!! what a way to start my day! The head waiter of our section came by every night to make recommendations and after dinner to see how everything was. The server remembered us by name (and by drink!). They were all terribly polite and did a great job.

All in all we thought the cruise was a great value for our $$$. We particularly like that if we want to busy, there is a lot to do and if we want to relax there's plenty of opportunity for that too. The cruise was lots of fun and.......we wish we were still there!! Best to all!

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Publication Date: July 7, 2012

My husband's wallet went missing while we were visiting Half Moon Cay. As soon as we knew it was missing, we went to the guest services desk on board the Carnival Fascination. Since we were already under way, there was nothing they could do but file a report and help us cancel all the credit cards.

The next evening, the same person who took the report told us the wallet had been located in the locker at the Sports Center. It would be a process to get it back, but he was sure we would eventually. We were very relieved.

After we got home, I contacted Carnival to let them know where to send the wallet when it finally got to their office.

Imagine my surprise when I got the following response from the Carnival "iCare" team in Miami: We truly apologize that you were given incorrect inforamtion. At this time we have not located the wallet. If we locate the wallet you will be contacted. We truly apologize for any miscommunication there may have been.

It's bad enough to lose your wallet while you're in a foreign country, but being flat-out

lied to is adding insult to injury. We won't be cruising with Carnival again, neither will we recommend them to anyone. There are plenty of other cruise lines to choose from.
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Publication Date: May 3, 2012

Cruise: Carnival Fascination. May 3 - May 7 out of Jacksonville, Florida Ports: Freeport, Nassau Weather: Smooth, almost like "glass" at times. Why this particular cruise? Hadn't cruised since 2008 due to medical restrictions. Cruise port 70 miles from home. Wanted a short/easy cruise to get back into cruising. Cruise History: Carnival Celebration - 11/04, 11/05, 02/07, 05/12 Carnival Fantasy - 05/03 Carnival Glory - 12/07 RCCL Mariner of the Seas - 03/08 Celebrity Constellation - 02/06 Food: Breakfast – Enjoyed breakfast each day in the Sensation restaurant. Good Service/Food Lunch - Liddo Desk. Good Salad Bar. Hot bars were ok but nothing to "write home about" Pizza and Sandwich (Deli) bar were good. Often found ourselves getting our food from here. Dessert/ice cream bar were good. Dinner - Sensation Dining Room. F irst two nights was very good. Last two nights was good but no "WOW" factor. Desserts were great. Chocolate Melting Cake is a must!! Great Head Waiter and his staff. Cabin: Since this was our first cruise in 3 years, we splurged and got a Suite Cabin, Mid Desk on 6th floor. Was a very nice room with a

large balcony and a whirlpool tub. Very efficient air conditioner! Had to cut down as I was getting "COLD". Cabin Steward was great. This was our 8th overall cruise and this is the first one that I can remember that our Cabin Steward remembered our names and always greeted us by our names throughout the cruise. Ports: Freeport – Did not get off the ship. Sitting on our balcony, witnessed a barge tie up right below us, next to ship and proceeded to "fuel up" the Fascination. Also was able to witness the Celebrity Millennium receiving an upgrade. Nassau. Wanted to check out Atlantis but ultimately decided to visit on our next cruise. We decided to walk around Nassau on our own. Checked out some stores selling liquor to compare prices vs those on the Fascination and found Fascination's prices were better in most cases. Entertainment - Evening shows were good. Female lead vocalist was a lot better than the male singer. Attended one comedy show. Comedian got me to laugh a couple of times although wished the show was longer than 30 minutes. "Wine tasting". $10 per person. Had 6 different wines to taste with different condiments i.e. Cheese, crackers, fruit. Found very well presented and learned a lot about wine "paring" with different food types. Embarkation – Hadn't really realized when we reserved a "SUITE" cabin this included VIP check in. We were led to a separate room with plenty of seating and refreshments to enjoy while we were personally checked in. Had requested a wheelchair for one in our party and had a Carnival representative meet us with a wheelchair and stayed with us until we were settled on the ship Debarkation – Requested wheelchair assistance for one person in our group. Passengers requesting wheelchair assistance are met in the main lounge by a Carnival Representative with wheelchair. Representative stayed with us and pushed the wheelchair until we cleared customs. Those not using "Self Assist" began debarkation about 1 hour after the first call for "Self Assist" and may find yourself waiting to get an elevator if you do not choose to use the stairs. Special Needs. Requested wheelchair assistance for embarkation and debarkation. Both times, Carnival provided a wheelchair and a representative to push the wheelchair. On the second full day of the cruise, requested the use of a wheelchair while docked in Nassau. Upon checking, you can "rent" a wheelchair and you the full cruise rate no matter which day of the cruise you are on or if only need for one day. Rental rate is $80 and a $50 deposit which you get back when you return the wheelchair. We did bring along our own oxygen bottles. You are able to keep one bottle in the room with you. The others are stored on the ship. When we needed a new oxygen bottle we called the Customer Service desk and we were able to pick one within 30 minutes. I'm sure they will deliver to the room but thought it would be quick to go pick one up ourselves. When picking up a new oxygen bottle you must turn over your empty one for storage. NOTE: Before embarkation, suggest you remind the staff at the front desk that you have oxygen bottles in storage and that they be available for pickup when you debark. Once we got down to the luggage pickup area we mentioned to a Carnival representative we needed to pick up some oxygen bottles and they went and brought them to us promptly.

