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Originally Posted by dkjretired

I don't believe that I said the compensation was fair, the only thing I pointed out was that in the past on Celebrity the compensation was applied to the best price you could get.

Don: My apologies, you are absolutely correct and you did not say that the compensation was fair; it was richsea who made that statement. Thanks for correcting me.

The statement that the compensation was applied to the best price that you could get, proved to be in fact simply not true. When I first received my coupon, I called Celebrity to reserve a Happy Hour cruise sale price and was informed that the future cruise credit was not valid for Happy Hour cruise prices. They then informed me that the best way for me to go, would be to select a cruise and then call and the Celebrity Customer Service personnel would then tell me whether or not I could use my coupon for that specific cruise. This was contrary to the "good for any cruise letter" from the Celebrity Captain which I received while still on board our cruise. It was then that I read all the restrictions and decided that the coupon was indeed worthless to me.

To answer the other question about whether or not a 30% off coupon is worth anything and the statement that Celebrity does not discount some cruises, I should point out that the very same cruise that I was on had a special, with the same balcony cabin that I paid $1,699 pp for, that was on sale for $1,299, for new bookings only. This was a 25% reduction in the price from what I paid. The price that I paid had already been reduced once already. As I said before, it was at this point that I decided that for me the coupon had little or no value and being forced to have to try to deal with Celebrity to use the coupon would never be worth it.
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