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The only place that took our passports was in Brazil.-the Princess line.and we did get them back during the cruise.. I would strongly recommend you photostat your passports (several copies) and unless your going to a bank on shore.DO NOT TAKE YOUR PASSPORT OUT OF THE SAFE.. Everybody here is paranoid.. Of course you can go to Venezuela, frankly there are several Caribbean islands I wouldn't even bother about anymore.. starting with Antigua (not just because of the recent incident, but because of the surliness of the people we met) ..but I'm sure the cruise ships aren't going...Each person should carry a copy of theirs and their partners..keep them in your luggage and on you... For camera bags and cameras..Parrot Pop bought through one of the travel magazines.. a strap that has metal through it and cannot be cut off...for the bag and the camera..He also has a holder that going through the TSA he wears around his neck.. and then can attach to his belt and drop into his pants.. As for my handbags.. I have a large SAFETY PIN.. THAT i pin my $$ or Euros in a little change purse in my bag.. either to a metal pull or the lining.
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