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Default Discussion of propulsion failures on Celebrity m-class ships

First, a big thank you to our hosts for allowing all of us to share our cruising experiences on cruisemates. I just thought it might be a good idea to put all of the dates and facts of the propulsion (POD) problems that Celebrity has encountered, in one place. Everyone can then can read them and make up their own mind of how important these facts are to them. Hopefully, this will also hold any long discussions about these problems to just one thread. Celebrity has many good points but along with the good points, this recurring problem is something that should be considered.

I have seen no confirmed information from Celebrity that this problem that has plagued the Infinity, Summit and Millennium has, or will be permanently fixed. There was an announcement in 2004, from one of the manufactures that a new design had been found to fix the problem. Unfortunately this announcement turned out not to be true. Given this long history of these problems and several stories about the problem being solved, I would have to see each of the four ships sail for two years without encountering this same problem, before I would believe that the problem had actually been solved.

The problem in a nut shell, is that the propulsion system design for the Celebrity m-class ships either have a design flaw or have not been maintained properly and that causes the PODS to fail about every year or so, for the Infinity, Summit and Millennium. There have been a total of eighteen of these failures over the years. Many cruises have been cancelled for emergency dry dock and if you were booked on one of these cancelled cruises you did get your money back and a free cruise on Celebrity.

The real problem comes in when you are on one of the nearly 50 cruises when the PODS are not working. This has resulted in cancelled ports, shortened port times and late arrivals.

I have put my review, in the review section of cruisemates, of exactly what happened to me when the PODS are not working. One post-script that I should add is that one of the many restrictions on the 30% off coupon that Celebrity did finally offer to us was that the coupon was good only for cruises departing from North America. This restriction was put on the coupon even though over half of the 1,950 passengers were from over seas.

Dates of POD failures on Celebrity ships.

The propulsion system used by all four Celebrity M-Class ships are called pods. These are the "FACTS ONLY" for the dates of failures for the propulsion systems. These stats were gathered from sources such as,
events at sea, ebearing news and other non-biased cruise information sites.

Millennium Inaugural date June 17, 2000
pod failure dry dock January, 2001
pod failure dry dock July 16, 2003
pod failure dry dock scheduled December 10, 2006
Pod failure on New Years (2007) cruise and again in January (Note: ship continued to sail at reduced speeds for 15 weeks, until dry dock in mid April 2007)

Infinity Inaugural date March 3, 2001
pod failure dry dock late 2001 (3 weeks)
pod failure dry dock April 13, 2002
pod failure dry dock January 29, 2003
pod failure dry dock March 2004
pod failure dry dock March 27, 2005
pod failure Ports skipped and cruise shortened on two cruises
(July 9 and July 16, 2006) Electrical problem in pods.
pod failure dry dock September 13, 2006
Pod failure November 19, 2006 (Note: this ship continued to sail with altered Itineraries and missed ports for 20 weeks, until dry dock on May 20, 2007).

Summit Inaugural date October 1, 2001
pod failure dry dock March 2002
pod failure dry dock July 18, 2003
pod failure dry dock September 2004
pod failure dry dock June 3, 2005
pod failure dry dock May 20, 2006

Constellation Inaugural date May 1, 2002
pod failure dry dock May 1, 2002 (salt water leaked into pods at launch time).

Happy sailing to all.

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