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Default Day 2 - ALL hands on deck

Day 2- The Beginning
If any of you have read my story about the naming of decks, then it’ll make good sense to you why Day 2 is titled the Beginning. (If not, go back to the Home Page and read it- or I’m likely to lose you again in the coming week.)
There are hundreds of cruisers, from various lines, staying in the same hotel as us. This morning I wondered why we didn’t get a better rate, since we all obviously shared what in essence is one large room. I heard grandma heading for her morning constitutional, with the “young-uns? begging to be allowed to go first; before a gas mask was required. I heard my other roommates, from the floor above, arguing/discussing which bag the contraband liquor should be packed in. And at 7:15 A.M. the voices of eager young cruisers below letting the roommates throughout the building know it was time to go to the ship; just four hours or so early.
I’m really only about 2 hrs. off of my plan, which was to awake at 9 ish, do what I do in the morning (it’s nice while I’m still regular), while Mrs. Kuki fits our water and soda purchases into the already over-packed luggage. Therefore I have the time to pop in to wish you all a good morning, and say hi from all our roommates at the Holiday Inn, Bayside.
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