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Default Re: Sauna & Wet Steam on Emerald Princess

Originally Posted by iana
Does anyone know if there is a sauna and/or wet steam on the Emerald Princess and if there is a fee charged for using these facilities (i.e. do you have to pay for Spa Services to have access to them). Thanks.

Yes to both. There are actualy TWO types of rooms. There is a standard sauna and steam room, single sex, in each bathroom in the lotus spa. I don't believe you need to be a member to use those, but I could be wrong. I don't think anyone would stop you if you walked in however.

There is also a 'heat package' from the spa you can purchase, which gives you access to a special area with heated tile lounge chairs to sit in, steam rooms, and showers. Its not a bad package, but now that i've found the steam rooms in the changing rooms areas, i doubt i would purchase it again.
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