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One Tale Ends- Another Begins; and one tail is still chasing another
Today I boarded the Carnival Freedom. My ole buddy Sam Sonite flew into Miami today via British Air, who had in fact done their deed yesterday by losing my luggage at the new and quickly becoming notorious Terminal 5. They may simply want to change that name to Terminal Luggage, the 5 Billion Dollar luggage burial site.
At any rate, the guest relations desk onboard the Freedom helped me call British Air to try and track down Sam. After some time on hold, while they called Miami and the delivery service charged with getting my suitcase to the Freedom, they told me the bag had indeed been delivered to the Freedom, and signed for by Charles. Charles Keating? Charles Manson?.... no way to know.
The staff on The Freedom have no way to confirm that the bag was delivered and is onboard. Not a great system! If lost luggage is delivered to the ship, it is simply dropped with the porters, and placed in bins to go on the ship. There is no confirmation system, to know if in fact it is on the ship or not.
A very pleasant Guest Relations desk told me to check back with him if it hasn’t been delivered to my cabin by 8 P.M. If by 8 P.M. it hasn’t arrived, and I call the Guest Relations to tell them, then we’ll both know it’s not here.
So, I’ll leave all you NCL folks, who’ve been reading along this Virtual Cruise Report, with a cliff-hanger ending .
Or, if you want to know the ending… come on over to the Virtual Cruise Report on the Carnival message board…
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