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I want to thank everyone who gave information. I have found so much great info to help me make my cruise better. The one thing I can add has to do with health insurance. I work for a major health insurer and we gets lots of calls dealing with coverage out of the states. Most insurance companies will cover you out side of your home state (make sure to check with your own insurer). The strings are: When you are in foregin country ( a ship is a foregin country) the provider (the doctor) does not have to accept your state side medical card. You will most probably have to pay in full and keep your credit card reciept. If you pay in cash make sure you get a cash reciept.

You will also need a copy of the bill, I tell people that in the US doctors know how to submit claims but overseas the process may not be the same so before leaving the doctors office make sure the bill has: Who, what, when, where and Why. Who: The providers name and his ID number. What: The procedure that you had done ( he set a broken finger or took an xray -this will show as a code). When : The date of the service or procedure. Where: The address, phone number, and fax number the procedure or service took place. Why: Why did you go to the doctor, this will be the diagnosis, this will also show up as a code and perhaps written.

Once you get back to the states call your insurer and let them know you have an OUT OF AREA claim to file. Some insurer's have a set number of days that you MUST file your claim with in order to get re imbursed, mine is 30 days and all foregin claims can take up to 45-90 days to pay out. Make sure that you DO NOT send the orgianal of any of the documents, make copies and send those. Paper work does get lost and therefore you might have to submist more then once. You can always request thet you fax it in to save some time. But make sure you get the name of the person you are faxing it to! And if possible their ID number or some other way to identfy would not belive how many Teresa's work with me!

My best advise that I can give about out of area claims is patience. These claims will take time and the insuer may request additional information from the provider, which if you have provided them with the contact info then you are making that job faster for you and your insurer.

Most of all be safe, healthy and have fun on your trips!
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