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Originally Posted by mstill

You say there are only two choices, but there are always more choices available. In this case, the airlines only present two choices. Melody
You're right. We were limiting the discussion to airlines. We could expand it to include all the things you mentioned, plus biking, walking and hitching a ride.

Of course, other forms of transport might be considered impractical by those who state over and over that the reason they must take short cruises is the limited time they can take off from work!!

You're also right about the oil companies. But in fairness it might be well to trace the entire chain of pain in that regard. . .

The airlines are screwing us.

The oil companies are screwing the airlines.

The oil companies are being enabled by those who set our energy, trade and environmental policies.

You-know-what flows downhill, and I don't just mean oil.
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