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just a note from someone who has been there.. if you don't get your medical done prior to boarding the ship, or for some reason, come on ship with all or part of your medical incomplete, they will either have you complete it at the next possible port (if it's not serious) or you will not be allowed to board and will be sent home.

i don't know the current conversion rate, but i paid $650US for my medical. so 1100GBP sounds to be in the right ballpark. but as a previous poster said, i would try to get the medical priced at different facilities. in the US we have local clinics that treat things such as colds, flus and work related injuries for when we can not get in to see our normal doctor. for me, it was less there than at my normal doctor. but i know health coverage differs from country to country.. so the one piece of advice is to get different quotes for the medical.

by the way.. what job are you applying for?
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