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First of all, Hi, I'm new, and I'm an aspiring tattoo artist, and I plan to have many many tattoos myself eventually.
I have a few comments on the subject. First off, on all the negative things about graffiti. Graffiti is a beautiful artform. And not all of it is illegal, personally, I'd prefer the outside of my house to be covered in it, as well as my car. However having to keep the resale value in mind, I cannot.

Also, not all tattoos will look like green paintball hits. Poorly done tattoos probably will, yes. However, well done ones should not.

Tattoos used to be a sign of class, however it was a sign of the upper class, not the lower class. Tattoos have been around for a long time, there will always be people who are getting them, however, the popularity of them will rise and fall.

And Dayvidb, I am not insecure at all, infact I'm more secure with myself then most people my age.

Also, to comment on the TV show's "miami ink" and others, just note that most tattoo artists dislike these shows also. They have made teenage kids believe that being a tattoo artist is alike to being a 'rockstar' and has caused a flood of apprentices, with no passion for it, and a new wave of scratchers.

I apologize for pulling up this thread, as it is a week or two old.