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Hi Kuki,
This is my first post at Cruisemates because I just had to reply to your post. You are in for the most wonderful cruise. I was on the Zuiderdam last week and it was the best vacation of my life. I had been on one cruise previously and this one surpassed that one by miles!!!

Others in my group of 13 and others that I talked with on the ship confirmed my thoughts that the staff/crew of the Zuiderdam are something very special. They made this trip for us so enjoyable. We never smiled so much in our lives, we laughed till we cried and we danced till we couldn't dance anymore!!!!

If you can and only if it isn't too much trouble, could you please look up a few of the following people and tell them Donna said "hi" and that I miss them so much.

Jacqui, manager of the internet center
Doni and Bimo, waiters of table 175 - 6:15 seating
Sigit, cabin steward of cabin 4021

Just for your info, I did two fabulous things on Grand Turk. I rented a motor scooter from "Tony" who has a truck filled with scooters and golf carts for rent. You can find him just outside the cruise center in Grand Turk by turning left on the street and walking a short distance ($55 for scooter rental for the day). Spent 3 hours touring the island, including stops at beaches, the lighthouse, and to take pictures of free roaming cattle, and donkeys. I believe Tony said you can make the complete loop around the island in 1 hour if you want. You can even take the golf carts on the streets and make the same trip around the island if desired. The posted speed limit is mainly 20mph.

I also tried the trapeze in Grand Turk. The set up is on the beach, slightly left of the beach chairs as you are looking at the beach from the ship and near the volleyball net if I remember correctly. It is run by a professional group of acrobats, Josh and Dany. I had wanted to do this all my life and proud to say I accomplished this dream at age 53! I climbed the ladder, stood on the platform, swung on the trapeze and then hung by my legs on the bar. I was ready for the next trick which was the release and catch and felt I could do it, but my arms were a bit tired from the motor scooter trip so I thought I'd save something for next time -- there will be a next time as I'm already planning a return trip!! You are in a harness for the entire climb/lesson/swings so I had no fear at all - it was a wonderful experience.

Thank you so much for your report -- I'll be reading it daily... have a wonderful week!
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