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One item that I love is a clear document holder. The ones I use are just a little larger than a 10" envelope and have a flap with a tie ore elastic band on it. As soon as I book a cruise, I start adding all of my paperwork to this holder. When I am ready to board, I just pop it into my tote bag and I have everything I need at my fingertips. I include my docs, passport, travel insurance info, packing list, serial numbers/model numbers of cameras, laptops, phones etc that I am bringing. I include a copy of our paid excursion reservations, and a computer generated list of names, addresses and phone numbers for banks, credit card companies, friends and family members. We carry a few business cards to give to new friends on the ship and a list of our credit card numbers (the ones we carry). I put this in the safe in our cabin as soon as we board and then I just keep it as a souvenir of the cruise and as a reference for future cruises.

I also pack another one and keep all my receipts in it to check my bill on the ship.

I have found a jewelry case that I love for traveling. It is a soft leather/vinyl bag that folds in half and zips. There are holes for earrings, loops for rings and necklaces and even a couple of zippered pockets. I bought several of these for Christmas gifts this year because I loved mine so well. Keeps all my jewelry organized and it fits in the safe. I haven't lost a piece of jewelry since I bought it.
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