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Default My Experience w/Ship's Doctor

I fell on the wet floor, just inside from the pool deck (I hadn't been outside yet...floor was wet from those who were coming inside), and was wearing tennis shoes and shorts. I slid across the slick/wet tile and the metal strip connecting the tile and attached carpeting stopped taking all the skin off my knee!

I was bleeding profusely and in agony. People passing by went to alert a crew member and after about 10 minutes...a wheelchair came for me and took me to the ship's doctor. I was bandaged, given some light pain meds and stayed all night and the next day in my cabin. I then got pain in my back and shoulder from falling on my hands and knees so hard on the tile...went back to the ship's doctor who gave me an injection of toradol. The rest of the cruise was tolerable, although I couldn't swim in the lovely carribean...or do many of the other things I'd planned. I wasn't billed for any of the medical care. I didn't expect to be charged, as the cruise line was responsible for not keeping the floor dry!

I do now carry travel insurance for all cruises, because of an experince prior to to a cruise - three days prior to a southern carribean cruise...I hurt myself in the gym and the next day, couldn't get out of bed without help. I had a $3500.00 non-fundable cruise fare and $1200.00 RT airfare paid, and I hadn't taken out insurance, so I went on the cruise anyway, wearing a tens unit (wires and electric box) and on heavy pain killers and muscle relaxers the whole week. Couldn't do much of anything. Had I taken out the insurance...I could have canceled the cruise, gotten all my money back and gone another time. It was a hard lesson to learn. Take out the insurance, as you never know what might happen.
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