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Nov. 19 Freedom
I have always advised CruiseMates readers that if a problem happens to arise, the very best thing to do is to go to the appropriate people on board. They ARE interested in finding a remedy, or amicable resolution to satisfy you if at all possible!
Today I followed my own advice, with a note to the Hotel Manager. Very shortly after dropping the note off at the guest relations desk I received a call back. We discussed the issues I’ve mentioned in the previous days reports, and he advised me the Food & Beverage departments were meeting in an hour and the issues would be interested. Within minutes of that call, Ken the Maitre ‘D, called my cabin as well. He was quite apologetic, letting me know that the message he’d received was simply our table numbers, and that the guests requested a table change. A bit of miscommunication, but more importantly Ken was interested in addressing the situations as best as he is able.
Luck was with us as two tables of passengers who were assigned tables at the aft windows (in the dining room) had requested, and been moved to the mid-ship dining room, because the motion on the stern was bothering them. We often take cabins on the stern, and the motion doesn’t bother us, so we graciously accepted the offer to move into the dining room. No, they did not go out and create new tables for us because it was us. Things just worked out, and they were happy to be able to accommodate us.
I did learn that there has been much discussion the past week or so about temperatures in the dining room. Last week there was a 4 day cruise with Carnival execs, travel agents and media onboard, and apparently many had commented that the dining room was too warm, thus they had begun keeping to cooler. They are going to take another look at different areas in the dining room to hopefully find a more comfortable range of temperatures in all areas of the room.
And on a side note – the onboard personnel do agree with me about the locations of our original tables. They said exactly what I suggested to Mrs. Kuki, the pantries (on the other side of the wall I talked about so much) should be moved to where the tables are, and the tables moved “inside? the dining room. It truly is a design flaw which I’m surprised hasn’t been corrected in this series of ships as they were built. And when these ships sail full some passengers do end up drawing the “short straw?.
Truly, if the staff onboard can find a solution to your problem, they want to do so as soon as possible, onboard! It’s impossible to remedy what they don’t know about! If they are only reading about it on your comment cards, when you’ve left the ship, they feel bad that they didn’t fix it, and you feel bad because you weren’t happy with something. You’ve lived through this little episode with me, and I hope its helpful when/if a problem arises for you. “Ship Happens! Dealing with it when it does is the key! Hopefully, from here on in it’ll be smooth sailing for us.
And now I can get back to reporting on the cruise, the ship, and the fun onboard… which I promise to do in my next post.
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