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Oh, I posted but lost a relatively long one, never mind!

Anyhow, well, I would certainly advise taking insurance, especially after my last experience.

Okay, none of us got sick onboard, two over 60s, 2 late 20s and a baby. However, my husband got very sick immediately after our cruise, like within 48 hours. Okay, we were back in the US (NYC) incidentally which we intended to show my parents after the cruise properly (we're Brits living in NY state) but well, Dan got really bad stomach pains, as in really bad that turned out to be due to an already ruptured appendix. He had surgery straight away and he's fine and now back at work. I can't help but wonder what would have happened if this had happened at the onset of the cruise.... We were heavily insured but what about facilities?? What would they had done??? We were two days from NYC when he felt sick. He didn't tell us though because it wasn't so bad yet and then got better and then worse and well we were in NY anyway but what if...
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