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So far it sounds like most people not only received apologies and problems fixed, but also got some nice benefits.

Marc... as for my Head waiter, he was dressed like a Maitre D' and I had no idea he had no power to fix the situation I was complaining to him about. I only found that out later by talking to cusotmer service. I believed I had escalated to the right person - turns out I was wrong. I should have been talking to the maitre D'.

Keep in mind though, they were not MAJOR problems, just more like minor irritations. Plus, I hashed them out in another message a year ago, so I don't need to do that again.

Mehawk - sorry about your experience. So far Carnival seems to rate pretty highly. The issue of cruise cancellation is always sticky, and most cruise lines (all?) seem to be sticklers about not just allowing people to cancel at the last minute. Probably for logical reasons. If you did that all the time they would lose a ton of money - and insurance is available.

I will say there have been times when I thought a cruise line should have gone the extra mile - if the customer is platinum status, for example. At least offer a future partial credit.

CA Cruiser.. I remember that Carnival cruise with the extra sea day. I agree with you! Carnival went out of their way to compensate. People often say "they had an extra sea day of on-board revenue" well, they make far more in shore excursions than having a week of sea days.

Skymaster - I love your approach. It is true that honey goes much fuurther than vinegar. I am not saying that When a person is ticked off and they show it, the person on the receiving end should take note that there is a serious problem. Unfortunately, human nature works the other way. Complaining calmly and nicely is almost always a good bet.
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