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Originally Posted by katlady
I got update the list.
Ferrangi and Marinemom25 9/6/09
Misguideangel 9/13/09
briguy and funmaker 9/20/09
Bob 10/18/09
Bob M 11/29/09
Thoth 4/11/10
and still bring up the rear.
Katlady 5/2/10

Marinemom what a great birthday present. Sorry I haven't been to the Pinnacle Steakhouse.

Funmaker I was thinking about booking the Queen Mary I hear it's haunted, any thing go bump in the night when you were there?
Oh yeah, my daughter saw a ghost in her room, but she had some friends who were 3 sheets to the wind and they were asleep. She thinks it was all the activity of her surprise 23rd birthday party. I totally believe her. The Queen Mary is haunted, but nice if you are into that.
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