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Originally Posted by richsea
I read your review of the May 2006 Summit cruise & I recall reading about it on another cruise board. Celebrity certainly did not handle the problem correctly during your cruise & it must have been very frustrating for you. However, IMO, a $200 cabin credit & a 30% discount on a future cruise sounds like a fair disposition, even if it was like pulling teeth to get!

The pod problem has certainly been a black eye for X, & while they have made PR mistakes in dealing with the passengers affected, I think that on the whole they have ultimately been more than fair in their compensation to passengers affected by the pod problems.

I am curious, do you still cruise Celebrity? Have you taken advantage of the cruise credit which they provided as a result of that ill fated cruise? How about additional Celebrity cruises? If you did, how was your overall experience?
I will try to answere a couple of your questions.

I agree that this problem has been a black eye for Celebrity but I feel that the black eye for Celebrity starts with how they deceive passengers who ask customer service about these problems and then the way passengers are treated when the problem is happening on their cruise.
I would disagree that Celebrity was fair or treated the passengers with respect in the case of our cruise or on many other cruises when this has happened. I don't feel that how our cruise was handled was even anywhere close to being fair. I am from the US but can empathize with the approximately 1,000 passengers who came from over seas to take a one time cruise for what should have been the cruise of a lifetime. I can well imagine how fair I would think it was if I took a Celebrity cruise from someplace like Australia and had the same thing happen and then was told that I would have to travel all the way back to Australia to use my discount coupon. I remember reading the Celebrity Corporate Governance which states "Integrity is one of our company's core values, and we are committed to meeting the highest ethical standards in all of our business dealings". Maybe it's a "you had to be there" situation, but I just did not see this happening in our situation.

Have not been able to even think about allowing ourselves to get in a situation like that again but we have been thinking about the Century. Form all that I have read it does sound like a beautiful ship and does not have pods!

After much thought and considering that things do happen, we decided that this was not just the kind of thing that should be allowed to happen on any cruise line. I think it was the cover-ups that followed, by Celebrity that really was the straw that broke the camels back for us. While we do have to save for about one year to take a cruise on any ship, we returned the discount coupon to Celebrity with an explanation and as expected we never heard anything back. In fact the only response we ever received from Celebrity, about the whole incident, was a form letter that said "Celebrity is very sorry for the delay in embarkation for your Summit cruise". We never had any problem at embarkation time and never mentioned anything about it in our letter to Celebrity.

Before that cruise on the Summit we were big Celebrity supporters and recommended them too many of or friends. As I said before we were very satisfied with the food and service on all of our Celebrity cruises, including this very poor cruise.

Thanks for taking the time to read my review of exactly what did happen on our Celebrity Summit cruise.
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