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My husband and I were on the Mariner of the Seas, when it used to leave from Florida. The crew was doing a fire type drill and they rang the ship bells. These were same warning signal that are supposed to sound when you have to report to your muster station. Well, that would not have been a big deal except they did not inform the passengers that they were doing a drill. Here we are in the middle of the ocean, and the alarms go off which tell people to report to their muster stations for an emergency. It was not a fun sight to see surprised, confused and bewildered passengers heading to their muster stations! They then went on the PA system, apologized and told all it was a drill!

Must admit as much as we all think the muster station drill is a pain, the location and instructions do stay with you. We knew exactly where to go. Granted my husband and I did not have our life preservers with us, but we moved toward our station.
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