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Default Re: how much does beer cost on the ship?

Wellwishers and them do have special permission and pay fees to be allowed to deliver it onboard. I had 24 Coronas delivered for around $50 that was much cheaper than the cruise - they do deliver stuff not on the website so I would call them. I usually bring 2 bottles of wine with me in carryon no problem - just make sure they are not open - they did check that once on me. I bought a Chateu St Michelle Riesling on board for about $21 at the bar and that I thought was very reasonable as it is an $8-9 bottle at the liquor store. The cruise bars seem to be more reasonable than a restuarant back home. Also bring a cork screw with you and open it yourself in your cabin so you do not pay the corkage fee at dinner. Or if you buy the bottle on board they did not charge the fee.. Not worth lugging all the extra weight personally - we tried it once and decided just to realize the extra price ahead of time - way too much weight to carry. Try wellwishers for the beer - I think their wine was higher than buying through Carnival. By the way - different bars have different wines on board. Debbie

As far as advice on cruising the best advice (which Luane did not listen too!!) was to relax and take it all in. Do not try to do everything on board - there will be another cruise later. Enjoy the water - walk under the stars on deck at night - look for flying fish and just don't take anything seriously. You will meet alot of people and many want to complain - dont' listen. You will meet alot of other people too and have fun but again - although I have made lasting friends on board many we never talk to again. So just relax and enjoy everything and leave stuff to do on your next cruise! The balcony will be awesome. Have a wonderful time and go with an open mind - no vacation is perfect - little things come up - just go with the flow so to speak... Debbie
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