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Here are the trivia questions: (I will give answers later - after our crowd gets to do the test). Feel free to post them here if you know ALL of them.

Solstice Trivia

1. How many propeller blades does Solstice have (not counting thrusters)

2. Where did the name for the Restaurant AquaSpa Guests dine in come from?

3. How many passenger berths are there on Solstice? 2840

4. How many facets in the Solstice Diamond?

5. Where was Solstice Built?

6. How many ships are to be built of the Solstice class?
7. What is the name of number two and where will it homeport?

8. What is the name of number three and where will it homeport?

9. In what country is Solstice flagged?

10. When does Solstice start also going to the Western Caribbean?

11. How much bigger are the cabins on Solstice compared to other Celebrity Ships?

12. What is the name of the bar next to the Martini bar?

13. Who is the new head of Cuisine for Celebrity?

14. Captains on Solstice are allowed to perform what special service for passengers?

15. What does the word “Epernay?” come from?

16. How many retail shops are on board Solstice?

17. What is the minimum age allowed in the Solarium?

18. How many years from first design to finishing building Solstice elapsed?

19. The Corning Museum of Glass is also known for what famous brand of Crystal?

20. Oasis – how many berths does Oasis have?

21. How many gross tons is Oasis?

22. What main entertainment venue is on Oasis that is NOT on Freedom class?

23. What is up above the Royal Promenade on Oasis?

24. What new fun-sports activity will Oasis have that is a first at sea?

25. True or False: Oasis has a stand-up comedy club?

26. True or False: Oasis has an ice-skating rink?
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