Incidentals: Parking: Available at the port for $15.00 a day. There is a private parking service located at the port entrance that I believe charged $7/8 per day. Have to park there and take their shuttle to the cruise port. Jen was the cruise director for this cruise Courtesy to other passengers. While in Nassau, the posted reboarding time to the ship was 05:30 pm with a 6 pm departing. Around 05:45 pm we went out to our balcony to rest and view the ship leaving port. Given this was 15 minutes after the requested reboarding time, we still noticed individuals, couples nonchalantly walking down the pier toward the ship like they had all the time in the world to get back. Security staff had actually walked down the pier area trying to get folks to hurry up and get back on board. Had one woman who stopped at the gang plank and let security know she was going to finish a cigarette before she got on. Around 05:55 pm I saw this one gentleman if you can picture this literally stumbling down the pier area, red as a "beet", stopping now and then and bending over like he was going to puke. Security was waving and asking him to hurry up and he just proceeded to yell back at them.

Final View. Would I take this cruise again - Yes Met my expectations – Yes Can't beat the value for what you pay.

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Eastern Caribbean
Publication Date: May 7, 2011

My husband and I have cruised 17 times and all on Carnival. We have always enjoyed our cruises, the destinations and the food. On May 7, 2011 we cruised on the Fascination - an older ship. Our Room was V16 and was billed as a suite. This is NOT a SUITE! I think they call it a mini suite, because they include a mini frig/bar in the room. That is it ! ! Be aware they charge you for a "mini" suite, when in fact it is smaller than a balcony on most ships. The balcony is so small, you can't turn the chairs around and both of you sit on the balcony comfortably. The balcony on the Veranda "Suites" overlook the deck below. It was not ideal. My husband did not even sit out once!! because of the size, and he is over 6 feet tall. If you do book a room in this category, be prepared to be disappointed with the balcony and the room. There is no whirlpool tub or separate dressing area, as there are in other suites, on other ships. My sister and husband

tagged along this time, and got an ocean view room U182, that sleeps 4 supposedly.

It also was the tiniest room with 2 wall cots, no sofa, and extremely small!They had never cruised before, that the room was a great disappointment to them. That said...we enjoyed our stops at Half Moon Cay - one of the prettiest beaches we have ever seen; Grand Turk - another pretty beach, and Nassau. We were also disappointed that the Atlantis Paradise hotel now block visitors from visiting their lobby/aquarium area. You can gamble in their hotel, but don't try and venture anywhere. You get stopped. If we came to Nassau again, we would do a tour or find something else to do other than going over to Atlantis. To spend time at their water facilites, the prices are very extravagant if you are not looking to spend a pile of money.

All in all trip was lovely..we enjoyed the water slides on the back of the ship..and the deck entertainment during the days. We are not drinkers so we don't spend a fortune on drinks...and we are also giving up soda too for our health!! so we don't buy a soda card anymore either! We enjoyed the pizza, deli sandwiches and the dining room at night serves lots of selections for dinner. If you can't find something you like, we would be surprised! We would not sail this ship again, however - but we would said Carnival again.

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Publication Date: December 31, 2012

A crew member named "Daniel from Indonesia" Humiliated me and left me with a very bad memory. I made the horrible mistake of snapping a photo of the photos posted for sale. (Photos taken freely by the cruise's staff the night before) (I just wanted to take a picture to relay to my wife to ask if she wanted to purchase it)

As I knelt to snap the photo from my Iphone, I was met by Daniel's finger in my face with a demand to "DELETE IMMEDIATLEY" I felt embarrassed and as I tried to stand to explain my apology and that I was only trying to confirm with my wife if she wished to purchase the photo on display, Daniel's response was to reach for his Walkie-talkie" and call for "SECURITY"...People looked on like I was a criminal. I may have made a mistake by using my cell phone to snap a photo, but I certainly didn't deserve to be treated like this.

Daniel was over bearing and insisted on witnessing me delete the photo.  I shakenly complied with the thought of "Security" arriving.   I will never make the same mistake.  Please tell Daniel

that he needs to relax and not be a police officer hot dog.  Otherwise, I loved the cruise.     

However - Carnival is a value.  The housekeeping staff is amazing.  Please only report this one in cident.  I felt guilty, the rest of the staff was awesome. 


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Publication Date: January 28, 2012

To Whom It May Concern:

I would like to commend the Carnival Cruise Lines for all the great cruises we have taken. We are PLATINUM GUESTS. I have a special review for the Team Head Waiter,I Ketut Sudiasta, who we met 5 years on a cruise. This employee is efficient and makes sure all his guests are satisfied in everyway. He is professionsl, kind, friendly and all his guests are over whelmed and keeps in touch with him. He is an important asset to this cruise line. We will continue to cruise on the ships which he travels on. His ID is #264743. We chose this cruise because Ketut would be on this ship.

Thank you


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