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Originally Posted by JimmieOhio
SERIOUS NOTE: My girlfriend works at a major hospital. She heard recently of a anesthesiologist who REFUSED to give a pregnant woman with a so-called "tramp stamp" an epidural during delivery. He cited the possibility of the dye used in the tattoo as a contaminant of her spinal fluid since the incision was in that area. Why should he risk getting sued over this woman's decision to have a tattoo? After all, it was her "right", wasn't it?

FUNNY NOTE: Besides "tramp stamp", I've also heard of women's lower back tattoos, especially the ones that extend up the sides of the back, referred to as "a$$ antlers". Way too funny!

That's not an isolated incident. An anesthetist will not do an epidural on a woman if the tattoo is over a certain area of the lower spine. My new daughter-in-law has small one on her lower back (Ukrainian endearing word for 'little girl' that her now deceased grandmother called her). She checked with a physician and fortunately hers is low enough not to be a problem. However, many young women are destined to deliver their baby the old fashioned way!! Also, arms covered in tattoos are difficult for starting IV's, even for a pro like me. You will also be banned from being a blood donor. It is SO permanent. Why do something trendy that you will be stuck with forever. Hindsight is 20/20 !! I think most of them are ugly or the artwork is sometimes rather primitive. Why would you want a school child's rendition of a dragon or whatever on your body....for life. I actually feel sorry for those who have fallen for this artistry on their bodies. I particularly feel ill for those who have chosen really evil,'dark' tattoos.