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bless her cotton socks ;-)

I can think of 4 captains onboard . . . the Master, the staff captain, the dance captain and the vocal captain

Could be the folks with stripes were hotel officers that wear a similar uniform (the insignia above the stripes tells what department they're in) - also could be electricians, engineers . . . did you look at their nametags to find out for sure?

speaking as a crewmember on RCI ships - I personally DON'T want to go out in passenger areas. Don't like being pestered by the pax asking questions about "how rough" my life is.

"They dont get to drive home and have a drink after work as you would... they get to walk to the crew deck and are trapped there until their next shift, unable to even go to guest areas. They deserve a life."

uhhhh . . . . I guess you've never been in the crew mess, back deck, or crew bar of an RCI ship around midnight when all the waitstaff and barstaff start getting off their shifts . . . waiters not having a drink after work???? . .
sz . . .
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