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Originally Posted by Nurse Debra
Originally Posted by dkjretired

I have to correct myself also, the coupons have always been good for best fare possible with the only exception being the Happy Hour Fares which they just don't discount at all.

Hi Don: I am afraid you may have to correct yourself again. In-spite of the fact that I do have a letter from Celebrity signed by the Captain of the Summit that said "this coupon good on any Celebrity sailing", when I received it, here are some of what the real "good on any Celebrity cruise" coupon restriction were::

1. Not valid on reunion cruises.

2. Good only on cruises from North America.

3. Not valid on Holiday or Inaufural sailings.

4. Void on any group cruises.

5. Then my personal favorite exclusion "CERTAIN OTHER

Restriction number five is the one that I questioned the agent about as to just what these "certain restrictions" were and was told that they could not tell me but to just pick a cruise and then call Celebrity and then they would tell me if these "certain restrictions", whatever they were, would apply to the cruise that I selected. Maybe it is just me, but that is just not a reasonable way for any company to do business. As you no doubt can tell in reading my review, on this board, that my decision not to use the coupon was pretty easy considering the lack of caring from Celebrity and sometimes downright lies about certain elements of our cruise, from the beginning and even long after our ill-fated cruise had ended.

As I have said before the food and service and the ports that we were able to get to in Alaska were great but there is most definitely a downside risk in sailing one of the ships that do have this problem. It is up to each person to assess their tolerance for this additional risk when planning their vacation.

Actually I don't have to correct myself and after reading my original post I would have to retract my last correction. I stated that the coupons have always been applied to best possible fares available which from all evidence is true. I said nothing either way about restrictions which would be on each individual coupon, you brought that up and that is totally seperate from what I said.