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Default Propulsion problem on Celebrity Summit ??

Saw a report that Summit was experiencing engine problems on Nov 13, 2008. The report said the Summit was adrift at sea for a couple of hours and then moved on at a reduced speed. The captain did announce they were experiencing engine trouble.

One port was skipped and today Celebrity Customer Service is reporting that the problem has now been repaired and the next cruise will go on as scheduled.

Hopefully this is true but I think as many of us know, that many times Celebrity Customer Service is the last to get out the word of what is actually happening.

The next cruise or two should tell the story of if it was an engine problem or something related to the POD problems that have occurred in the past. If it turns out to be a POD problem dry dock would be required to make repairs. Hopefully, what ever the problem was, it has been repaired and all is well.

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