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We are all now onboard Celebrity Solstice and just finished the lifeboat drill. We are about to go our sail away party at the sky bar on the lawn deck. This is at the Sunset bar fully aft.

There is a little bit of sprinkling outdoors so I hope we won’t be rained out. The Sky Observation lounge is where the entire ships sail away party has been moved, so I guess that is going to interfere with the various unorganized Cruise Critic groups onboard. Oh well…

The ship is as beautiful as the first time I saw her. I guess now that I am on the 7-day cruise I can stat to get nit-picky, though, so here is the first one…

Why is it that they would have good old American hot-dogs for lunch, but only mustard to go on them? No sauerkraut, chopped onions or even pickle relish???? I mean…

Seriously, the buffet is wonderful, wonderful here… they have steaks cooked to perfection, roast beef carvers, stir fry, Mexican food buffet, salad bars of all kinds dessert to die for including ice cream sundaes.. But, still. A hot dog is not s hot dog without onions, & relish. I am sure you know what I mean.

Embarkation was a breeze – on in 15 minutes even though we arrived at 12:30 peak time. Our cabin was ready by 1:00. It has a beautiful bathroom, a bottle of champagne, flowers, fresh fruit.

We spent the whole afternoon putting up doorsigns for our group. We have badges waiting for everyone.

Everyone in our group gets a $100 onboard credit (most of them have forgotten about this), plus a coupon book for free wine, etc. A pretty good deal. I have to run now… its almost sailaway time.
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